Updated at Wed Jul 26 09:31:40 CDT 2017

26Jul 14:30 KF2T - Calling U	(K5WE Jeff OK EM25ex
26Jul 14:30 AD4TJ..guess it's not to be today..U seeing me?	(AA4FF Doug AL EM50vn
26Jul 14:30 Internet is spotty 	(KF2T George NM DM74ll
26Jul 14:29 Now i am	(KF2T George NM DM74ll
26Jul 14:29 KF2T George, GM Where will U B listening?	(K8VFV/80THU10 Bob MI EN82fr
26Jul 14:28 I do see U David	(AA4FF Doug AL EM50vn
26Jul 14:27 U bet!	(AA4FF Doug AL EM50vn
26Jul 14:26 Doug, yeah, kinda slow right now.	(AD4TJ/6M/450W David VA FM08me
26Jul 14:24 KF2T - U on .264?	(K5WE Jeff OK EM25ex
26Jul 14:23 GM David..only decodes this morning..141930  -1 17.7 1518 &  CQ AD4TJ FM08          3  5 -0.8	(AA4FF Doug AL EM50vn
26Jul 14:21 GM George	(K5WE Jeff OK EM25ex
26Jul 14:21 Hi George	(AG0N/6M Gary NE DN81fv
26Jul 14:21  Good morning all. Headed home today, mobile only 	(KF2T George NM DM74ll
26Jul 14:21 ~Plus~24 in here Mac.	(AG0N/6M Gary NE DN81fv
26Jul 14:08 CQ 260 MSK 2nd west.	(AD4TJ/6M/450W David VA FM08me
26Jul 14:07 Thx Jerry and 73 140645   5 14.2 1457 &  K3GYK N5OSK 73 Your best was ~Plus~23 :-)	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 14:07 140700  16  0.8 1533 &  N5OSK K3GYK 73         1  0  0.5	(N5OSK/5EL/700W Jerry ok EM25fi
26Jul 14:06 140630   2  4.7 1538 &  N5OSK K3	(N5OSK/5EL/700W Jerry ok EM25fi
26Jul 13:47 ~ Clear ~ .260 ~ CQ stopped	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 13:40 W5LDA Your best was ~Plus~21	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 13:40 Thx Larry and 73 133915  16  3.8 1447 &  K3GYK W5LDA 73 	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 13:36 ~ CQ 1st ~ .260 ~   MSK	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 13:35 :-)	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 13:33 K3GYK - OK, card in the mail (and I'll still respect you in the morning :-)	(W0VTT Mike MN EN33xx
26Jul 13:32 W0VTT: Let's do both. Thx for the nice QSO and 73	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 13:32 K3GYK FB!  LoTW or should I send you a card?	(W0VTT Mike MN EN33xx
26Jul 13:31 your best was 132745   6 14.5 1486 &  K3GYK W0VTT R~Plus~05	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 13:30 Bruce the exact thing happened to me!  Saw a nice 10 second blast at first that didn't decode, then I saw the Freq TOL	(W4AS/6/2/222 Seb FL EL95to
26Jul 13:30  132915   7 13.6 1554 &  N9BX W4AS 73           1  0  0.5	(N9BX Bruce MS EM50ll
26Jul 13:30 If you got the RRR we make it. I had a nice burst at 13:27 	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 13:29 Works for Me! I had Freq TOL at 10 instead of 200!	(N9BX Bruce MS EM50ll
26Jul 13:29 132830   0  7.6 1446 &  W4AS N9BX 73	(W4AS/6/2/222 Seb FL EL95to
26Jul 13:29 K3GYK - I thin kwe just did!  can't copy & paste your RRR line	(W0VTT Mike MN EN33xx
26Jul 13:28 N9BX Bruce,rcvd RRR, Tnx 626mi QSO, Total Time- 00:12:24 .	(W4AS/6/2/222 Seb FL EL95to
26Jul 13:27 W0VTT: I think we're gonna make it Mike 	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 13:25 could be tropo due to our distance, just 624 miles	(W4AS/6/2/222 Seb FL EL95to
26Jul 13:25 I am getting Pings but no decode Seb, Think Tropo	(N9BX Bruce MS EM50ll
26Jul 13:24 K3GYK - yup!	(W0VTT Mike MN EN33xx
26Jul 13:24 anything Mike?	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 13:22 No, Someone playing games I think	(N9BX Bruce MS EM50ll
