Updated at Mon Nov 30 20:54:28 CST 2020

01Dec 02:33 ~ clear ~ 50.260	(KE4TH/6M Keith UT DN40hl
01Dec 02:28 Calling second.	(KE4TH/6M Keith UT DN40hl
01Dec 02:28 CQ 50.260 NW from northern Utah, calling first	(KE4TH/6M Keith UT DN40hl
01Dec 02:25 W3XS Bill, are you still on?  I can point your way.	(KE4TH/6M Keith UT DN40hl
01Dec 02:07 I am having same issue - I think local noise	(KB0FHP Scott PA FN20gd
01Dec 01:59 WZ8D John; FTol set to 200?	(W5TRL/6/2M Tim TX EM10ne
01Dec 01:48 WZ8D John perhaps either u or the tx station are off frequency? FT8 not frequency sensitive	(KB8W Danny FL EL99it
01Dec 01:10 ~ Clear ~ .150 ~ CQ stopped	(KU8Y/50THRU432 Ken MI EN61uw
01Dec 01:06 ~ CQ 1st ~ .150 ~   	(KU8Y/50THRU432 Ken MI EN61uw
01Dec 00:28  CQ CQ 50.260 MSK 1st looking anywhere	(W3XS Bill OR CN74xk
01Dec 00:12 See that lot on MSK	(W5EME/6/2/222 Rick LA EM32ai
01Dec 00:11 ~ Clear ~ 144.150 ~ CQ stopped	(W5EME/6/2/222 Rick LA EM32ai
01Dec 00:10 FT8 decodes fine but msk144 on 2 meter does not .. still trying to figure that out	(WZ8D/6/2 John OH EM89bi
01Dec 00:08 Rick I see your pings on 2 meters but I am not decoding 	(WZ8D/6/2 John OH EM89bi
30Nov 23:56 ~ CQ 1st ~ 144.150 ~   MSK/CMSH	(W5EME/6/2/222 Rick LA EM32ai
30Nov 22:33 quiet	(KB0FHP Scott PA FN20gd
30Nov 17:19 CQ CQ 50.260 MSK 1st looking anywhere	(W3XS Bill OR CN74xk
30Nov 16:53 Qrt for now.  144.150 clear.  73 All	(VE7AFZ Mark BC CN89mg
30Nov 16:51 Nothing heard	(KB0FHP Scott PA FN20gd
30Nov 16:11 Running with W7OUU on 144.150	(VE7AFZ Mark BC CN89mg
30Nov 16:07 SKY - we have worked previously	(KB0FHP Scott PA FN20gd
30Nov 15:44 Correction: WB4HIE, just insert your call for KN4DMN above, and THEN correct!	(KG5JJ/6M/5EL Charles AR EM26ul
30Nov 15:42 CQ 1st south on 144.150 Contest mode on, SH on for a bit	(VE7AFZ Mark BC CN89mg
30Nov 15:39 KN4DMN - when you called, I turned amp back on and allowed 1 sec. for filaments to heat.  Now I know 572Bs are ready in one second! I usually wait 2 seconds!	(KG5JJ/6M/5EL Charles AR EM26ul
30Nov 15:36 153545   4  2.0 1510 &  KG5JJ KN4DMN 73	(KG5JJ/6M/5EL Charles AR EM26ul
30Nov 15:35 WB5HIE - James - Tnx for contact! -73- No kidding!	(KG5JJ/6M/5EL Charles AR EM26ul
30Nov 15:35 KG5JJ wish it was that quick on 2 LOL	(WB4HIE James NC EM95cq
30Nov 15:31 tnx Sky we will try again soon 73	(WB4HIE James NC EM95cq
30Nov 15:30 2m	(WS9V Skip IL EM59dl
30Nov 15:30 28 minutes is not bad	(K3SX/6/2 Sid MD FM19dk
30Nov 15:30 Thank you	(WS9V Skip IL EM59dl
30Nov 15:30 KN4DMN - Frank - Tnx for contact! -73-	(KG5JJ/6M/5EL Charles AR EM26ul
30Nov 15:30 stopping James --- nothing hrd today - good try tho     73	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
30Nov 15:30 2 or 6 Skip?	(WB4HIE James NC EM95cq
30Nov 15:29 took 28 minutes 	(WS9V Skip IL EM59dl
30Nov 15:29 James --- looking at your pskr maps for 2 and 6m ---- 6m seem to be your best by far - also NW perhaps your strong suit today - small sample of RF tho	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
30Nov 15:29 Congrats Skip!	(K3SX/6/2 Sid MD FM19dk
30Nov 15:28 152745   6  5.5 1378 &   WS9V UT1FG/MM  73	(WS9V62222432 Skip IL EM59dl
30Nov 15:24 RR let me know 	(WB4HIE James NC EM95cq
30Nov 15:23 James - I'm still in the starting blocks, but willing to run a bit more , say 5 min and see then abt continuing	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
30Nov 15:20 wow another +4  Sky	(WB4HIE James NC EM95cq
