Updated at Mon Mar 19 15:25:51 CDT 2018

09Mar 00:38 TY7C just QRT 10.132.3 FT8 some DXped mode TU QSO	(W0PV John FL EL87ql
07Mar 03:19 sky, i decoded about 12 RR73 to you, did you not receive them?	(K4BYN Louis NC FM05qu
07Mar 03:19 I wish i could have been around for the whole thing. sounds like guys were having trouble getting RR73	(KA9CFD Jay IL EN40om
07Mar 03:17 Out of 454 QSOs logged, only 122 were unique. So, work to be done	(AA7A Ned AZ DM43ao
07Mar 03:14 (9) RR73 rcd here from 237 until 259 if that helps.  I stopped TXing way before that, glad I stayed around	(NZ3M Dave PA FN10pd
07Mar 03:10 It was impressive. Congrats to the dev team!!!!	(VA3VF Vince ON FN25fl
07Mar 03:09 and GM Bill - time to make some coffee and start your day!	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
07Mar 03:08 GN gents.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
07Mar 03:07 73 GN/GM all	(G4WJS Bill xx IO91np
07Mar 03:07 Don't know Bill. It would take some analysis.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
07Mar 03:07 I'll try to put a summary together tomorrow.	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
07Mar 03:06 73 and GN all, I'm QRT	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
07Mar 03:06 No, it's not real.  Lots of dupes in the log.	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
07Mar 03:06 Do you know how many were dupes that you didn't need to Tx to log?	(G4WJS Bill xx IO91np
07Mar 03:05 Great test, thanks	(KB8W Danny MI EN57sf
07Mar 03:05 Yes, 3 slots. But it looks like every duped RR73 was logged. So it's not "real".	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
07Mar 03:03 If that was on 3 slots then that is almost the maximum, impressive.	(G4WJS Bill xx IO91np
07Mar 03:03 Thanks Foxes and the devs for your hard work, 73.	(G4KCM Clive xx IO90ea
07Mar 03:03 Thanks to the development team for a great effort. 	(W4WNT Bill NC EM94px
07Mar 03:03 K7EK Gary,,I guess the announcement just missed my	(W5LDA Larry OK EM15xu
07Mar 03:02 351 logged	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
07Mar 03:01 73 all, thanks	(G4WJS Bill xx IO91np
07Mar 03:01 Nope. It was very widely announced...	(K7EK Gary KY EM77at
07Mar 03:00 Thanks, Joe! Best regards...	(K7EK Gary KY EM77at
07Mar 03:00 Nerver knew about this test..Must have been by invite only...	(W5LDA Larry OK EM15xu
07Mar 03:00 Thank you to all for participating in this test!!	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
07Mar 02:59 QRT	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
07Mar 02:59 ... but no need to repost bug reports essentially identical to one already posted.	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
07Mar 02:58 Thanks again to all!  Please send reports to wsjtgroup or wsjt-devel...	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
07Mar 02:58 Thanks for all the work on this!  It's been fun.  73.	(KS9A Colin IL EN40xn
07Mar 02:57 I don't yet see a pattern in how the RR73 repeat.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
07Mar 02:55 Completed QSOs are obviously not being properly flushed from the queue.	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
07Mar 02:54 RR - just did that. 	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
07Mar 02:54 Steve: Try hitting Reset?	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
07Mar 02:54 Been watching. Most of his RR73 messages are repeats	(AA7A Ned AZ DM43ao
07Mar 02:52  back to reading instructions ;-)	(NZ3M Dave PA FN10pd
07Mar 02:52 Just FYI, RR73 recd 7 minutes after I gave up sending Tx3.  Still receiving RR73 periodically 20 minutes later		(NZ3M Dave PA FN10pd