26Jul 13:21 N9BX Bruce, are you working someone else?	(W4AS/6/2/222 Seb FL EL95to
26Jul 13:18 131645  21  6.2 1452 &  CQ W5LDA EM15	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 13:17 at least I copied you. W5LDA is filling the screen here with ~Plus~20s	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 13:16 Running'	(N9BX Bruce MS EM50ll
26Jul 13:16 K3GYK - fingers & toes crossed!	(W0VTT Mike MN EN33xx
26Jul 13:16 N9BX Bruce, running.. GL	(W4AS/6/2/222 Seb FL EL95to
26Jul 13:15 W0VTT: Let's make it happen this time :-) 	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 13:15 262 Seb, me 1st	(N9BX Bruce MS EM50ll
26Jul 13:14 W5LDA just got a ~Plus~21 and ~Plus~13 decode on you 	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 13:13 ~ CQ 1st ~ .260 ~   MSK	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 13:13 Bruce QRG?	(W4AS/6/2/222 Seb FL EL95to
26Jul 13:10 73 Kevin! TNX	(N9BX Bruce MS EM50ll
26Jul 13:09 QSY back to .260 	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 13:09 73 and thx	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 13:09 Seb antenna your way	(N9BX Bruce MS EM50ll
26Jul 13:08 123415   0  8.7 1480 &  K3GYK N9BX ~Plus~02         2  5 -1.1	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 13:08  124000   0  2.1 1522 &  N9BX K3GYK R+00        2 13 -0.8	(N9BX Bruce MS EM50ll
26Jul 13:08 130600  -8  0.7 1500 &  N9BX K3GYK R~Plus~00        1  0  1.5	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 13:07 Just got another ping ... but I agree to let's call it. THX a bunch for hanging with me. Maybe next time 	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 13:06 lets call it Kevin, here every Morning, maybe earlier.	(N9BX Bruce MS EM50ll
26Jul 13:01 Sure, No Problem	(N9BX Bruce MS EM50ll
26Jul 13:00 N9BX - wanna try 5 more minutes or so? I'm still reasonably cool but am feeling less lucky 	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 12:59 Off to the Banjo	(W9NHE Teddy WI EN53xb
26Jul 12:58 Sure Seb	(N9BX Bruce MS EM50ll
26Jul 12:57 N9BX Bruce, give it a try this way when free?  	(W4AS/6/2/222 Seb FL EL95to
26Jul 12:57 I'm getting meteor pings from K3GYK and Tropo from N9BX.  	(W5TN David TX EM00wf
26Jul 12:57 K3GYK one of of needs more power, guess which one???	(W0VTT Mike MN EN33xx
26Jul 12:55 W0VTT - thanks Mike. I always seem to have a good one way path to you 	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 12:55 amp still running cool so all ok	(N9BX Bruce MS EM50ll
26Jul 12:54 hearing you Kevin 13  0.4 1535 &  N9BX K3GYK R+00  	(W0VTT Mike MN EN33xx
26Jul 12:51 Thanks David 	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 12:51 LOL - can copy both of you.  Keep at it, you're close :)	(W5TN David TX EM00wf
26Jul 12:50 N9BX my read of Hamspots and PSKReporter is the same and I have my fingers crossed for 1100 mile QSO 	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 12:48 Thats all it would take, very close	(N9BX Bruce MS EM50ll
26Jul 12:47 K3GYK nothing here in EM00 since 1242	(W5TN David TX EM00wf
26Jul 12:47 N9BX I haven't heard you in 13 minutes so we'll see. I sure we would at least 1 nice rock 	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 12:46 K3GYK - I have a meeting on the hour so we *may* have to wait for another time.  Just checked my schedule.	(W5TN David TX EM00wf
26Jul 12:45 K0RI Java ops BB	(K0RI Lou CO DM78px
