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14Dec 13:42 KC3OL Ted, yes Thanks!  73	(WB5GVY Bennett TX EM10dq
14Dec 13:41  KA9CFD Jay   See that you heard me there, was throwing a cq out on the G-9 vert.	(N2BRG/6/2 Gary FL EL87ov
14Dec 13:41 got u	(W3XTT Stan PA FN01xt
14Dec 13:41  just sending rr's	(WA4GPM Buzz FL EM90ec
14Dec 13:40 ++++++ KB7IJ R+02	(XE2YWH/2M/6M Jose xx DL92ag
14Dec 13:40 WB5GVY thanks QSO	(KC3OL/5EL/400 Ted KS EM28ix
14Dec 13:40 KF7NN Laszlo, fine	(N5TM/144/KW Dan TX EL29ds
14Dec 13:40 ~ CQ 1st ~ 144.145 ~   MSK144	(AI1K/6/2 Jack AZ DM34rs
14Dec 13:40 K1JT, TU 73 !	(N9LYE John IL EN51wg
14Dec 13:40 CQ 144.145  1sst  ENE  SH=on  	(AI1K/6/2 Jack AZ DM34rs
14Dec 13:39 GM Buzz I will look for u	(W3XTT Stan PA FN01xt
14Dec 13:39 N5TM Dan, how we doing	(KF7NN Laszlo va FM07xs
14Dec 13:39 GL with N2**	(W9JN/2/6/KW John WI EN54dn
14Dec 13:39 OK Buzz did not see 73  but gud OK with info provided   73	(W9JN/2/6/KW John WI EN54dn
14Dec 13:37 W9JN good bursts here in FL rr	(WA4GPM Buzz FL EM90ec
14Dec 13:37 ~ CQ 2nd ~ 50.260 ~   MSK144	(W7JLC Jack AZ DM34sp
14Dec 13:37 KA9CFD shifting to you	(W9RM/6/2/222 Jay CO DM58xn
14Dec 13:37 30-second blue whizzer!	(K1JT/6M/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
14Dec 13:37 W3XS - GM Bill.  wanna try a 2500 km path?	(W0VTT Mike MN EN33xx
14Dec 13:36 W9RM Jay, calling you now	(KA9CFD Jay IL EN40om
14Dec 13:36 W9RM Jay, got your 73 thanks	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk
14Dec 13:36 Sky..I just developed s7 noise...Drat!	(W5LDA Larry OK EM15xu
14Dec 13:36 W9RM Jay, congrats	(KA9CFD Jay IL EN40om
14Dec 13:36 K0TPP Got nice clear RRR St - tnxd	(W9RM/6/2/222 Jay CO DM58xn
14Dec 13:36 QRV 6 and 2	(WQ5S/6/2 Brad TX EM13ci
14Dec 13:36 Larry - smooth running 250 1st cm - amp cool - vy quiet - 	(VE1SKY/6M/2M/ Sky NS FN74iu
14Dec 13:35 GM rockers QRV 6/2	(W3XS Bill OR CN74xk
14Dec 13:35 all ok david plus 3 here tnx and best 73's Rick...	(VE4AMU Rick MB EN19jv
14Dec 13:34 ~ QRV ~ 222.080 ~ MSK144	(KU8Y/6THRU432 Ken MI EN61uw
14Dec 13:34 WC4N TYU QSO 150  73	(W9JN/2/6/KW John WI EN54dn
14Dec 13:34 CQ WB5GVY EM10	(XE2YWH/2M/6M Jose xx DL92ag
14Dec 13:34 wow nice	(KA9CFD Jay IL EN40om
14Dec 13:33 W5VY-Pat, no problem at all.  Rox not that great anyway for a shower. 73.	(N2AMC Gary NY FN30iv
14Dec 13:33 KD9VI: Tnx QSO!	(K1JT/6M/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
14Dec 13:33 VE4AMU, tnx 133100   6  7.4 1312 &   KE5RV VE4AMU  RRR	(KE5RV David AR EM45vf
14Dec 13:32 ESE de en20	(N0LL Larry NE EN20ll
14Dec 13:32 K0TPP There a biggins out there for sure	(W9RM/6/2/222 Jay CO DM58xn
14Dec 13:32 W9RM Jay, 20 sec burn	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk
14Dec 13:32 N2ACM Gary.  Hopefully I'll have a replacement soon.  Sorry about missing our sked.  73	(W5VY/6/2 Pat AR EM34kl
14Dec 13:32 N0LL I'll point my beam your way, Larry	(WA9TT Larry WI EN54sh
14Dec 13:31 W5VY-Pat, the rox don't seem that good for a shower anyway.	(N2AMC Gary NY FN30iv
14Dec 13:31 KA9CFD Cool - you bet !	(W9RM/6TO432 Jay CO DM58xn
14Dec 13:31 W5VY-Pat, very sorry abt ur LNA. Tnx very much for the try and I'll look for u agn.  73.	(N2AMC Gary NY FN30iv
14Dec 13:30 W9RM Jay, see you already here. will call after you are done with Larry if ok	(KA9CFD Jay IL EN40om
14Dec 13:30 Plattsmoth,ne airport	(N0LL Larry NE EN20ll
14Dec 13:29 N5TM Dan, got ya	(KF7NN Laszlo va FM07xs
14Dec 13:29 260  **** W5TV ****	(XE2YWH/2M/6M Jose xx DL92ag
14Dec 13:29 K0TPP running on 222.080 1st, 30 sec w/ ST	(W9RM/6TO432 Jay CO DM58xn
14Dec 13:29 W9RM Jay, running 2nd 30 sec fsk 222.080 st on	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk
14Dec 13:29 cq north on 144.150	(WA4GPM Buzz FL EM90ec

This service is to be used only for the purposes of discussing matters related to amateur radio meteor scatter communications.

Any non-meteor scatter use is strictly prohibited.

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