Updated at Thu Jan 17 17:58:48 CST 2019

17Jan 23:35 KF7NN Laszlo, sounds great! 	(NO0T/6/QRO Paul CO DM79lr
17Jan 23:26 gonna run down for a bit BBINAB	(KF7NN Laszlo VA FM07xs
17Jan 23:12 i dont have a 6m amp YET... i was looking at the 150mhz ratings, im going lmr600UF  i think its only twice as bad loss as ldf4-50 but i only need about 25 feet per antenna to connect to the hardline.	(KF7NN Laszlo VA FM07xs
17Jan 22:56 KF7NN Laszlo, its only good for 4.24KW at 6 meters so may be a problem for you.	(NO0T/6/QRO Paul CO DM79lr
17Jan 22:55 KF7NN Laszlo, the LMR 600 is only .5 db per 100 feet loss at 50 Mhz so not bad spec.  The hard part is the N-connectors and installing them on the coax.	(NO0T/6/QRO Paul CO DM79lr
17Jan 22:53 rrugated hard-line cables.	(NO0T/6/QRO Paul CO DM79lr
17Jan 22:53 KF7NN Laszlo, LMR?standard is a UV Resistant Polyethylene jacketed cable designed for 20-year service outdoor use. Thebendingandhandlingcharacteristicsaresignificantlybetterthan air-dielectric and co	(NO0T/6/QRO Paul CO DM79lr
17Jan 22:52 KF7NN Laszlo, was running an 8877 on 6 meters then.	(NO0T/6/QRO Paul CO DM79lr
17Jan 22:51 KF7NN Laszlo, that should be quite a site.  We had a 6 meter antenna back in my youth that arced between the DE and the boom creating a blue flash in the sky at night.	(NO0T/6/QRO Paul CO DM79lr
17Jan 22:50 im working on melting my lmr400 at the top of the tower with my new beko	(KF7NN Laszlo VA FM07xs
17Jan 22:49 i cant say but its made out of the same material lmr400 is. 	(KF7NN Laszlo VA FM07xs
17Jan 22:48 KF7NN Laszlo, How is the LMR-600 for UV protection?  We have bad UV here in Denver at 5280 ASL.	(NO0T/6/QRO Paul CO DM79lr
17Jan 22:44 connectors and install.	(NO0T/6/QRO Paul CO DM79lr
17Jan 22:44 KF7NN Laszlo, I may have to go that route.  The Ecoflex is $3 per foot - not bad, the N connectors and putting them on 3 20 foot jumpers is the rest.  Guess that is what you pay for commercial grade 	(NO0T/6/QRO Paul CO DM79lr
17Jan 22:42 jumpers? i was looking at lmr600 and it wasnt too bad like about $1.19 a foot	(KF7NN Laszlo VA FM07xs
17Jan 22:40 FYI I priced out some Ecoflex 15 jumpers for my new antennas.  Cost more than an antenna. Crazy.	(NO0T/6/QRO Paul CO DM79lr
17Jan 22:40 we could do without any precip for about 3 months, its just a mud pit in th yard	(KF7NN Laszlo VA FM07xs
17Jan 22:39 Sunny here but snow for Friday night and Saturday.   We need it in Denver but they have good snow in the mountains for skiing	(NO0T/6/QRO Paul CO DM79lr
17Jan 22:38 its ok i guess, snowing right now a little bit	(KF7NN Laszlo VA FM07xs
17Jan 22:37 Laszlo - my fat fingers	(NO0T/6/QRO Paul CO DM79lr
17Jan 22:37 KF7NN Laszlo, GA Lazlo - how goes it in VA?	(NO0T/6/QRO Paul CO DM79lr
17Jan 22:36 good evening	(KF7NN Laszlo VA FM07xs
17Jan 22:13 K9VSW Mike, OK Mike - have good afternoon	(NO0T/6/QRO Paul CO DM79lr
17Jan 22:12 OFF PJ	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Jan 22:12 Shuting down here...73 Paul	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Jan 22:11 Had one decode on 313 from DN23 earlier and that was it	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Jan 22:10 K9VSW Mike, ok - not much here now - saw KC0RF calling CU7AA at 20:00 hrs. Not sure what he was hearing. 	(NO0T/6/QRO Paul CO DM79lr
