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Remember, in North America, 50.260MHz and 144.140MHz are calling not operating frequencies.

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22Jan 13:47 KE5RV you just did	(W8MK/2M Tom MI EN82gt )
22Jan 13:47 W8MK, same here Tom. Should one of us start whining?	(KE5RV David AR EM45vf )
22Jan 13:45 KE5RV still running... 	(W8MK/2M Tom MI EN82gt )
22Jan 13:37 2m MSK144 133530 13.0 s 9 dB 9 Hz Freq 1509 Hz   CQ W5LDA EM15	(NZ3M Dave PA FN10pd )
22Jan 13:36 ~ CQ 1st ~ 50.260 ~ 0 deg MSK144	(KA6U/6/2/222/70 Peter FL EL87sq )
22Jan 13:35 KE5RV well lookie there	(W8MK/2M Tom MI EN82gt )
22Jan 13:34 133345   0  8.9 1556 &  CQ TEST W8MK EN82  U.S.A.	(KE5RV David AR EM45vf )
22Jan 13:32 Same here. Very quiet. Will stick around for a few more minutes.	(KE5RV David AR EM45vf )
22Jan 13:32 ~ CQ 2nd ~ .150 ~ 225 deg MSK144 CMSH	(W8MK/2M Tom MI EN82gt )
22Jan 13:31 saw that on pskreporter, just not hearing much at all hr today	(KA2UQW Andy NJ FN20xh )
22Jan 13:29 KA2UQW, GM Andy. Did get a decode from you before I walked into the room. It was at 1309.	(KE5RV David AR EM45vf )
22Jan 13:27 KE5RV, listened for a while David, no decodes	(KA2UQW Andy NJ FN20xh )
22Jan 13:26 CQ .150 stopped	(KE5RV David AR EM45vf )
22Jan 13:26 W8MK, no problem Tom, not a thing decoded hr aside frm a few local stations today	(KA2UQW Andy NJ FN20xh )
22Jan 13:25 KA2UQW thanks for listening, Andy	(W8MK/2M Tom MI EN82gt )
22Jan 13:24 ~ Clear ~ .150 ~ CQ stopped	(W8MK/2M Tom MI EN82gt )
22Jan 13:20 CQ 144.150 1st CMSH looking NE	(KE5RV David AR EM45vf )
22Jan 13:18 GM all, QRV 6/2/222	(KE5RV David AR EM45vf )
22Jan 13:16 RR W9VHF  PE1RKI does some nice units	(N2EME Paul MA FN32vo )
22Jan 13:16 W8MK, aimed right at ya Tom, listening	(KA2UQW Andy NJ FN20xh )
22Jan 13:15 N2EME  Sorry, am not in the shack.  Running 10W on 1296 but looking for more.	(W9VHF Ray IN EN71lf )
22Jan 13:14 ~ CQ 1st ~ .150 ~ 110 deg MSK144 CMSH	(W8MK/2M Tom MI EN82gt )
22Jan 13:12 131215  -5  4.1 1509 &  CQ TEST N2XK FN20	(KA2UQW Andy NJ FN20xh )
22Jan 13:12 cq stopped	(KA2UQW Andy NJ FN20xh )
22Jan 13:10 bye George	(KA2UQW Andy NJ FN20xh )
22Jan 13:08 GM All CU in the AM again... 73	(NE2U George NJ FN20qg )
22Jan 13:07 cq msk, .150, SW, 2nd, cmsh	(KA2UQW Andy NJ FN20xh )
22Jan 13:06 CQ Stopped,,,,	(NE2U George NJ FN20qg )
22Jan 13:06 GM. Late to the party	(W8MK/2M Tom MI EN82gt )
22Jan 13:04 cq stopped	(KA2UQW Andy NJ FN20xh )
22Jan 13:02 73 John	(KD9VV Pete IN EN71ib )
22Jan 13:01 Things to do! See y'all later! 73!	(WA2FZW/6M/2M John NJ FN20tp )
22Jan 13:01 CQ on the 2nd	(NE2U George NJ FN20qg )
22Jan 13:01 NE2U - NP George	(WA2FZW/6M/2M John NJ FN20tp )
22Jan 12:59 thanks report Larry, seeing some pings, no decodes yet	(KA2UQW Andy NJ FN20xh )
22Jan 12:58 KA2UQW Andy, nice rocks on you	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk )
22Jan 12:56 N4ASF - Stopped - Thanks for the try - Have a great day! - 73	(WA2FZW/6M/2M John NJ FN20tp )
22Jan 12:56 WA2FZW John, TNX for providing Larry a heads up! 	(NE2U George NJ FN20qg )
22Jan 12:53 K0TPP Larry, Ok Understood.. TNX anyways!	(NE2U George NJ FN20qg )
22Jan 12:52 125145   5  7.6 1527 &  CQ TEST KA2UQW FN20	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk )
22Jan 12:51 NE2U George, i never got a decode from you sorry	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk )
22Jan 12:51 cq msk, .150, West, 2nd, cmsh	(KA2UQW Andy NJ FN20xh )
22Jan 12:50 N4ASF - GM David - Answering	(WA2FZW/6M/2M John NJ FN20tp )
22Jan 12:50 K0TPP Larry, Didn't detect response TNX for trying!	(NE2U George NJ FN20qg )
22Jan 12:50 Just hoping I could catch im	(N0AN/6M/QRO/LFA Hasan IA EN22xc )
22Jan 12:49 N0AN - Don't see him on here Hasan	(WA2FZW/6M/2M John NJ FN20tp )
22Jan 12:49 N0AN Hasan, he fell asleep	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk )
22Jan 12:46 W3JHG in here? Been calling me all morning, I'm answering, never advances.	(N0AN/6M/QRO/LFA Hasan IA EN22xc )
22Jan 12:45 W9VHF on 1296? How much power?	(N2EME Paul MA FN32vo )
22Jan 12:44 ~ CQ 2nd ~ 50.260 ~ 280 deg MSK	(WA2FZW/6M/2M John NJ FN20tp )

This service is to be used only for the purposes of discussing matters related to amateur radio meteor scatter communications.

Any non-meteor scatter use is strictly prohibited.

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