07Mar 02:51 Of course Steve might stil be maxed out working 6/min	(G4WJS Bill xx IO91np
07Mar 02:51 This is a test run Colin, try stuff out, it may help find a defect	(G4WJS Bill xx IO91np
07Mar 02:49 FB exercise. Thanks for inviting us to test DXpedition mode, Joe.	(NE6I Dennis CA DM12mr
07Mar 02:48 Well, when I gave up on 40M I was told to persist.  Should I move back to TX1 on 80?	(KS9A Colin IL EN40xn
07Mar 02:48 Starting TX1 again.	(W4WNT Bill NC EM94px
07Mar 02:47 This is only the first run. I am sure there are bugs to be squashed. It can only get better... 	(K7EK Gary KY EM77at
07Mar 02:46 Been sending my report for 20 min, no RR73	(WT0DX Bill CO DM79ip
07Mar 02:46 following Bill's tack --- VE1XZ stopped TX3 ---- above 1000 now at TX1 agn	(VE1XZ Sky NS FN74iu
07Mar 02:46 Thanks to all for the great turnout!  We'll do it again...	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
07Mar 02:44 RR Steve, was the same here.	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
07Mar 02:44 Mpre precisely - they are coming in after the yellow Tx messages appear in the right panel.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
07Mar 02:44 How about the folks sending R+report repeatedly move back up teh band and Tx1 again	(G4WJS Bill xx IO91np
07Mar 02:44 Same with me, stuck on TX3 22 minutes now.  Bummer.  No go on any band so far.	(KS9A Colin IL EN40xn
07Mar 02:43 FWIW, 2nd and 3rd pass decodes are coming in after my Tx starts	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
07Mar 02:43 I second that. This has been an awesome experience. Thank you, Joe and company....	(K7EK Gary KY EM77at
07Mar 02:43 Hardware is OK.  Software is not fully OK.	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
07Mar 02:42 Joe et al, tnx for the honor of participating in this beta test.	(W6XK Chet CA CM97no
07Mar 02:42 Something like that, yes.  	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
07Mar 02:41 Maybe more robust hardware? That's a lot to handle for normal computers...	(K7EK Gary KY EM77at
07Mar 02:41 I guess we are leaking QSO partners, fox has them as dupes but not completed	(G4WJS Bill xx IO91np
07Mar 02:40 We're operating in a whole new regime, here.  Evidently need a smarter programmer. :-(	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
07Mar 02:40 I have yet to receive a RR73 on several bands. Just sending TX3 over and over again with no response...	(K7EK Gary KY EM77at
07Mar 02:39 I see 4 stns sending R+report, they seem to have fallen off your queue Steve	(G4WJS Bill xx IO91np
07Mar 02:38 What do I know, but it seems like there is soime limit to the number of signals that can be decded and the decoder is busy decoding the Hounds who are still sending TX3 messagses	(AA7A Ned AZ DM43ao
07Mar 02:38 Every now and then, one or two callsigns appear.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
07Mar 02:38 Same thing here too	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
07Mar 02:37 Saw the same thing here Steve	(AA7A Ned AZ DM43ao
07Mar 02:36 I see many calling, but left panel is blank Joe.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
07Mar 02:34 Now we have intentional CW jamming... just like a real pileup...	(K7EK Gary KY EM77at
07Mar 02:31 Steve... got RR73 many times.... now VE1XZ TX3	(VE1XZ Sky NS FN74iu
07Mar 02:31 TKS Joe & Team! Really cool, a few bugs but really cool	(AB4SF Wray VA FM17uu
07Mar 02:31 180 logged	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
07Mar 02:29 This is the spirit of ham radio. Cheers to K1JT+Team!	(W6XK Chet CA CM97no
07Mar 02:29 Same thing again... my report back to fox was -24, but he was -8	(WT0DX Bill CO DM79ip