30Nov 15:18 RR	(WS9V Skip IL EM59dl
30Nov 15:15 E-W path agn	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
30Nov 15:15 Skip tu rpt on KST- 1302 mi	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
30Nov 15:13 RR	(WB4HIE James NC EM95cq
30Nov 15:12 try hot B --- I'm decoding western az better for most stns today	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
30Nov 15:11 RR Sky let me know when to stop	(WB4HIE James NC EM95cq
30Nov 15:10 continuing to look for u James... give it a bit	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
30Nov 15:10 just ran with Steve 	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
30Nov 15:10 sri Skip	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
30Nov 15:09 nice to log yuri Steve - 	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
30Nov 15:09 150645  13  9.3 1475 &  WS9V  UT1FG/MM  R FN36	(WS9V62222432 Skip IL EM59dl
30Nov 15:07 listening intently sky 	(WB4HIE James NC EM95cq
30Nov 15:06 clg u CMSH 2nd	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
30Nov 15:04 rr James 	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
30Nov 15:04 calling sky	(WB4HIE James NC EM95cq
30Nov 15:04 150315   4  7.0 1516 &  CQ CMSH VE1SKY FN74 Canada	(WB4HIE James NC EM95cq
30Nov 14:59 hi Scott --- we shud try sometime ---- running 2m now and there are rox	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
30Nov 14:57 KF8MY Tnx Mike 73 and have a good day.	(WA4CQG Dale AL EM72fo
30Nov 14:57 A dearth or pings - Catch you all later	(KB0FHP Scott PA FN20gd
30Nov 14:57 be back, have make a few phone calls	(KF8MY Mike MI EN84cb
30Nov 14:56 tnx Dale good pings on you, 145600   6  7.0 1493 &   KF8MY WA4CQG  73	(KF8MY Mike MI EN84cb
30Nov 14:56 sending a few 73s for fun	(WA4CQG Dale AL EM72fo
30Nov 14:55 KF8MY Tnx Mike 145415   5 11.5 1491 &  ~LT~WA4CQG KF8MY~GT~ RRR	(WA4CQG Dale AL EM72fo
30Nov 14:55 145230  -8  3.5 1454 &  CQ TEST K3WHC FN10     cpy him with beams on the ground	(KA2UQW/2/6/10 Andy NJ FN20xh
30Nov 14:55 Good deal Sky stay safe.. :)	(KF8MY Mike MI EN84cb
30Nov 14:55 running 2m rox with k3whc 	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
30Nov 14:54 Hi Mike --- things is fine   ... hi   	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
30Nov 14:53 left it on since last night - and nothing	(KB0FHP Scott PA FN20gd
30Nov 14:53 Havent heard any one this morning	(KB0FHP Scott PA FN20gd
30Nov 14:51 same here Dale	(KF8MY Mike MI EN84cb
30Nov 14:51 how goes it?	(KF8MY Mike MI EN84cb
30Nov 14:51 KF8MY still going!	(WA4CQG Dale AL EM72fo
30Nov 14:51 GM Sky	(KF8MY Mike MI EN84cb
30Nov 14:51                       GM mike    	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
30Nov 14:50 progressing, hihi	(KF8MY Mike MI EN84cb
30Nov 14:47 WA4CQG, Dale I see ya, :)	(KF8MY Mike MI EN84cb
30Nov 14:40 aa9my i havent seen a 2m rock since you at 1400	(KO4MA/2X9H/600W Drew FL EL88to
30Nov 14:40 RR, 2 locals here calling on 144 with no results	(AA9MY Bob IL EN50fm
30Nov 14:40 I need to list my spare 222 Digi DEMI on QRZ soon. no need for a spare.	(N2EME Paul MA FN32vo
30Nov 14:39 aa9my same here, should happen in next few weeks with geminids though!	(KO4MA/2X9H/600W Drew FL EL88to
30Nov 14:38 nothing here Drew , will stop Thks 4 try 73	(AA9MY Bob IL EN50fm
30Nov 14:38 Almost make me get something for 222	(KF2T George MD FM19ma
