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11Sep 03:09 cool- thx 4 ur help	(K6TW Tim CA DM03tu
11Sep 03:08 here most days, you bet	(KF2T George NV DM25kx
11Sep 03:08 gonna scoot, hope catch you in morning	(KF2T George NV DM25kx
11Sep 03:07 OK, you on often? Would like to try this again	(K6TW Tim CA DM03tu
11Sep 03:06 didn't see any signal, so nah, looks like no path	(KF2T George NV DM25kx
11Sep 03:05 try ft8? for los attempt?	(K6TW Tim CA DM03tu
11Sep 03:05 we are very close and ms often takes a while	(KF2T George NV DM25kx
11Sep 03:04 not a thing, sorry	(KF2T George NV DM25kx
11Sep 03:03 anything?	(K6TW Tim CA DM03tu
11Sep 03:00 done- calling	(K6TW Tim CA DM03tu
11Sep 02:59 check wsjtx prefs to not switch mode	(KF2T George NV DM25kx
11Sep 02:58 calling- but my rig is auto switching to usb/packet mode	(K6TW Tim CA DM03tu
11Sep 02:57 yes sir	(KF2T George NV DM25kx
11Sep 02:56 My freq is good on this rig. USB mode, right?	(K6TW Tim CA DM03tu
11Sep 02:56 sure, you go first, as westernmost station	(KF2T George NV DM25kx
11Sep 02:55 Want me to call?	(K6TW Tim CA DM03tu
11Sep 02:53 setting up now	(K6TW Tim CA DM03tu
11Sep 02:52 If we have prop on MSK, we can switch....	(KF2T George NV DM25kx
11Sep 02:51 Could try 2m ssb too	(K6TW Tim CA DM03tu
11Sep 02:51 Conditions been so awful not sure we would make it. But of course -- let's try. How about 50.250 MSK144	(KF2T George NV DM25kx
11Sep 02:49 or even ft8?	(K6TW Tim CA DM03tu
11Sep 02:49 Wants to try msk144 on 6m with me?	(K6TW Tim CA DM03tu
11Sep 02:49 Yep, only 6 elements here, 400w and good RX, tho. 	(KF2T George NV DM25kx
11Sep 02:47 Icom 910h for 2m and ft-950 for 6m	(K6TW Tim CA DM03tu
11Sep 02:47 Wish you had more elements- we could prob do 2m ssb. I have 2x12	(K6TW Tim CA DM03tu
11Sep 02:47 what is rig, btw?	(KF2T George NV DM25kx
11Sep 02:46 Most 2m contacts are by sked, though. Not much random	(KF2T George NV DM25kx
11Sep 02:45 if you can calibrate rig real well, then do WSJTx calibration it will go a long way	(KF2T George NV DM25kx
11Sep 02:45 144.150	(KF2T George NV DM25kx
11Sep 02:44 for 2m	(K6TW Tim CA DM03tu
11Sep 02:44 50.260 is quite active calling freq. best conditions around dawn	(KF2T George NV DM25kx
11Sep 02:43 ok. Whats the calling freq?	(K6TW Tim CA DM03tu
11Sep 02:43 Can I increase ftol to 200 to compensate for my off freq rig?	(K6TW Tim CA DM03tu
11Sep 02:42 FTol will let you decode someone off freq a few more Hz, but at cost of higher CPU usage, and doesn't fix TX	(KF2T George NV DM25kx
11Sep 02:41 Hiya Tim. keeps the chit chat down on the shed page during the contest	(KF2T George NV DM25kx
11Sep 02:41 KF2T I'm here	(K6TW Tim CA DM03tu
09Sep 18:48 you're very welcome, Wayne. hope to QSO 	(KF2T George NV DM25kx
09Sep 18:46 73 and thanks agian	(WD0ENC Wayne WY DN74gf
09Sep 18:45 Thanks George for confirming things and filling in some of the blanks	(WD0ENC Wayne WY DN74gf
09Sep 18:45 and once I start sending set tx to 100 watts got it	(WD0ENC Wayne WY DN74gf
09Sep 18:44 absolutely	(KF2T George NV DM25kx
09Sep 18:43 but 50.260 is best if I just want to leave the software in monitor?	(WD0ENC Wayne WY DN74gf
09Sep 18:42 Remember - it may be a "weak signal" mode, but is definitely NOT QRP	(KF2T George NV DM25kx
09Sep 18:42 Yep, 50.260 is calling. Many folks will move off for a sked	(KF2T George NV DM25kx
09Sep 18:41 and monitor for a few mornings and see if I get anything -frequency is 50.260 right?	(WD0ENC Wayne WY DN74gf
09Sep 18:40 Thanks George sounds like I need to set up	(WD0ENC Wayne WY DN74gf
09Sep 18:37 15 second cycles, so it's speedy enough, but it can take a bunch of tries	(KF2T George NV DM25kx
09Sep 18:37 contact can take from a minute to an hour. With your setup, they will mostly be longer	(KF2T George NV DM25kx
09Sep 18:37 Asume it is a lot like JT65 but likely even slower waiting for rocks	(WD0ENC Wayne WY DN74gf
09Sep 18:36 yep, it's a good bunch.	(KF2T George NV DM25kx

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