07Mar 02:29 tnx	(N6ML Iain CA CM97eq
07Mar 02:28 3585	(K7EK Gary KY EM77at
07Mar 02:26 QRG on 80 please ?	(N6ML Iain CA CM97eq
07Mar 02:22 uploaded all to lotw	(AB3CV Jim MD FM19pq
07Mar 02:22 It took 11 minutes to get my RR73 on 80	(KB8GAE Rich OH EN91oa
07Mar 02:22 RR 73 to you joe! great work!	(AB3CV Jim MD FM19pq
07Mar 02:21 Jim: not your fault, it's a bhug	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
07Mar 02:20 dont see a way to let him know i'm done	(AB3CV Jim MD FM19pq
07Mar 02:20 getting repeat rr73 from k9an	(AB3CV Jim MD FM19pq
07Mar 02:20 114 logged in 20min	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
07Mar 02:18 Several are transmitting same times as Fox. 	(K7EK Gary KY EM77at
07Mar 02:18 There you go Sky	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
07Mar 02:11 no repeating RR73 from fox either (on 80m). Perfect QSO.	(W6XK Chet CA CM97no
07Mar 02:10 K1JT - Thanks Joe - This is an amazing 'first public outing'!	(K5GZR/2M/6M Rick TX EL29gp
07Mar 02:10 They just started on 80m..	(K7EK Gary KY EM77at
07Mar 02:07 textbook DX QSO. 30 seconds to RR73 (next xmission)	(W6XK Chet CA CM97no
07Mar 02:06 A few guys are still calling Kh7Z on 80m.	(K4DET David VA FM17fr
07Mar 02:05 As w/20&30, many hounds but no fox. 73!	(KS6M John CA CM87vt
07Mar 02:05 I think it took 30 minutes to receive my RR73 on 40	(K6GFJ Ross CA CM97ah
07Mar 02:05 Steve, that was quick,   2minuts start to finish	(N0AN Hasan IA EN22xc
07Mar 02:04 Rick: No, if you didn't get RR73, 'wait til we fix the bugs.	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
07Mar 02:02 rr Joe. Much better. My notes off to you tonight	(AA7A Ned AZ DM43ao
07Mar 02:01 waited 15 min here and no RR73	(NZ1I Kevin CT FN41aj
07Mar 02:01 I know. Saw you TX3 on the decode panel. No knob t turh here to affect anything on the back end of a QSO	(AA7A Ned AZ DM43ao
07Mar 02:01 So if we didn't get RR73, 'wait til next year' ?	(K5GZR/2M/6M Rick TX EL29gp
07Mar 02:00 Tnx Ned!	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
07Mar 02:00 Never go my RR73 (waited at least 30 minutes)	(WT0DX Bill CO DM79ip
07Mar 01:59 Many dupes. 454 log entries	(AA7A Ned AZ DM43ao
07Mar 01:58 Starting on 80m in 2 min	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
07Mar 01:57 And I am just monitoring the test	(NE6I Dennis CA DM12mr
07Mar 01:56 My decoder has locked up twice in past few mins now	(NE6I Dennis CA DM12mr
07Mar 01:54 NZ3M yes it does	(NE6I Dennis CA DM12mr
07Mar 01:54 31 minutes to receive RR73 - Whew! But, in the log.	(W8TN/6/2 Clark WV EM98al
07Mar 01:53 ok whatever, 73 all	(NZ3M Dave PA FN10pd
07Mar 01:53 Broken record: Dave, read the instructions!	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
07Mar 01:52 does this mode auto sequence? thanks	(NZ3M Dave PA FN10pd
07Mar 01:51 Kudos to the team.  Great piece of work, great test, too.	(KE7B John WA CN87ps
07Mar 01:50 QRP it ain't. Getting -40 dBm from Eastern Europe	(G4DYA Richard xx IO82wv
07Mar 01:50 Got my signal report at 0123z	(KM8V Jon OH EN91bk
07Mar 01:50 Probably more errors in the code than in the instructions, hi.	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
07Mar 01:50 OPerator error, bumped the vfo!	(W4WNT Bill NC EM94px
07Mar 01:50 decode freeze with Rx All Freqs off	(W6XK Chet CA CM97no
07Mar 01:50 Or perhaps use a TCP-like backoff algorithm to prioritize new hounds.	(K4DET David VA FM17fr
07Mar 01:49 fyi, I read the instructions Joe :0 I even read your code :-)	(N0TB Tim MN EN34ll
07Mar 01:48 fox needs a way to flush his queue	(KE7B John WA CN87ps
07Mar 01:48 just rcvd my 5th RR73	(KE7B John WA CN87ps
07Mar 01:48 Still TX3-ing.. persisting 	(KM8V Jon OH EN91bk