26Jul 12:44 Sure thing David	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 12:43 K3GYK - I'm copying you on 262 - want to try after N9BX?	(W5TN David TX EM00wf
26Jul 12:38 R Wayne GL	(K0RI Lou CO DM78px
26Jul 12:38 I'm only 3-elements and 250 watts but  I think we may pull it off	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 12:38 k0ri  best dx so far today!!!  73/dx	(K8LEE Wayne IN EM79ng
26Jul 12:37 K8LEE - Tnx Q Wayne. Nice sig today. GL	(K0RI Lou CO DM78px
26Jul 12:36 5 el and KW pointed at you	(N9BX Bruce MS EM50ll
26Jul 12:35 Well they are at least grinning at us 	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 12:32 They just may Kevin!	(N9BX Bruce MS EM50ll
26Jul 12:31 122845  -1  2.9 1505 &  WB4JWM W4AS 73...Tnx Seb	(WB4JWM/6/2 Tom GA EM83ji
26Jul 12:31 N9BX: Maybe the rock gods will favor us this morning	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 12:30 WB4JWM Tom,rcvd RRR, Tnx 562mi QSO, 	(W4AS/6/2/222 Seb FL EL95to
26Jul 12:30 See yah on the DX map De-Vo	(W9NHE Teddy WI EN53xb
26Jul 12:29 WA0RVK: Thx for the try.	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 12:29 running 2nd Kevin	(N9BX Bruce MS EM50ll
26Jul 12:29 KA8TBW Gud Q David. Tnx & GL tu	(K0RI Lou CO DM78px
26Jul 12:29 hey ted bet thats new 	(KA8TBW David MI EN61vv
26Jul 12:28 AB4GS Mike tnx for the contact! 73	(AD4TJ/6M/450W David VA FM08me
26Jul 12:28 cq 260 1st	(W5TN David TX EM00wf
26Jul 12:28 tnx lou 	(KA8TBW David MI EN61vv
26Jul 12:28 WA0RVK - RR Dave we'll try agn soon. GL	(K0RI Lou CO DM78px
26Jul 12:27 ~ CQ 1st ~ .262 ~   MSK	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 12:27 I'm Up !!!	(W9NHE Teddy WI EN53xb
26Jul 12:27 K0RI   I received you several times but I guess I don't have enough signal to get back to you.  Hope we can make it next time.	(WA0RVK Dave MO EM36bu
26Jul 12:27 kevin, go to 262 and start calling again, now ready	(N9BX Bruce MS EM50ll
26Jul 12:26 W4AS - RR Seb	(K5WE Jeff OK EM25ex
26Jul 12:25 K5WE Jeff, my son-in-law is ER Doc in Tampa, so we are covered!	(W4AS/6/2/222 Seb FL EL95to
26Jul 12:25 K5WE  Thanks.  Looking forward to more meteor scatter.  This morning is my first experience.  Have a good day.  73	(WA0RVK Dave MO EM36bu
26Jul 12:25 and 1100 miles would also be a record without some Es	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 12:24 Will be ready in abt 150 sec. amp warming up	(N9BX Bruce MS EM50ll
26Jul 12:24 WA0RVK - RR... well tnx for the QSO... welcome to MS... CUL... 73...	(K5WE Jeff OK EM25ex
26Jul 12:23 Thx for report N9BX - MS would be new for me on MSK	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 12:23 K5WE  Small world!	(WA0RVK Dave MO EM36bu
26Jul 12:23  122100   3 13.0 1512 &  CQ K3GYK DM79 ~U.S.A.	(N9BX Bruce MS EM50ll
26Jul 12:22 WA0RVK - RR, My son is ER Doc at the hospital in Monett... His call is N5WR... 	(K5WE Jeff OK EM25ex
26Jul 12:22 ~ Clear ~ .260 ~ CQ stopped	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 12:22 ND0B wow long time coming!	(K0RI Lou CO DM78px
26Jul 12:21 RR Seb I turned ant and lost you.  Backscatter was working, looking back away now	(WB4JWM/6/2 Tom GA EM83ji
26Jul 12:21 122015   7 12.4 1514 &  CQ 265 W4AS EL95   U.S.A. 260 MSK	(N9BX Bruce MS EM50ll
26Jul 12:21 Thanks Lou, I think that was our first MSK contact	(ND0B/6THRU432 Bill ND EN07gn
26Jul 12:21 122015   2 10.6 1520 &  W5TN K8LEE 73	(W5TN David TX EM00wf