30Nov 14:38 Ha! Would be a treat	(KF2T George MD FM19ma
30Nov 14:37 KF2T well I need a 222 EME road trip west :)	(N2EME Paul MA FN32vo
30Nov 14:36 N2EME probably. Haven't looked. Know there are a bunch of VHF pallets in Vegas sitting around, tho!	(KF2T George MD FM19ma
30Nov 14:36 aa9my anything?	(KO4MA/2X9H/600W Drew FL EL88to
30Nov 14:33 KF2T any contacts in the TV business that can get you some 14GHz amps. the seem to work fine on 10GHz. 	(N2EME Paul MA FN32vo
30Nov 14:32 CQ NW	(WB4HIE James NC EM95cq
30Nov 14:31 N2EME Yep, have 10 GHz 200mW setup now, once I get the 1296 where I want it, will start building that up.	(KF2T George MD FM19ma
30Nov 14:31 Ok stoped	(WB4HIE James NC EM95cq
30Nov 14:31 KD9VV waiting to complete 	(WB4HIE James NC EM95cq
30Nov 14:30 KF2T RR quite a few on 10GHz EME. Easy to take on DXperditions.	(N2EME Paul MA FN32vo
30Nov 14:29 N2EME That could be the next frontier	(KF2T George MD FM19ma
30Nov 14:28 Halting	(KD9VV Pete IN EN71ib
30Nov 14:27 KF2T I have a spare 1.5m for 10GHz with 60W amp built in but that might be a little small for 23cm. 	(N2EME Paul MA FN32vo
30Nov 14:26 WB4HIE: 142530   6  4.6 1528 &  KD9VV WB4HIE -03	(KD9VV Pete IN EN71ib
30Nov 14:19 Looking forward to HEARING	(KF2T George MD FM19ma
30Nov 14:18 KF2T looking forward to hearing your results	(N2EME Paul MA FN32vo
30Nov 14:17 expect somewhere around 24-25 db	(KF2T George MD FM19ma
30Nov 14:15 yes :-)	(KF2T George MD FM19ma
30Nov 14:15 gain?	(N2EME Paul MA FN32vo
30Nov 14:14 N2EME 1.8m with patch feed	(KF2T George MD FM19ma
30Nov 14:10 KF2T what you getting for a dish and feed?	(N2EME Paul MA FN32vo
30Nov 14:08 N2EME I did. One has a flaky DE, so only used two. Getting dish Thurs	(KF2T George MD FM19ma
30Nov 14:06 KF2T did you get the other two 23cm ants built?	(N2EME Paul MA FN32vo
30Nov 14:06 KF2T Sounds good George. I will text you my phone number since I have your new number	(K3SX/6/2 Sid MD FM19dk
30Nov 14:05 Sounds good, will start in 2 min GL	(AA9MY Bob IL EN50fm
30Nov 14:04 MY 1st, cmsh msk 30s?	(KO4MA/2X9H/600W Drew FL EL88to
30Nov 14:04 K3SX drop me a note with your phone again if you don't mind 	(KF2T George MD FM19ma
30Nov 14:04 sure, i'll get running and go out and turn antenna	(KO4MA/2X9H/600W Drew FL EL88to
30Nov 14:03 try 222.080 ?	(AA9MY Bob IL EN50fm
30Nov 14:03 K3SX FB! How's about I head out your way from here around 12:30?	(KF2T George MD FM19ma
30Nov 14:02 had another good 4s burn a few sequences later	(KO4MA/2X9H/600W Drew FL EL88to
30Nov 14:02 GM Drew Thks report	(AA9MY Bob IL EN50fm
30Nov 13:59 KF2T George  RADAR shows all clear by 2 PM	(K3SX/6/2 Sid MD FM19dk
30Nov 13:57 135700   8  8.5 1501 &  CQ CMSH AA9MY EN50 U.S.A.	(KO4MA/2X9H/600W Drew FL EL88to
30Nov 13:56 KF2T It has stopped raining now so I think we are good. It is blustery though	(K3SX/6/2 Sid MD FM19dk
30Nov 13:55 K3SX GM - wondered if we'd get rained out!	(KF2T George MD FM19ma
30Nov 13:53 KF2T GM George. Bring your rain gear today	(K3SX/6/2 Sid MD FM19dk
30Nov 13:52 Watching 260 down the coast	(KF2T George MD FM19ma
30Nov 13:50 Sky, Thanks but I need to go. Enjoy the day! 73	(K9DJT/6 Gary WI EN63bj
30Nov 13:49 will keep an eye on PJ ---- still wrking coastal 2m on 174	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
30Nov 13:44 K9DJT saw u agn Gary b4 I went to FT8 2m   --- can run on 6m today if you want to	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