07Mar 01:47 N0AN, I'm still waiting for RR73, but not 20 min yet..	(WT0DX Bill CO DM79ip
07Mar 01:47 Fox can reduce queuing by setting a maximum SNR or using directional calls	(G4WJS Bill xx IO91np
07Mar 01:47 Great practice for hounds .. Should be mandatory!	(W6XK Chet CA CM97no
07Mar 01:46 for a split second. dont seem to affect the    real    working windows	(KF2T George DC FM18lw
07Mar 01:45 see two windows generated (wide graph and main) just as black filled frames	(KF2T George DC FM18lw
07Mar 01:45 G4WJS, K1JT, not sure it has anything to do with DXPed mode, but periodically	(KF2T George DC FM18lw
07Mar 01:44 traffic jam in the 300-900, hi hi	(KE7B John WA CN87ps
07Mar 01:44 At least we can get some idea of how well it *should* work...  :-)	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
07Mar 01:44 24 min start to finish RR73!	(N0AN Hasan IA EN22xc
07Mar 01:43 Welll....  it will be when we get it right, I hope.  Not yet, though.	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
07Mar 01:42 final RR73 from fox still repeating following completion of QSO	(W6XK Chet CA CM97no
07Mar 01:42 this is an awesome leap forward!	(W0VB/6M/2M/QRO Terry MN EN34qb
07Mar 01:42 How long should I keep sending if I don't get a RR73?	(WT0DX Bill CO DM79ip
07Mar 01:41 Tim: please read the instructions!	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
07Mar 01:41 Persist, indeed, I mean.	(K6BOS Craig CA DM12kw
07Mar 01:41 Thanks Joe, this is an awesome leaf forward..... keep on keeping on!o	(W0VB/6M/2M/QRO Terry MN EN34qb
07Mar 01:41 20 mins after hound's first call to me to complete QSO.  Complete, indeed.	(K6BOS Craig CA DM12kw
07Mar 01:41 My sent report to the fox was -24, even though fox are coming in at -4 to -10?	(WT0DX Bill CO DM79ip
07Mar 01:40 It's a bug, Terry.  Not your fault.	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
07Mar 01:40 copying KH7Z on 314, 374, 434, and 494 until 0135, then gone!	(W4WNT Bill NC EM94px
07Mar 01:40 Also Consider allowing N gt 1 for VHF, opening are short so higher throughput is gud	(N0TB Tim MN EN34ll
07Mar 01:39 Bill - saved but I'll try again to get time	(G4DYA Richard xx IO82wv
07Mar 01:39 My generated report was -24, even though fox are coming in at -4 to -10?	(WT0DX Bill CO DM79ip
07Mar 01:39 Why do hounds have to send grid? Why not Skip tx1?	(N0TB Tim MN EN34ll
07Mar 01:38 I have been waiting almost 10 mins to get my RR73...	(WT0DX Bill CO DM79ip
07Mar 01:38 Wish I had some control over any of that	(AA7A Ned AZ DM43ao
07Mar 01:38 Thanks Richard. I hope you have Save All check and are noting the times of the lock up	(G4WJS Bill xx IO91np
07Mar 01:37 Got RR73 several minutes after giving up!	(G4DYA Richard xx IO82wv
07Mar 01:37 15 minutes to RR73 here.	(W6XK Chet CA CM97no
07Mar 01:36 I've been receiving W0VB KH7Z RR73 for many sequences, is there something I can do so you can move on?	(W0VB/6M/2M/QRO Terry MN EN34qb
07Mar 01:36 Decoder locked up twice if Rx All Freqs enabled	(G4DYA Richard xx IO82wv
07Mar 01:35 I see now. Checking that box allows decoding above 1000 Hz	(NE6I Dennis CA DM12mr
07Mar 01:35 13 hounds queued up awaiting RR73	(KE7B John WA CN87ps
07Mar 01:33 Ok, thanks, thought there might be a correlation there. It Rxs All Frequencies	(G4WJS Bill xx IO91np
07Mar 01:32 can't work 40 across town (:(	(W7PP Dick AZ DM33up
07Mar 01:32 No I didn't. What does that do?	(NE6I Dennis CA DM12mr
07Mar 01:32 If the Fox doesnt clear out the RR73's in a timely fashion, 300-900 will fill up with hounds retrying.	(W4DXX Eric GA EM70su
07Mar 01:31 Right in the middle of the bottom half	(G4WJS Bill xx IO91np