26Jul 12:21 122100  -2 12.4 1497 &  ND0B K0RI 73           2  8 -0.9	(ND0B/6THRU432 Bill ND EN07gn
26Jul 12:21 K5WE  Yes, just south of town about 4 miles	(WA0RVK Dave MO EM36bu
26Jul 12:21 Good morning K8LEE - thanks for the QSO!	(W5TN David TX EM00wf
26Jul 12:20 ND0B - Tnx Q Bill. Some nice rox today.	(K0RI Lou CO DM78px
26Jul 12:20 WA0RVK - Tnx QSO Dave... U in Monett?	(K5WE Jeff OK EM25ex
26Jul 12:20 WB4JWM Tom, sorry no copy after your response, will continue CQ	(W4AS/6/2/222 Seb FL EL95to
26Jul 12:20 w5tn top of the morning big sig hr   73/dx	(K8LEE Wayne IN EM79ng
26Jul 12:19 WA0RVK-Dave, OK, tnx info. Have fun on 6.  73.	(N2AMC Gary NY FN30iv
26Jul 12:19 running 1st 	(K5WE Jeff OK EM25ex
26Jul 12:19 K5WE  Ok, I'm there.	(WA0RVK Dave MO EM36bu
26Jul 12:17 WA0RVK - How about on .255, me first?	(K5WE Jeff OK EM25ex
26Jul 12:17 K5WE   GM Jeff.  Sorry, just now saw your msg.  I'm listening if you want to give it a try.	(WA0RVK Dave MO EM36bu
26Jul 12:16 N2AMC  GM Gary, sorry, no not yet.	(WA0RVK Dave MO EM36bu
26Jul 12:16 CQ 260 1st	(W5TN David TX EM00wf
26Jul 12:15 WA0RVK-GM Dave, Do you run 2M, MSK144?	(N2AMC Gary NY FN30iv
26Jul 12:15 understand!!!   gm tnx   big sig up here  	(K8LEE Wayne IN EM79ng
26Jul 12:14 ~ CQ 1st ~ .260 ~   MSK	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 12:14 been so long almost forgot meteor scatter, tnx Wayne	(W4AS/6/2/222 Seb FL EL95to
26Jul 12:14 Tnx Rick...121330  -1 11.0 1505 &  WB4JWM K5GZR 73	(WB4JWM/6/2 Tom GA EM83ji
26Jul 12:14 121345  16  4.0 1492 &  K5GZR WB4JWM 73  - Thanks Tom - Nice pings this morning	(K5GZR/6/2 Rick TX EL29gp
26Jul 12:13 that,s ok i was on the wrong seq  sw changes by it,s self!    	(K8LEE Wayne IN EM79ng
26Jul 12:12 sorry was 30s now 15s	(W4AS/6/2/222 Seb FL EL95to
26Jul 12:12 w4as cc u on 265 sir	(K8LEE Wayne IN EM79ng
26Jul 12:11 GM all 	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 12:11 GM guys, CQ 260/265 MSK144 2nd	(W4AS/6/2/222 Seb FL EL95to
26Jul 12:10 Nata on Dan, call me	(WB4JWM/6/2 Tom GA EM83ji
26Jul 12:09 WB4JWM - Don't know what happened to Dan - do you hear him now?  If not, I'll call you	(K5GZR/6/2 Rick TX EL29gp
26Jul 12:07 n8bjq cq,n .260	(K8LEE Wayne IN EM79ng
26Jul 12:06 Not awake yet	(W9NHE Teddy WI EN53xb
26Jul 12:06 Opps BILL	(W9NHE Teddy WI EN53xb
26Jul 12:06 GM ted	(ND0B/6THRU432 Bill ND EN07gn
26Jul 12:04 GM Uncle Gill	(W9NHE Teddy WI EN53xb
26Jul 12:02 wm5l thanks for your time with the boy scouts  brings back many good thoughts	(K8LEE Wayne IN EM79ng
26Jul 12:02 Jim geta GOAT!!	(W9NHE Teddy WI EN53xb
26Jul 12:01 k1ied gm larry  73/dx	(K8LEE Wayne IN EM79ng
26Jul 12:01 Guess I better get going. That grass wont cut itself. Gotta go mow the little Boy Scout camp here in Town. Scoutmasters job is never done	(WM5L Jim TX DM91rk
26Jul 12:00 WM5L and either of them are a nice size for meteor scatter	(ND0B/6THRU432 Bill ND EN07gn
26Jul 12:00 WA0RVK - Dave, want to run?	(K5WE Jeff OK EM25ex
26Jul 11:59 I cant put up much here in my little back yard. I think that 3 or 4 Element would be just fine. 	(WM5L Jim TX DM91rk
26Jul 11:59 TNX BILL no word frm u glad to see ur doing ok 	(KA8TBW David MI EN61vv
26Jul 11:54 WM5L rr Jim, I have two of the E antennas for my portable setup, a 9 element 2m and a 5 element 6m.  Have not used them yet but they seem very well made.	(ND0B/6THRU432 Bill ND EN07gn
26Jul 11:52 ND0B TY for the link. 	(WM5L Jim TX DM91rk