17Jan 22:08 NG here	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Jan 22:08 K9VSW Mike, Hi Mike - how's FT8 doing this afternoon.  	(NO0T/6/QRO Paul CO DM79lr
17Jan 22:06 Clear 313	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Jan 21:55 CQ West 313 DF2000	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Jan 21:54 73 Larry	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Jan 21:54 cul	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk
17Jan 21:54 QSY 313	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Jan 21:53 You lit up PSKr for sure	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Jan 21:53 the moon will be up till after midnite	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk
17Jan 21:53 K0TPP Larry, Thanks for try...You need to get On The Moon. Make sure to take extra Oxygen	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Jan 21:53 stoped	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk
17Jan 21:52 yes 1.5 kw 	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk
17Jan 21:51 215015  -2  7.6 1508 &  K9VSW K0TPP EM48 Most of your decodes Minus so I'm sure I'm not doing so great	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Jan 21:51 tuff time of day	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk
17Jan 21:49 Or trying to run ;-)	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Jan 21:49 214845   9  1.7 1510 &  K9VSW K0TPP EM48 Running	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Jan 21:46 214600   8  3.7 1492 &  CQ K9VSW DM76	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk
17Jan 21:45 70 Deg	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Jan 21:44 ~ CQ 1st ~ 260 ~   	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Jan 21:41 catch me in the am some time	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk
17Jan 21:41 ok, latter then	(K8SD Barry WI EN52et
17Jan 21:41 no i about ready to play on the moon	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk
17Jan 21:40 i wark most of the guys on the 432 net on ssb and cw the n4pz net on mon nite	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk
17Jan 21:40 Larry, I can work remote from work here. want to try FT8 in a few?	(K8SD Barry WI EN52et
17Jan 21:38 yes should be easy on ft8 or jt65b	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk
17Jan 21:37 K0TPP Larry, Just got back in Radio Room..Was not on radio last night..	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Jan 21:37 Larry, im sure we can work	(K8SD Barry WI EN52et
17Jan 21:35 i run 1100 watts and 2x19 ele on 432	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk
17Jan 21:35 But hese about 200' higher than me and no hills in the way HiHi	(K8SD Barry WI EN52et
17Jan 21:34 Larry, yes I know Karl	(K8SD Barry WI EN52et
17Jan 21:34 that beacons 350 miles only 10 watts	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk
17Jan 21:32	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk
17Jan 21:32 K8SD Barry, this is the wd9bga/b in 53 that can,t be 50 miles from you	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk
17Jan 21:31 Walt thanks!	(K8SD Barry WI EN52et
17Jan 21:31 Larry, ill be looking here and on the air. Thanks	(K8SD Barry WI EN52et
17Jan 21:29 K8SD Barry, i should be able to work you on 432 and 2 ft8	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk
17Jan 21:27 Barry, .174 is the talk for both bands on the VHF Contesting Reflector and the WSJT Reflector	(AJ6T Walt AL EM64pr
17Jan 21:26 yes going to hit here fri nite	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk
17Jan 21:26 Then I will be QRV 6,2,432	(K8SD Barry WI EN52et
17Jan 21:26 Barrowed a 4EL 6 meter antenna from a friend. but supposed to get 5 inches of the white stuff	(K8SD Barry WI EN52et
17Jan 21:26 or the on4kst	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk
17Jan 21:25 K8SD Barry, i don,t think you will catch very few on 432 without seeing a post here	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk
17Jan 21:24 K9VSW Mike, you get any of that e last nite	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk
17Jan 21:24 So both 2 and 432 for FT8 is .174 then?	(K8SD Barry WI EN52et
17Jan 21:22 AJ6T Walt, i should be here	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk
17Jan 21:21 OFF PJ BBL	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Jan 21:20 Need to co-ordinate 2 and 432 on PJ	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Jan 21:19 AJ6T Walt, 50.276..Default for WSJT-X Freqs..2 Mtrs? 432?	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Jan 21:16 Have not worked any JT65 since FT8 took over.  What are the JT65 calling frequencies on 6, 2 and 432?	(AJ6T Walt AL EM64pr
17Jan 21:13 Right, hope to work you on 6, 2 and 432 in the contest.	(AJ6T Walt AL EM64pr
17Jan 21:12 you can post your freq here as long as you don,t post rpt	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk
17Jan 21:12 BTW, from what I have read, 432.174 is promoted for FT8 frequency on 70 cm	(AJ6T Walt AL EM64pr
17Jan 21:11 Hi Larry, yes, I'm aware of that.....just setting up frequency tables in WSJT-X for the contest.	(AJ6T Walt AL EM64pr
17Jan 21:06 jt65	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk
17Jan 21:06 jy65 too on 70cm	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk
17Jan 21:06 AJ6T Walt, you would have more luckl on 70 cm ft8 not much scatter on 70cm	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk
17Jan 20:58 Anybody going to try 70cm MSK144 this weekend?  If so, what frequency?	(AJ6T Walt AL EM64pr
17Jan 20:08 see link to join on the page	(N5TM/6M/500 Dan TX EL29ds
17Jan 20:07 I have set up a workspace on Slack with channels for meteorscatter, eme, satellite, vhf  this will replace the chat page.	(N5TM/6M/500 Dan TX EL29ds
17Jan 18:21 Darn it...	(KC0V/6/2/432 Jan CO DN70kp
17Jan 18:11 963.*-~Plus~	(KC0V/6/2/432 Jan CO DN70kp
17Jan 18:11 \	(KC0V/6/2/432 Jan CO DN70kp
17Jan 18:11 \	(KC0V/6/2/432 Jan CO DN70kp
17Jan 18:11 o~Plus~	(KC0V/6/2/432 Jan CO DN70kp
17Jan 18:11 \	(KC0V/6/2/432 Jan CO DN70kp
17Jan 18:05 Whoops! RF messing with the kbd - sorry for the noise!	(KC0V/6/2/432 Jan CO DN70kp
17Jan 18:04 \	(KC0V/6/2/432 Jan CO DN70kp
