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23Mar 10:02 WN3SIX: GM Mark & tnx; tuff going here; pouring rain...100115  14 14.3 1487 &  KD9VV WN3SIX RR73	(KD9VV Pete IN EN71ib )
23Mar 10:01 coffee	(KA1W Dave CT FN31ki )
23Mar 10:01 He was on FO29 and RS44 last night also I think 	(KA1W Dave CT FN31ki )
23Mar 10:01 MSK144 100000 14.1 s 2 dB 9 Hz Freq 1509 Hz ~GT~ WN3SIX KD9VV R~Plus~02  GM Pete, thanks !  73, have a good day !	(WN3SIX Mark PA FN21af )
23Mar 09:57 I was hoping he would run MSK this morning before moon rise	(KA1W Dave CT FN31ki )
23Mar 09:55 K0TPP Larry,  He came baack to me but we never completed 	(KA1W Dave CT FN31ki )
23Mar 09:54 coffee run	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry MO EM48rk )
23Mar 09:48 GM Mark Hasan	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry MO EM48rk )
23Mar 09:47 GM Larry, Hasan	(WN3SIX Mark PA FN21af )
23Mar 09:47 KA1W Dave, DID YOU WORK CY0S ON SCATTER	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry MO EM48rk )
23Mar 09:46 GM Larry, Mark, Dave	(N0AN/6/QRO/LFA5 Hasan IA EN22xc )
23Mar 09:46 GM GUYS	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry MO EM48rk )
23Mar 09:31 GM Dave	(WN3SIX Mark PA FN21af )
23Mar 09:30 GM Mark	(KA1W Dave CT FN31ki )
23Mar 09:28 GM Guys !	(WN3SIX Mark PA FN21af )
22Mar 21:59 K5XI: check ur clock	(KA1W Dave CT FN31ki )
22Mar 21:46 214430  12 10.6 1513 &  XXXX CY0S +00	(KA1W Dave CT FN31ki )
22Mar 13:47 ~ Clear ~ 260 ~ CQ stopped	(K0AXX Will TX EM20vj )
22Mar 13:44 ~ CQ 1st ~ 260 ~ 27 deg MSK	(K0AXX Will TX EM20vj )
22Mar 12:01 K0TPP tnx Larry 	(WB4HIE James NC EM95cq )
22Mar 11:31 DAN 73 TNX 260	(W4IMD Peter GA EM84ab )
22Mar 11:29 Peter: plenty of decodes this end.	(NW1O/6 Dan FL EL98ii )
22Mar 11:28 73 Everybodt - Early Dentist Appt.	(WA2FZW/6M/2M John NJ FN20tp )
22Mar 11:25 looks like cy0s will be on 6 aftermoonset tonite	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk )
22Mar 11:25 WA2FZW John, naw just a lot of black coffee	(WM5L/ROVER Jim TX DM90qv )
22Mar 11:23 WM5L - Your brain must work better than mine at this hour of the day! _ LOL!	(WA2FZW/6M/2M John NJ FN20tp )
22Mar 11:22 interesting experment 	(WM5L/ROVER Jim TX DM90qv )
22Mar 11:21 RRR :-)	(WA4CQG Dale AL EM72fo )
22Mar 11:20 WA4CQG Dale, worked you and Larry at the same time was doing split split sequence where i sent 7 sec to dale and 7 to Larry and it worked LOL	(WM5L/ROVER Jim TX DM90qv )
22Mar 11:19 TNX Jim 73	(WA4CQG Dale AL EM72fo )
22Mar 11:18 WA4CQG Dale, log it we good	(WM5L/ROVER Jim TX DM90qv )
22Mar 11:18 K0TPP Larry, log it	(WM5L/ROVER Jim TX DM90qv )
22Mar 11:17 W9VHF - Thanks Ray - Best ~Plus~10 - Have a great day! - 73	(WA2FZW/6M/2M John NJ FN20tp )
22Mar 11:17 111615   1  9.0 1475 &  W9VHF WA2FZW RRR  GM John.  EZ this morning.	(W9VHF Ray IN EN71lf )
22Mar 11:15 WA4CQG Dale, you plenty strong where you were at	(WM5L/ROVER Jim TX DM90qv )
22Mar 11:14 W9VHF - GM Ray - Answering	(WA2FZW/6M/2M John NJ FN20tp )
22Mar 11:14 OK Jim, moving antenna	(WA4CQG Dale AL EM72fo )
22Mar 11:13 WA4CQG Dale, replying to your CQ	(WM5L/ROVER Jim TX DM90qv )
22Mar 11:12 CQ on 6&2 - Looking West	(WA2FZW/6M/2M John NJ FN20tp )
22Mar 11:11 We are pretty close for meteors...but did fine	(WA4CQG Dale AL EM72fo )
22Mar 11:10 Dale: I was off by 30 deg	(NW1O/6 Dan FL EL98ii )
22Mar 11:10 NW1O Tnx Dan and 73	(WA4CQG Dale AL EM72fo )
22Mar 11:09 110900  10  5.1 1473 &  NW1O WA4CQG 73	(NW1O/6 Dan FL EL98ii )
22Mar 11:09 K0TPP Larry, Yes its slick little dude	(WM5L/ROVER Jim TX DM90qv )
22Mar 11:08 I have my answer!	(WA4CQG Dale AL EM72fo )
22Mar 11:08 WM5L Jim, is that one of them 300 watt amps	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk )
22Mar 11:08 Dan are u pointed my way	(WA4CQG Dale AL EM72fo )
22Mar 11:07 105930  -1  1.1 1491 &  N0AN WM5L RR73	(N0AN/6/QRO/LFA5 Hasan IA EN22xc )
22Mar 11:07 NW1O seeeing you	(WA4CQG Dale AL EM72fo )
22Mar 11:07 WM5L: ~Plus~5, 2,5,60,11,12,3,6,17,20,-1, 	(N0AN/6/QRO/LFA5 Hasan IA EN22xc )

This service is to be used only for the purposes of discussing matters related to amateur radio meteor scatter communications.

Any non-meteor scatter use is strictly prohibited.

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