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Remember, in North America, 50.260MHz and 144.140MHz are calling not operating frequencies.

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07Aug 11:38 15 sec seq	(K7ULS/6/2/222 Mike UT DN41di
07Aug 11:37 rrr	(W7XU Arliss SD EN13lm
07Aug 11:37 ND0B Bill are you here??	(W5ZN Joel AR EM45dh
07Aug 11:36 WA4CQG  Rox are shy this morning Dale.	(W9VHF Ray IN EN71lf
07Aug 11:36 K5TDA Terry, i am watching 	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk
07Aug 11:36 msk144 cm/sh 080 uls 1st?	(K7ULS/6/2/222 Mike UT DN41di
07Aug 11:36 W9VHF Ray this is harder than I think it should be :-)	(WA4CQG Dale AL EM72fo
07Aug 11:35 Your favorite. I'm pretty neutral	(W7XU Arliss SD EN13lm
07Aug 11:35 2 meters anyone?	(K5TDA Terry TX DM80bn
07Aug 11:34 wht mode?	(K7ULS/6/2/222 Mike UT DN41di
07Aug 11:33 K7ULS __ I'll run, Mike, unless you have a better candidate	(W7XU Arliss SD EN13lm
07Aug 11:33 GM All	(K5TDA Terry TX DM80bn
07Aug 11:33 K7ULS - Thanks Mike...  Nice snaps on Slack... 73	(K5GZR/6/2 Rick TX EL29gp
07Aug 11:32 anyone 222?	(K7ULS/6/2/222 Mike UT DN41di
07Aug 11:31 no rick lets stop very strange	(K7ULS/6/2/222 Mike UT DN41di
07Aug 11:31 AB4GE  I see you calling.  Will call you when  I complete with Dale.	(W9VHF Ray IN EN71lf
07Aug 11:31 113045  -2  0.8 1788 ~  CQ W3XTT FN01	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk
07Aug 11:31 K7ULS - Nothing for 15 minutes - any reason to continue?	(K5GZR/6/2 Rick TX EL29gp
07Aug 11:31 First decode was at 1110	(W7XU Arliss SD EN13lm
07Aug 11:31 W7XU Arliss, I'm remote op.  Can't do anything from here.  Tnx.	(K5DOG/6/2/222 Stevedog TX EM00wh
07Aug 11:30 No problem running, Stevedog, if it helps you sort things out there.	(W7XU Arliss SD EN13lm
07Aug 11:30 N2BJ - Thanks Barry! 73!	(WA2FZW John NJ FN20tp
07Aug 11:29 I've had multiple decodes from you, Steve.	(W7XU Arliss SD EN13lm
07Aug 11:29 W7XU Arliss, lets stop.  I'm wasting your time.  Need tto work on the setup.	(K5DOG/6/2/222 Stevedog TX EM00wh
07Aug 11:28 W7XU Arliss, nil here...I am concerned about my RX capabilities  :(	(K5DOG/6/2/222 Stevedog TX EM00wh
07Aug 11:28 K5DOG -- Not hearing me, Stevedog?	(W7XU Arliss SD EN13lm
07Aug 11:25 aa9my tnx	(KU4XO/2/222 Matt SC EM84vt
07Aug 11:25 gm Dale.  Will bring the antenna your way.	(W9VHF Ray IN EN71lf
07Aug 11:24 KU4XO  looking ur way	(AA9MY Bob IL EN50fm
07Aug 11:24 K7ULS - Had just sat down at radio... was looking at PSKR and got a loud 2 second ping from you.   RR Slack	(K5GZR/6/2 Rick TX EL29gp
07Aug 11:24 rick slack	(K7ULS/6/2/222 Mike UT DN41di
07Aug 11:24 W9VHF calling	(WA4CQG Dale AL EM72fo
07Aug 11:23 --- CQ 144.150 SE 1st CMSH---	(W9VHF Ray IN EN71lf
07Aug 11:23 K7ULS - Yes Mike - .150 - 2nd seq	(K5GZR/6/2 Rick TX EL29gp
07Aug 11:22 Anyone for 2??	(WA4CQG Dale AL EM72fo
07Aug 11:22 W8GEX - Thanks Joe! 73!	(WA2FZW John NJ FN20tp
07Aug 11:21 Randy all ur pings were really strong.	(WA4CQG Dale AL EM72fo
07Aug 11:20 rick u still .150?	(K7ULS/6/2/222 Mike UT DN41di
07Aug 11:20 Great Dale ! tu.... fun stuff !	(N1KWF/6/2 Randy NH FN32ux
07Aug 11:19 N1KWF Tnx Randy! 	(WA4CQG Dale AL EM72fo
07Aug 11:18 Loud  111515  22  9.5 1551 &  WA4CQG N1KWF FN32	(WA4CQG Dale AL EM72fo
07Aug 11:17 Dale rrr	(N1KWF/6/2 Randy NH FN32ux
07Aug 11:17 111330   8  1.5 1501 &  CQ CMSH K7ULS DN41 - rr Mike 	(K5GZR/6/2 Rick TX EL29gp
07Aug 11:16 Calling CQ on 260; Aimed West	(WA2FZW John NJ FN20tp
07Aug 11:16 rick call u CMSH	(K7ULS/6/2/222 Mike UT DN41di
07Aug 11:16 N1KWF responding	(WA4CQG Dale AL EM72fo
07Aug 11:15  KO4MA CQ 144.155 N 2nd CMSH	(KO4MA Drew FL EL88pg
07Aug 11:15 aa9my sending ur way	(KU4XO/2/222 Matt SC EM84vt
07Aug 11:14 Anyone for 2 meters???	(WA4CQG Dale AL EM72fo
07Aug 11:13 cq SE 144.150 1ST CMSH	(K7ULS/6/2/222 Mike UT DN41di

This service is to be used only for the purposes of discussing matters related to amateur radio meteor scatter communications.

Any non-meteor scatter use is strictly prohibited.

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