17Jan 18:04 ED\	(KC0V/6/2/432 Jan CO DN70kp
17Jan 18:04 ED\	(KC0V/6/2/432 Jan CO DN70kp
17Jan 18:04 Z~Plus~	(KC0V/6/2/432 Jan CO DN70kp
17Jan 16:00 some E's during the contest would be nice	(AA2UK Bill NJ FM29pv
17Jan 15:59 RRR Jim couldn't complete w/him had good success w/Florida stations	(AA2UK Bill NJ FM29pv
17Jan 15:58 W0FK is 1365mi from me and I was pointed to EU	(VE1JF Jim NS FN74cq
17Jan 15:57 155530   3 -0.4 1056 ~  AA2UK W0FK EM48	(VE1JF Jim NS FN74cq
17Jan 15:52 ~ Clear ~ 50.260 ~ CQ stopped	(KD2NOM/6/100W Mark NJ FN20ti
17Jan 15:46 ======CQ CQ 50.260 MSK 1st ======	(W3XS/6/2QRO Bill OR CN74xk
17Jan 15:27 EL95 as well :-)	(KD2NOM/6/100W Mark NJ FN20ti
17Jan 15:19 EL97 in on FT8	(W1IPL Wilt ME FN54fc
17Jan 15:18 N0LL Larry, thanks!	(WA7HQD Docgridpig UT DN31xb
17Jan 15:18 lookd like ft8 now is active !  oh well	(K8LEE/LFA/KW Wayne in EM79ng
17Jan 15:17 GM all QRV 6/2	(W3XS/6/2QRO Bill OR CN74xk
17Jan 15:17 w1ipl so far Wilt i have seen nothing from ur direction !!!	(K8LEE/LFA/KW Wayne in EM79ng
17Jan 15:17 going to check 313	(W1IPL Wilt ME FN54fc
17Jan 15:16 Lee I am abt 260deg	(W1IPL Wilt ME FN54fc
17Jan 15:15 ~ Clear ~ 260 ~ CQ stopped	(K8LEE/LFA/KW Wayne in EM79ng
17Jan 15:13 ~ CQ 1st ~ 260 ~   	(K8LEE/LFA/KW Wayne in EM79ng
17Jan 15:12 w1ipl gm Wilt  at the moment i am beaming 270drg's  	(K8LEE/LFA/KW Wayne in EM79ng
17Jan 15:11 151045   7  9.6 1562 &  CQ K8LEE EM79	(W1IPL Wilt ME FN54fc
17Jan 15:05 Tnx Doug.....	(W5LDA Larry OK EM15xu
17Jan 15:05 W5LDA..GM Larry, so nice and EZ..tks 73	(AA4FF/6/2 Doug AL EM50vn
17Jan 15:04 E's from EM50	(W5LDA Larry OK EM15xu
17Jan 15:03 gg 4 more coffee bbl	(K8LEE/LFA/KW Wayne in EM79ng
17Jan 15:03 150115   2  5.7 1463 &  N6EQ N0LL 73	(N6EQ Chuck AZ DM25re
17Jan 15:02 GM Wayne..Nice sigs......150115  12  1.7 1516 &  W5LDA K8LEE 73	(W5LDA Larry OK EM15xu
17Jan 15:01 150100   3 10.4 1501 &  K8LEE W5LDA 73 thank you Sir	(K8LEE/LFA/KW Wayne in EM79ng
17Jan 14:58 no just 6 meters !	(K8LEE/LFA/KW Wayne in EM79ng
17Jan 14:57 K8LEE - poor F/B ratio on the beam!	(W0VTT Mike MN EN33xx
17Jan 14:57 145615   8  4.0 1510 &  CQ 263 W0VTT EN33  U.S.A.  big off the back	(K8LEE/LFA/KW Wayne in EM79ng
17Jan 14:52 145100  15  0.1 1396 ~  KR4BD K5GZR 73	(K8LEE/LFA/KW Wayne in EM79ng
17Jan 14:52 CW 263 West 50.260	(W0VTT Mike MN EN33xx
17Jan 14:51 W7OUU - GM Jim	(W0VTT Mike MN EN33xx
17Jan 14:51 W0VTT Tnx Mike--145045   6  2.1 1503 &  W7OUU W0VTT 73	(W7OUU/6/2/QRO Jim ID DN22sn
17Jan 14:51 ~ CQ 2nd ~ 50.260 ~ 290 deg msk	(KD2NOM/6/100W Mark NJ FN20ti
17Jan 14:50 Cq 50.260.. 1 st , N.E. 	(N6EQ Chuck AZ DM25re
17Jan 14:49 Headed to .313 for a check	(K5GZR/6/2 Rick TX EL29gp
17Jan 14:49 Thanks for quick QSO Wayne - 144845  17  8.0 1497 &  K5GZR K8LEE 73	(K5GZR/6/2 Rick TX EL29gp
17Jan 14:48 144830  17  0.8 1500 &  K8LEE K5GZR 73	(K8LEE/LFA/KW Wayne in EM79ng
17Jan 14:48 Nice Es or tropo Wayne - 144745  16  8.3 1497 &  K5GZR K8LEE ~Plus~18	(K5GZR/6/2 Rick TX EL29gp
17Jan 14:46 gey=get	(K8LEE/LFA/KW Wayne in EM79ng
17Jan 14:46 144630   0  1.8 1505 &  K8LEE N5ITO 73	(K8LEE/LFA/KW Wayne in EM79ng
17Jan 14:46 kb7ij bummer !  i get so tired any more i must sleep to gey any thing done	(K8LEE/LFA/KW Wayne in EM79ng