30Nov 13:40 73	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr
30Nov 13:39 Things to do! See y'all later! 73!	(WA2FZW/6M John NJ FN20tp
30Nov 13:37 133615   6  3.7 1485 &  K2DRH WA2FZW 73	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr
30Nov 13:36 KD2RH - Thanks Bob2 - Best ~Plus~11 - Have a great day! - 73	(WA2FZW/6M John NJ FN20tp
30Nov 13:36 133545  -1 11.4 1480 &  K2DRH WA2FZW RRR plenty rox LOL	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr
30Nov 13:35 KD2RH and that was pointed SW!	(WA2FZW/6M John NJ FN20tp
30Nov 13:34 KD2RH - Answering - Just got a ~Plus~11 ping!	(WA2FZW/6M John NJ FN20tp
30Nov 13:33 133245   2  1.8 1491 &  CQ WA2FZW FN20  loud here	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr
30Nov 13:31 odd 6m hrd you lots ---- zip on 2m today        - enjoyed the try   - cu for another - thx	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
30Nov 13:30 ~ CQ 2nd ~ 50.260 ~ 240 deg MSK	(WA2FZW/6M John NJ FN20tp
30Nov 13:30 No problem Sky. We can stop. Your best +4	(KF2T George MD FM19ma
30Nov 13:28 Geo - thought we'd get a 2fer ---- I'm going to look around unless you want to wait	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
30Nov 13:25 KF2T - Mostly no way rox here this morning!	(WA2FZW/6M John NJ FN20tp
30Nov 13:25 WA5FZW, Short and sweet Ron. Tnx  260. 73	(K9DJT/6 Gary WI EN63bj
30Nov 13:23 VE1SKY wow, one way rox this way today	(KF2T George MD FM19ma
30Nov 13:22 Geo --- listening only for next 5 min 	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
30Nov 13:21 W0LGQ--Greg, R U on here?	(W0XR Jack AZ DM22tp
30Nov 13:21 TU Bob	(K2UA/6/2/432/KW Rus NY FN12fr
30Nov 13:21 Rus ---- FB test	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
30Nov 13:20 Next time try a full time effort LOL	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr
30Nov 13:20 K2UA nice score Rus	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr
30Nov 13:20 FB on the folding dish too. Been reading about those.	(K2UA/6/2/432/KW Rus NY FN12fr
30Nov 13:18 at B now	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
30Nov 13:18 9.7M multi-single (4800 QSOs) in CQWW and DL7APV off the moon made it a great radio weekend.	(K2UA/6/2/432/KW Rus NY FN12fr
30Nov 13:18 rr I just need something to do while waiting ....	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
30Nov 13:18 I operated W2FU in CQWW CW, but was able to catch DL7APV on 432 when I came off-shift on Saturday afternoon.	(K2UA/6/2/432/KW Rus NY FN12fr
30Nov 13:17 VE1SKY sure. Already have a bunch of you	(KF2T George MD FM19ma
30Nov 13:17 KF2T George, excellent!	(K2UA/6/2/432/KW Rus NY FN12fr
30Nov 13:16 c'mon Geo --- Hot B ?	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
30Nov 13:16 ~ CQ 2nd ~ 50.260 ~ 270 deg MSK	(WA2FZW/6M John NJ FN20tp
30Nov 13:16 K2UA made two on 23cm with 2 yagis. Condx appeared good. Getting dish this week	(KF2T George MD FM19ma
30Nov 13:15 rr Gonzaga v Kansas bball was a Thanksgiving treat	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
30Nov 13:14 KF2T George, I'm a little late to the party--how was the moon for you this weekend?	(K2UA/6/2/432/KW Rus NY FN12fr
30Nov 13:14 GM Rus - It was a great TG except I don't like turkey!	(WA2FZW/6M John NJ FN20tp
30Nov 13:14 VE1SKY Sky, yes, thanks	(K2UA/6/2/432/KW Rus NY FN12fr
30Nov 13:14 hiya   rus	(KF2T George MD FM19ma
