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16Oct 13:41	(K7ULS/222 Mike UT DN41ch
16Oct 13:35 RR, 73.	(KC6ZWT Norm CA CM98no
16Oct 13:34 Sure.. Shower is fine. GL, 73 for now. Shutting down. 	(K7KQA James WA DN06ll
16Oct 13:34 N7KA - if youre here, your freq is a bit low- 133015   4  1.0 1319 &  W5TRL N7KA R+15	(W5TRL Tim TX EM10dj
16Oct 13:33 Got my call, that.s it. Wait for shower?	(KC6ZWT Norm CA CM98no
16Oct 13:32 132430  1.4   40  2 16  220     KC6Z4D8G 32830 18.3   60  2 16  179     6ZWT#I3,1Z3 	(KC6ZWT Norm CA CM98no
16Oct 13:30 Thanks for the try Norm, Better luck next time!	(K7KQA James WA DN06ll
16Oct 13:30 K7KQA James, GM looking ur way	(WA7XX/222/KW Doug AZ DM42jh
16Oct 13:30 Progress here James, but very slow.	(KC6ZWT Norm CA CM98no
16Oct 13:28 rr	(W3XS Bill OR CN74xk
16Oct 13:28 No rocks since started	(K7KQA James WA DN06ll
16Oct 13:28 Hello Bill, 222 but I'm about reay to stop. 	(K7KQA James WA DN06ll
16Oct 13:27 Looks like a shortage of rocks.	(KC6ZWT Norm CA CM98no
16Oct 13:27 K7KQA are you on 2 or 6 ?	(W3XS Bill OR CN74xk
16Oct 13:13 rr	(K7KQA James WA DN06ll
16Oct 13:12 RR R26 rpt, FSK441, Running now.	(KC6ZWT Norm CA CM98no
16Oct 13:11 I'm here James.	(KC6ZWT Norm CA CM98no
16Oct 13:11 GM Norm, KQA on 2nd seq, .080, ST on	(K7KQA James WA DN06ll
16Oct 13:10 .	(KC6ZWT Norm CA CM98no
08Oct 01:33 qrt	(K5ZG Hud CO DM88qb
08Oct 01:29 CQ EAST 144.150 MSK GG FIRST	(K5ZG Hud CO DM88qb
08Oct 00:32 CQ EAST 144.150 MSK GG FIRST	(K5ZG Hud CO DM88qb
07Oct 14:27 test	(N0UK Chris MN EN34iw
29Sep 19:37 test	(N0UK Chris MN EN34iw
15Sep 16:34 73	(WQ5S Brad TX EM13ci
15Sep 16:17 73	(K5DOG Steve MN EM00ll
15Sep 16:17 RR, thanks for the info.  Curious minds...	(K5DOG Steve MN EM00ll
15Sep 16:15 Cell boosters?	(K5DOG Steve MN EM00ll
15Sep 16:15 Lots of poor coverage areas out there and boosters are needed	(WQ5S Brad TX EM13ci
15Sep 16:14 Those are Cell booster antennas	(WQ5S Brad TX EM13ci
15Sep 16:14 What is it for?	(K5DOG Steve MN EM00ll
15Sep 16:13 Brad, I was out in west TX last week.  Seems every pickup has an antenna in the back that looks like a narrow fly swatter...?	(K5DOG Steve MN EM00ll
15Sep 16:12 K5DOG I am here	(WQ5S Brad TX EM13ci
13Aug 05:31 73	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr
13Aug 05:31 73	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr
13Aug 05:28 OK. That's good to know. 73	(W7XU Arliss SD EN13lm
13Aug 05:28 amy short pings dont decode due to FEC - and pings on 222 are very short	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr
13Aug 05:27 Yes there is no doubt you can get info out ofshort pings that the FEC wont let decode	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr
13Aug 05:24 One last thing, Bob -- Do you think FSK is better than MSK on 222? Don't know that I'm convinced.	(W7XU Arliss SD EN13lm
13Aug 05:24 even when you defer them they still load things up and hang there -- PITA - thanks guys	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr
13Aug 05:23 73, guys. Glad you got it going, Bob.	(W7XU Arliss SD EN13lm
13Aug 05:22 I totally HATE Win 10 updates!	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr
13Aug 05:22 oh geez. Glad you got it. GL guys. Good to see you Arliss	(AA7A/2M Ned AZ DM43ao
13Aug 05:22 Yep works now dang it	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr
13Aug 05:22 Don't talk to me about Win10 updates. Did one the other day on my laptop and it wouldn't run Win thereafter. Took me 2 days to get it going again.	(W7XU Arliss SD EN13lm
13Aug 05:21 RR I was doing nothing wrong - it was a pending reboot update that was messing things up	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr
13Aug 05:20 Don'	(W7XU Arliss SD EN13lm
13Aug 05:20 so, you're good?	(AA7A/2M Ned AZ DM43ao
13Aug 05:20 those damn Win 10 updates partially change the config bofre they completely load and mess things up	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr
13Aug 05:19 damn I was mid Win10 update - rebooted again and now it works fine no changes to config	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr

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