17Jan 14:45 144500   4  8.8 1486 &  CQ NO0T DM79	(KB8W Danny MI EN57sf
17Jan 14:45 K8LEE  and I havent been able to stay abed past 4 am :)  	(KB7IJ Rich TX EM12mr
17Jan 14:44 kb7ij i have not been able to get up early any more !!!	(K8LEE/LFA/KW Wayne in EM79ng
17Jan 14:44 K7MAC thanks for try 73	(WA5TKU/6/2 Wes TX EM13ii
17Jan 14:43 OK Thanks for the try	(K7MAC Mac FL EL96dc
17Jan 14:43 Morning Wayne.   Probably not going to hear much thru 23db of solar panel noise.   just lucky to sang that one decode .	(KB7IJ Rich TX EM12mr
17Jan 14:43 6m beacon region popping	(N5TM/6M/500 Dan TX EL29ds
17Jan 14:43 144230   7 13.2 1497 &  CELL REMOTE O   "what the heck is that?"	(N0AN/6/LFA/800W Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jan 14:43 K7MAC nothing hee either, Virgo says rox not good for us at this time lets try another day	(WA5TKU/6/2 Wes TX EM13ii
17Jan 14:42 NO0T: 7,21,13,14,11,12, Very nice signals Paul. Gotta run upstairs for a bit. 73	(N0AN/6/LFA/800W Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jan 14:42 kb7ij 73 rich gm	(K8LEE/LFA/KW Wayne in EM79ng
17Jan 14:42 WA5TKU Wes not a thing hear	(K7MAC Mac FL EL96dc
17Jan 14:41 not that strong thru solar panel noise, but punched thru .... 143945  -2 14.6 1496 &  KB7IJ K8LEE EM79	(KB7IJ Rich TX EM12mr
17Jan 14:41 nice rpt on cw !!!	(K8LEE/LFA/KW Wayne in EM79ng
17Jan 14:40 yes	(K8LEE/LFA/KW Wayne in EM79ng
17Jan 14:40 Wayne, solid strong Es	(N5TM/6M/500 Dan TX EL29ds
17Jan 14:39 W0VTT: Big gun calling / working you now, you are in the "Big Time"	(N0AN/6/LFA/800W Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jan 14:38 Wayne, tnx rpt, that was w/o the amp even... LOL...	(N5TM/6M/500 Dan TX EL29ds
17Jan 14:38 143800  16  4.4 1494 &  W0VTT N5TM EL29	(K8LEE/LFA/KW Wayne in EM79ng
17Jan 14:38 GM Rich - some PSKr spots from out west	(W0VTT Mike MN EN33xx
17Jan 14:38 W0VTT: W0BL and WB0FTY seeing you	(N0AN/6/LFA/800W Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jan 14:37 ot a Bad THing (tm) .... Unless you werte headed for FL :) 	(KB7IJ Rich TX EM12mr
17Jan 14:37 :-)	(N0AN/6/LFA/800W Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jan 14:36 Ohboy!  I'm making it all the way to Iowa!	(W0VTT Mike MN EN33xx
17Jan 14:35 143515  23  4.0 1488 &  CQ W0VTT EN33: Wow! Monster backscatter ping!	(N0AN/6/LFA/800W Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jan 14:35 143445  17  3.0 1492 &  CQ KA5YEU EL07     NA	(K8LEE/LFA/KW Wayne in EM79ng
17Jan 14:35 CW West 2nd 50.260	(W0VTT Mike MN EN33xx
17Jan 14:35 RR, stir something up. 	(N0AN/6/LFA/800W Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jan 14:34 I'll waste some electrons and call CQ for a while	(W0VTT Mike MN EN33xx
17Jan 14:34 W0VTT: I was just sitting here pointed WSW, doing some satellite telemetry work and saw Don's CQ pop up. I have not seen another decode west since pointing that way.	(N0AN/6/LFA/800W Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jan 14:33 :-)	(N0AN/6/LFA/800W Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jan 14:33 N0AN - I think the rox are afraid to come this far north this morning	(W0VTT Mike MN EN33xx
