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11Jan 12:13 N3TH - Many thanks Thomas - 73!	(KE8Y Mike OH EN91ge )
24Aug 13:15 CQ 1st 275 Q65-30A 1900 Hz EAST	(N0AN Hasan IA EN22xc
18Aug 19:16 stopped tx succesful test	(VE1JF Jim NS FN74cq
18Aug 19:06 190530  -6  0.0 1900 :  VE1SKY VE1JF RRR   q3	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74ll
18Aug 19:00 running one more Q65 this time tol 50 ... looks good so far	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74ll
18Aug 18:55 hi jim	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74ll
18Aug 18:53 testing rc5 with ve1sky 275	(VE1JF Jim NS FN74cq
08Jun 13:32 QRV 2M	(KN4SM/2M Jerry VA FM16qt
09May 21:18 -	(N5SD/HH5674 Steve KS EM27ph
14Apr 20:42 k4my looking for you	(W4LES Larry SC EM84mo
27Mar 15:24 my q65 sync traces are way off scale....where to fix this	(WD4KPD David NC FM15mm
19Mar 09:03 tes	(LA3EQ Jan xx JO28xj
01Mar 13:00 CQ 144.145	(KN4SM Jerry VA FM16qt
26Feb 14:47 144630 -17 -0.1  973 :  N0AN W4IMD 73      q0: tnx Peter 73\	(N0AN Hasan IA EN22xc
25Feb 15:03 BOB2 73 TNX 275	(W4IMD Peter GA EM84ab
25Feb 14:54 CHARLES 73 TNX 275	(W4IMD Peter GA EM84ab
24Feb 15:05 CHARLES 73 TNX 275	(W4IMD Peter GA EM84ab
24Feb 15:01 LARRY 73 TNX 275	(W4IMD Peter GA EM84ab
24Feb 14:37 HASAN 73 TNX 275	(W4IMD Peter GA EM84ab
24Feb 14:37 143530 -13  0.0  974 :  N0AN W4IMD RR73    q3 tnx Peter, 73	(N0AN Hasan IA EN22xc
24Feb 14:33 HASAN CALLING	(W4IMD Peter GA EM84ab

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