07Mar 01:30 Where is that?	(NE6I Dennis CA DM12mr
07Mar 01:30 Dennis didi you have "Rx All Freqs" checked?	(G4WJS Bill xx IO91np
07Mar 01:30 N3XLS your calling when he is TX ???	(W7PP Dick AZ DM33up
07Mar 01:29 OK I gave up after 5 minutes.  Good to know.  Thanks!	(KS9A Colin IL EN40xn
07Mar 01:29 Persist in deed. Should I have perhaps waited and tried again later in a normal DXPedition?	(NY4I Tom FL EL87ll
07Mar 01:29 RR, persist! [LIKE]	(KS6M John CA CM87vt
07Mar 01:28 It toks 10 minutes of me sending report to get RR73 :)	(NY4I Tom FL EL87ll
07Mar 01:28 Drat. Decoder locked up all 3 bands now after report from Fox.	(NE6I Dennis CA DM12mr
07Mar 01:27 RR, persist!	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
07Mar 01:27 Yep, got that -- thanks. I was concerned that I was interfering down there inadvertently.	(KM8V Jon OH EN91bk
07Mar 01:26 40m QSO began 010915 ended 011644. 7 minutes before RR73. Persist!	(KS6M John CA CM87vt
07Mar 01:25 KM8V that's how it works	(NE6I Dennis CA DM12mr
07Mar 01:25 Item 12 p5	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
07Mar 01:25 oh boy it is. i really should read.	(KM8V Jon OH EN91bk
07Mar 01:25 Jon: Read the instructions!	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
07Mar 01:24 (Joe will probably tell me that's in the doc too somewhere) :)	(KM8V Jon OH EN91bk
07Mar 01:24 TX3 moved my TX down to 625 for some reason	(KM8V Jon OH EN91bk
07Mar 01:22 Look at examples, top of p2 of instructions.	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
07Mar 01:21 In my 40m QSO with the fox, no grid square	(KS6M John CA CM87vt
07Mar 01:21 Same here.  No RR73 and stuck on TX3.  Killed it after 10 retries.	(W4DXX Eric GA EM70su
07Mar 01:21 Do I try again if I was stuck on TX3?	(KS9A Colin IL EN40xn
07Mar 01:19 Looks like I am stuck on TX3.   No RR73 for me...	(KS9A Colin IL EN40xn
07Mar 01:19 Yes, I stayed with N=3	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
07Mar 01:19 Joe, did you stick with Nslots=3 for the whole time on 20m? I wasn't hearing you...	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
07Mar 01:18 Does the fox in DX mode send the grid???	(K7RFW Ray UT DN41ac
07Mar 01:16 Joe: perhaps add a notification to the status bar, like when the WD runs out.. or set the WD to the 2m	(KM8V Jon OH EN91bk
07Mar 01:14 hope it clears before test there	(AB3CV Jim MD FM19pq
07Mar 01:13 something (probably pactor) on 80m segment	(AB3CV Jim MD FM19pq
07Mar 01:13 FB on that timer, Joe! That's good to have there.	(NE6I Dennis CA DM12mr
07Mar 01:12 ah, got it. missed that on the first read.	(KM8V Jon OH EN91bk
07Mar 01:11 copied 43 callers in 011045	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
07Mar 01:11 Item #11, bottom of p4	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
07Mar 01:10 Read the instructions, Jon	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
07Mar 01:09 My Enable TX keeps getting bumped off before the WD timer runs out..	(KM8V Jon OH EN91bk
07Mar 01:08 Oh, so this is what it's supposed to be like. Whole different story.	(KS6M John CA CM87vt
07Mar 01:06 Maybe he's part of the test. 	(K4DET David VA FM17fr
07Mar 01:06 Blacklisted.	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
07Mar 01:05 And there is XE1GK, right on schedule	(NE6I Dennis CA DM12mr
07Mar 01:03 189	(N1DG Don MA FN42ll
07Mar 01:01 how many in 1 hour?	(W7PP Dick AZ DM33up
07Mar 01:01 only 189 Q    lots of hash pactor rtty had people not hearing me answer	(N1DG Don MA FN42ll
07Mar 01:00 ok...done	(N1DG Don MA FN42ll
07Mar 00:59 One Decode hang up requiring restart	(K5CM Connie OK EM25ir
07Mar 00:59 Will start in one W7/KH7Z	(AA7A Ned AZ DM43ao