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16Jan 04:47 Peter - Getting some long & strong pings from you now ~Plus~11, 12, 13	(WA2FZW/6M John NJ FN20tp
16Jan 04:43 ~ CQ 2nd ~ 50.260 ~ 280 deg MSK	(WA2FZW/6M John NJ FN20tp
16Jan 04:41 JOHN 73 TNX 260	(W4IMD Peter GA EM84ab
16Jan 04:40 Thanks Peter - Got your RR73 - Best ~Plus~14 - Have a great evening! - 73	(WA2FZW/6M John NJ FN20tp
16Jan 04:39 Still running Peter	(WA2FZW/6M John NJ FN20tp
16Jan 04:33 GE Peter - Answering	(WA2FZW/6M John NJ FN20tp
16Jan 04:27 ~ CQ 2nd ~ 50.260 ~ 260 deg MSK	(WA2FZW/6M John NJ FN20tp
16Jan 04:22 Jim you are doing well this PM	(N7NWP Mark OR CN84iv
16Jan 03:57 clear	(N7NWP Mark OR CN84iv
16Jan 03:44 CQ 2nd 50.260 	(N7NWP Mark OR CN84iv
16Jan 03:34 ~ Clear ~ 144150 ~ CQ stopped	(W5EME/6/2/222 Rick LA EM32ai
16Jan 03:18 ~ CQ 1st ~ 144150 ~   MSK/CM/SH	(W5EME/6/2/222 Rick LA EM32ai
16Jan 01:59 anyone around?	(W2TT6/2 Ross NJ FM29wr
16Jan 01:57 cq 144,150 sw 1st	(W2TT/6 Ross NJ FM29wr
16Jan 00:16 W0VB GE Terry	(K3SX Sid MD FM19dk
15Jan 22:21 CQ 1st .275 30A 1500hz	(K7KQA James WA DN06ll
15Jan 21:59 RR. Best wishes for 2021.	(W0VB/2M/QRO Terry SD DN84am
15Jan 21:58 Also Oct 2017 and Jan 2018	(N5SD/HH5674 Steve KS EM27ph
15Jan 21:58 Terry, 6m ?	(K7TNT/6/2 Richard WY DN74fg
15Jan 21:57 I see we worked in Mach of 2019 when I was in MN.73	(W0VB/2M/QRO Terry SD DN84am
15Jan 21:55 TNX in the log. 73.	(N5SD/HH5674 Steve KS EM27ph
15Jan 21:55 215445   9  5.5 1489 &  W0VB N5SD 73, in the log. Tnx.	(W0VB/2M/QRO Terry SD DN84am
15Jan 21:53 Looks like htere might be a few rocks out there.	(N5SD/HH5674 Steve KS EM27ph
15Jan 21:51 3	(N5SD/HH5674 Steve KS EM27ph
15Jan 21:51 Just got one decode.	(N5SD/HH5674 Steve KS EM27ph
15Jan 21:51 your best was +15	(W0VB/2M/QRO Terry SD DN84am
15Jan 21:51 N5SD, now transmitting.... got turned off.	(W0VB/2M/QRO Terry SD DN84am
15Jan 21:50 W0VB no sig seen at all.	(N5SD/HH5674 Steve KS EM27ph
15Jan 21:43 N5SD, calling you... 214045   3 13.8 1490 &  CQ N5SD EM27 	(W0VB/2M/QRO Terry SD DN84am
15Jan 21:34 ke4th got you in the log. 	(KI0E Kim ID DN13rn
15Jan 21:34 ke4th got you in the log. 	(KI0E Kim ID DN13rn
15Jan 21:27 CQ East from SD DN84, 50.260 MSK144, me 1st	(W0VB/2M/QRO Terry SD DN84am
15Jan 21:25 QRV 6M & 2M, looking for a quick signal test.	(W0VB/2M/QRO Terry SD DN84am
15Jan 19:16 could be I dont know	(WB4HIE James NC EM95cq
15Jan 18:30 I think they are waiting untill after the Jan contest IMHO	(N5JEH Ed NM DM65rd
15Jan 18:20 developers keeping it the group untill bug free	(WB4HIE James NC EM95cq
15Jan 18:07 Ver 2.3.0 expires Jan 26  So hope new release out by then	(N5JEH Ed NM DM65rd
15Jan 18:05 WB4HIE I know about it. Read about it. Searched a lot about it. But cannot find links to the actual alpha downloads. Not on Git not in dev groups.	(W2/S50SD Saso NY FN30ar
15Jan 17:55 goto QRZ and read thre ARRL Letter talks about it 	(WB4HIE James NC EM95cq
15Jan 17:04 W7OUU where did you get the wsjt-x alpha with Q65? Been trying to get one to test	(W2/S50SD Saso NY FN30ar
15Jan 16:52 Interesting false decode :) 163715  -8  5.9 1488 &  DA5LXH/P 3I9BEC R KA52	(W2/S50SD Saso NY FN30ar
15Jan 16:52 165100 -18  0.1 1535 :  K7TNT W7OUU RRR       	(K7TNT/6/2 Richard WY DN74fg
15Jan 16:41 Monitoring .275 Q65 --off this board	(W7OUU/6/2/QRO Jim ID DN22sn
15Jan 16:39 N3IZN ok Chris- I go ahead and log it in that case--Tnx	(W7OUU/6/2/QRO Jim ID DN22sn
15Jan 16:37 163445   3 13.7 1503 &  KB7ME W7OUU 73  Tnx Qso Jim. Some big pings	(KB7ME Mike WA CN85qq
15Jan 16:37 W7OUU yea I got your RRR and sent 73 several times	(N3IZN/6/2 Chris CA DM13ji
15Jan 16:35 KB7ME Tnx Mike-- good pings here-163430   4 12.6 1489 &  W7OUU KB7ME RRR	(W7OUU/6/2/QRO Jim ID DN22sn
15Jan 16:24 N3IZN have you quit transmitting Chris, haven't seen ya for some timee	(W7OUU/6/2/QRO Jim ID DN22sn
15Jan 16:15 Where's that 787 outta SFO to Dallas when ya need em Jesesh !	(W7OUU/6/2/QRO Jim ID DN22sn
15Jan 16:12 Maybe	(N3IZN/6/2 Chris CA DM13ji

This service is to be used only for the purposes of discussing matters related to amateur radio meteor scatter communications.

Any non-meteor scatter use is strictly prohibited.

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