26Jul 11:50 114930   3  0.7 1505 &  AA2UK KA8TBW RRR       1  7 -1.5 tnx Dave trook it out of contest mode now...	(AA2UK Bill NJ FM29pv
26Jul 11:49 wa0rvk thanks Dave and welcome to MSK144 and meteor scatter.   Working ND on Meteor Scatter is like shottin' frogs in a barrel LOL.   I am on here alot	(ND0B/6THRU432 Bill ND EN07gn
26Jul 11:48 ND0B  Thank!  What a state to start off with!  73	(WA0RVK Dave MO EM36bu
26Jul 11:47 wa0rvk no problem Dave, practices that are common on HF are not acceptable on VHF / UHF.   Welcome aboard and hopefully we can make this work	(ND0B/6THRU432 Bill ND EN07gn
26Jul 11:46 wm5l	(ND0B/6THRU432 Bill ND EN07gn
26Jul 11:46 ND0B. Sorry, my first attempt at MSK144.	(WA0RVK Dave MO EM36bu
26Jul 11:45 ND0B couldnt find any prices on the website for them. I was thinking about a 4 element version	(WM5L Jim TX DM91rk
26Jul 11:44 WA0RVK with that report we will need to start over.   Please do not discuss details of the contact until complete. 	(ND0B/6THRU432 Bill ND EN07gn
26Jul 11:43 I got my LFA direct from Innovantenna.   I also have one made by E-Antenna I got from DX Engineering.   Seems well made but have not used it yet	(ND0B/6THRU432 Bill ND EN07gn
26Jul 11:43 ND0B Ok, Tnx.  Got my sig report and sending yours	(WA0RVK Dave MO EM36bu
26Jul 11:43 Thanks  114315  10  4.6 1493 &  WA4PGM VE3EDY 73	(WA4PGM Kyle VA FM07ti
26Jul 11:43 114245   4 11.4 1498 &  WA4PGM VE3EDY RRR	(WA4PGM Kyle VA FM07ti
26Jul 11:42 where did you guys buy your LFA Yagis?	(WM5L Jim TX DM91rk
26Jul 11:41 Have not seen you for quite a while, let me swing more your direction	(ND0B/6THRU432 Bill ND EN07gn
26Jul 11:41 ND0B I'm still calling.  Getting nothing up there?	(WA0RVK Dave MO EM36bu
26Jul 11:40 gotta run now...cul	(VE3NE Lali ON FN03ds
26Jul 11:39 David...WOW...that was nice...113830  11  4.6 1579 &  VE3NE KA8TBW 73 	(VE3NE Lali ON FN03ds
26Jul 11:39 WA4PGM got your RRR, thanks Kyle	(ND0B/6THRU432 Bill ND EN07gn
26Jul 11:39 THANK U LALI SOLID 	(KA8TBW David MI EN61vv
26Jul 11:39 Thanks!!  113830   0 12.9 1506 &  WA4PGM ND0B 73	(WA4PGM Kyle VA FM07ti
26Jul 11:38 K8LEE thanks Wayne	(ND0B/6THRU432 Bill ND EN07gn
26Jul 11:38 KA8TBW thanks David	(ND0B/6THRU432 Bill ND EN07gn
26Jul 11:38 LALI U 2AND 	(KA8TBW David MI EN61vv
26Jul 11:37 like road spped limits\	(K8LEE Wayne IN EM79ng
26Jul 11:37 but one must remember that is only suggested!!!!!	(K8LEE Wayne IN EM79ng
26Jul 11:37 I am running 15 sec first period...	(VE3NE Lali ON FN03ds
26Jul 11:36 Ok Wayne that what I though.	(W0WFH Bill MO EM48ll
26Jul 11:36 David...ok running...:-)	(VE3NE Lali ON FN03ds
26Jul 11:35 msk144 i hope	(K8LEE Wayne IN EM79ng
26Jul 11:34 What mode is everyone running on .260?	(W0WFH Bill MO EM48ll
26Jul 11:34 Hi David, I have to go to back in the evening...hope to see you there..	(VE3NE Lali ON FN03ds
26Jul 11:34 nd0b that,s better tnx  73/dx	(K8LEE Wayne IN EM79ng
26Jul 11:34 VE3NE TRY ONE 	(KA8TBW David MI EN61vv
26Jul 11:33 TNX BILL NICE /FAST 	(KA8TBW David MI EN61vv
26Jul 11:32 olad  i have no idea,,,maybe start is better	(K8LEE Wayne IN EM79ng
26Jul 11:31 newer ver of sw did not olad right  re start all is well	(K8LEE Wayne IN EM79ng
26Jul 11:30 I just heard N0DB, K8LEE, KA8TBW, W8NN....	(VE3NE Lali ON FN03ds
26Jul 11:29 rr Wayne, good morning.   I will be standing by.  	(ND0B/6THRU432 Bill ND EN07gn
26Jul 11:28 nd0b laptop went crazy back in 1  min	(K8LEE Wayne IN EM79ng