17Jan 14:32 W0VTT: GM Mike. Don is always a tough one for me, but we rarely get skunked if we put our minds to it. 1188 miles, nice  haul. Fortunately my noise is very low his direction	(N0AN/6/LFA/800W Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jan 14:31 N0AN, Tnx QSO: 143015   2 12.0 1541 &  KE7NR N0AN 73	(KE7NR/6/2/222 Don AZ DM33wm
17Jan 14:31 143030  -4  0.9 1465 &  N0AN KE7NR 73: Tu Don, stopped 73, that was one of our faster QSOs! 7 minutes to the 73, thanks so much. 	(N0AN/6/LFA/800W Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jan 14:30 N0AN - GM Hasan, I didn't get one decode from KE7NR.  I'm aimed at 240.  Most of your pings were very weak	(W0VTT Mike MN EN33xx
17Jan 14:29 142800  12  0.5 1463 &  N0AN KE7NR RRR: Tnx Don! Sending some 73's. -4, -2,~Plus~2 and ~Plus~12, ~Plus~3 on ur RRR. 	(N0AN/6/LFA/800W Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jan 14:29 RR Running gl	(K7MAC Mac FL EL96dc
17Jan 14:28 K7MAC OK running connector problem	(WA5TKU/6/2 Wes TX EM13ii
17Jan 14:25 Wes sure been there	(K7MAC Mac FL EL96dc
17Jan 14:25 GM Hasan	(KE7NR Don AZ DM33wm
17Jan 14:25 K7MAC got a problem here give a minute tos see i can fix it	(WA5TKU/6/2 Wes TX EM13ii
17Jan 14:24 142330  -2  9.5 1461 &  N0AN KE7NR -01: GM Don!	(N0AN/6/LFA/800W Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jan 14:23 WA5TKU Wes  150 u first sh on  gl	(K7MAC Mac FL EL96dc
17Jan 14:21 RR Wes	(K7MAC Mac FL EL96dc
17Jan 14:20 K7MAC Sure givme a minute to get setup	(WA5TKU/6/2 Wes TX EM13ii
17Jan 14:19 GM All   any one for 2m ??	(K7MAC Mac FL EL96dc
17Jan 14:18 141800   4  4.6 1462 &  CQ KE7NR DM33: Calling Don	(N0AN/6/LFA/800W Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jan 14:10 Listening WEST 260	(N0AN/6/LFA/800W Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jan 14:02 140100   9  5.0 1567 &  xxx K8TB EN72	(N5TM/6M/500 Dan TX EL29ds
17Jan 14:01 something maybe to try on 6 or 10m when very weak Es happening	(N5TM/6M/500 Dan TX EL29ds
17Jan 14:00 CQ 2nd 260 WEST	(N0AN/6/LFA/800W Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jan 14:00 had nice copy last night with WSQCALL from station in TN.  can decode text down to -29	(N5TM/6M/500 Dan TX EL29ds
17Jan 13:58 Anyone on here run FSQCALL, or the very slow version WSQCALL?	(N5TM/6M/500 Dan TX EL29ds
17Jan 13:58 135715   4  8.7 1493 &  N0AN AE7KI RR73: tnx Gerhard: ~Plus~5,15,3 and 4 on ur 73. 	(N0AN/6/LFA/800W Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jan 13:57 atleast they have raised the forecast temps a little.. they think the really cold will slide off to the East.	(N5TM/6M/500 Dan TX EL29ds
17Jan 13:57 Lots of layers... and can jump into the vehicle if necessary	(K5GZR/6/2 Rick TX EL29gp
17Jan 13:57 135630   3  8.5 1515 &  CQ N5ITO EM23 	(N5TM/6M/500 Dan TX EL29ds
17Jan 13:55 brrrrr will be in low 30s all morning if forecast is true	(N5TM/6M/500 Dan TX EL29ds
17Jan 13:55 N5TM - RR - I'm going to practice being an icecube at milepost 10.5 on half marathon.  	(K5GZR/6/2 Rick TX EL29gp
17Jan 13:54 No	(N5TM/6M/500 Dan TX EL29ds
17Jan 13:53 N5TM - Are you doing anything with the marathon this weekend?	(K5GZR/6/2 Rick TX EL29gp