30Nov 13:13 GM Rus	(KN4DMN Frank SC EM93mx
30Nov 13:13 Hi Rus - Canadian T-day was FB --- back in Oct.  tu for wishes --- gl today	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
30Nov 13:12 FB --- still looking	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
30Nov 13:12 hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend! 	(K2UA/6/2/432/KW Rus NY FN12fr
30Nov 13:12 here=hear 	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
30Nov 13:12 Gm all	(K2UA/6/2/432/KW Rus NY FN12fr
30Nov 13:12 There we go!	(KF2T George MD FM19ma
30Nov 13:11 Tnx John...	(K9DJT/6 Gary WI EN63bj
30Nov 13:10 OK new computer - I lost a few logs when setting up auto lobook and ADIF auto to qrz - glad to here we wrkd--- foggy semi recollection of it too .. hi	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
30Nov 13:09 K9DJT - Sky said K1LO was using SH mode earlier	(WA2FZW/6M John NJ FN20tp
30Nov 13:08 Nah, we worked last week from here	(KF2T George MD FM19ma
30Nov 13:08 K1LO, Stopped. Sri...	(K9DJT/6 Gary WI EN63bj
30Nov 13:08 WA2FZW logged....tnx John. Ur b-11.............73	(N8AM/6M Tom OH EN81wi
30Nov 13:07 rr --- last time we wrkd 2m u were portable	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
30Nov 13:07 N8AM - Thanks Tom - Best ~Plus~5 this morning - Have a great day! - 73	(WA2FZW/6M John NJ FN20tp
30Nov 13:06 Really - in one day, no less	(KF2T George MD FM19ma
30Nov 13:04 george 2 bands would be a benchmark for us at your new digs	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
30Nov 13:03 N8AM - Rox seem scarce this morning!	(WA2FZW/6M John NJ FN20tp
30Nov 13:02 KF2T George, clg now 150 cmsh 2nd	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
30Nov 13:02 WA2FZW GM John. Been seeing you this morning whichever direction I'm pointing.	(N8AM/6M Tom OH EN81wi
30Nov 13:01 125830  12  3.1 1516 &  VE1SKY KA1W FN31	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
30Nov 13:01 KF2T George will QSY   ---- tu Dave ---- gud2cu	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
30Nov 13:01 VE1SKY: I turned ant back to the west ... 	(KA1W Dave CT FN31ki
30Nov 13:00 N8AM - Answering Tom	(WA2FZW/6M John NJ FN20tp
30Nov 13:00 No problem Sky. just hanging out about to do work	(KF2T George MD FM19ma
30Nov 13:00 VE1SKY Sky, GM Roger ... go ahead to 2	(KA1W Dave CT FN31ki
30Nov 13:00 WA2FZW yagi array too much hassle	(KF2T George MD FM19ma
30Nov 13:00 ~ CQ 2nd ~ 50.260 ~ 280 deg MSK	(WA2FZW/6M John NJ FN20tp
30Nov 12:59 GM John, GM Sky	(K9DJT/6 Gary WI EN63bj
30Nov 12:59 Geo not on 2m yet KA1W clg me	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
30Nov 12:58 KF2T - That's pretty impressive!	(WA2FZW/6M John NJ FN20tp
30Nov 12:58 OK Geo QSY 2m	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
30Nov 12:57 125400   1 12.0 1556 &  K1SIX K9DJT xxxx      seeing u Gary  GM	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
30Nov 12:57 am on 2 now, listening	(KF2T George MD FM19ma
30Nov 12:57	(KF2T George MD FM19ma
30Nov 12:56 let me know if u want 2 m anytime this morning Geo - no rush  6m is fb	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
30Nov 12:56 K1SIX, Quick and easy Bob! Tnx 260. 73	(K9DJT/6 Gary WI EN63bj
30Nov 12:55 W2HRO makes them - sub lunar systems website	(KF2T George MD FM19ma
30Nov 12:55 CQ Stopped - Listening on 260 West	(WA2FZW/6M John NJ FN20tp
30Nov 12:54 GM Gary	(WA2FZW/6M John NJ FN20tp