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17Jul 18:20 Wrong page for FT8. This page is specifically for meteor scatter only 	(MYCALL  TX EL29ll
17Jul 18:03 t	(K4KV Glen GA EM81cf
17Jul 16:52 Testing the FT8 station	(K5QE/6M/FT8 Marshall TX EM31cj
17Jul 16:19 Hello everyone....testing station before contest this weekend...	(K5QE/6M/QRO Marshall TX EM31cj
17Jul 14:51 WA7HQD, ya here Doc?	(K7IP/6M Doug WA CN76wx
17Jul 14:49 GM Pingsters	(K7IP/6M Doug WA CN76wx
17Jul 14:17 w5lda gm just walked in	(K8LEE/LFA/KW Wayne in EM79ng
17Jul 14:07 Oh board....	(W5LDA Larry OK EM15xu
17Jul 14:04 GM guys....	(W5LDA Larry OK EM15xu
17Jul 13:45 N6MZ, looking for you	(KE7NR/6/2/222 Don AZ DM33wm
17Jul 13:34 It's pretty warm here with the humidity during our monsoon time	(KE7NR/6/2/222 Don AZ DM33wm
17Jul 13:32 GM Don. Hope it's not too hot out your way. Been miserable here	(W8BYA Gedas IN EN70jt
17Jul 13:32 CQ 50260 MSK144 1st seq. beaming SE.	(N6MZ/6M Mike WA CN87wn
17Jul 13:31 GM Gedas	(KE7NR Don AZ DM33wm
17Jul 13:25 GM RF'ers	(W8BYA Gedas IN EN70jt
17Jul 13:11 N6MZ  an improvement but few rocks.. thanks and 73	(K7JIZ Stan UT DN40ll
17Jul 13:09 130345  -1  8.0 1498 &  N6NZ K7JIZ DN40        2 11 -0.9	(N6MZ/6M Mike WA CN87wn
17Jul 13:08 K7JIZ I printed 4 pings but let's QRT for now. TNX	(N6MZ/6M Mike WA CN87wn
17Jul 13:05 Mike, not a peep here..15 min and nothing.. your choice	(K7JIZ Stan UT DN40ll
17Jul 13:02 End CQ.  Monitoring msk144, .150	(W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si
17Jul 12:57 K7JIZ I think I copied your very first TX but not much since.	(N6MZ/6M Mike WA CN87wn
17Jul 12:57 .	(K5WE Jeff OK EM25ex
17Jul 12:54 K8LEE  Thanks for the report Wayne.  I don't have much luck working EU from my QTH.  At least on 6 meters.	(W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si
17Jul 12:52 w8pen still strong hr !!!  EU is in on ft8 6 meters	(K8LEE/LFA/KW Wayne in EM79ng
17Jul 12:50 CQ .150 1st, 15 sec, sh/cm, Looking East	(W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si
17Jul 12:49 Running Stan GL	(N6MZ/6M Mike WA CN87wn
17Jul 12:49 OK Mike, running in 30 sec.. Me 2nd, .260  gl	(K7JIZ Stan UT DN40ll
17Jul 12:48 K7JIZ GM Stan no word from Vlad let's go for it.	(N6MZ/6M Mike WA CN87wn
17Jul 12:46 N6MZ  GM Mike.. If Vlad can't make it we can try	(K7JIZ Stan UT DN40ll
17Jul 12:45 GM All  QRV 6 or 2	(K7JIZ Stan UT DN40ll
17Jul 12:43 AA7DJ Vlad would you like to try a run on 6m? 50260 MSK144  I TX 1st.	(N6MZ/6M Mike WA CN87wn
17Jul 12:23 gm	(KW4BY/2M Graham FL EL96vw
17Jul 12:15 End CQ.  Time for breakfast.  BBL.	(W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si
17Jul 12:08 CQ .150 2nd, sh/cm, SW.  Thanks for report Wayne.	(W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si
17Jul 12:08 ve5uf gm doug	(WA9LFO Ken WI EN54di
17Jul 12:08 120745   9  0.8 1544 &  CQ W8PEN EN80          1  0  1.1	(K8LEE Wayne in EM79ng
17Jul 12:01 CQ 50260 1st seq. beaming E. GM	(N6MZ/6M Mike WA CN87wn
17Jul 11:58 rr	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
17Jul 11:57 Larry, I had just switched back to 150 watts for that transmission.  But the others were at 10 watts.	(W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si
17Jul 11:57 Oops... a leftover from last evening!  	(WA4CQG Dale AL EM72fo
17Jul 11:57 450 miles don	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
17Jul 11:56 GM Radiddioi's	(W9NHE Teddy WI EN53xb
17Jul 11:56 Back to my monsterous 150 watts.....	(W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si
17Jul 11:56 115600  -8  0.4 1058 ~  CQ W8PEN EN80	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
17Jul 11:56 hihi not bad for 253.3 miles	(KA1ZE/3 Stan Pa FN01xt
17Jul 11:55 FB  Got the beam at 255.  Stan could work me at 1 watt!'	(W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si
17Jul 11:54 115430  19  2.7 1467 &  CQ JA WA4CQG EM72 : Good luck with that, Dale!	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 11:54 W8PEN u r 10 watts west is -11	(KA1ZE/3 Stan Pa FN01xt
17Jul 11:53 Oh, yeah, CQ at 10 watts.	(W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si
17Jul 11:53 115230 -17  0.4 1059 ~  CQ W8PEN EN80	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj

This service is to be used only for the purposes of discussing matters related to amateur radio meteor scatter communications.

Any non-meteor scatter use is strictly prohibited.

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