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19Apr 14:36 CQ 2nd MSK-144 50.260 NE	(N5BF Courtney CA DM04vf )
19Apr 13:53 GM Mike and Andy, 73 for now. Next we should try FT8 Mike.   Good Friday to you both.	(KB1HY2/6/432 Peter CT FN31lu )
19Apr 13:48 Me too 73	(K7FB/6 Mike AR EM34mp )
19Apr 13:48 KA2UQW Andy,  I need to setup 2m, I only have a J pole for the repeaters now.	(K7FB/6 Mike AR EM34mp )
19Apr 13:48 Mike, tu fer the try, better run hr, 73 all	(KA2UQW Andy NJ FN20xh )
19Apr 13:47 K7FB, I hv had some success on 2 meters too with Q65, usually get a partner on ON4KST first	(KA2UQW Andy NJ FN20xh )
19Apr 13:46 KA2UQW Andy, OK thanks for the try, it was fun anyway, have a great day 73	(K7FB/6 Mike AR EM34mp )
19Apr 13:46 K7FB, yes, prop helps.  the mode is also best at mid-day, but everyone seems to be doing something else at that time I guess	(KA2UQW Andy NJ FN20xh )
19Apr 13:45 KB1HY2 Peter, Q65 can take advantage of any help it gets, even rocks	(K7FB/6 Mike AR EM34mp )
19Apr 13:45 K7FB, yes, must run anyway.	(KA2UQW Andy NJ FN20xh )
19Apr 13:45 KA2UQW Andy, well still nothing here, do you want to stop now?	(K7FB/6 Mike AR EM34mp )
19Apr 13:44 KA2UQW Andy, Did work SV9 on JT65 years ago but i think we had some prop. Came out of nowwhere.	(KB1HY2/6/432 Peter CT FN31lu )
19Apr 13:43 KA2UQW Andy, WOW that is cool! Maybe a little help with skip Propagation	(K7FB/6 Mike AR EM34mp )
19Apr 13:43 KB1HY, yeah, its close to the limit for me at 1100mi	(KA2UQW Andy NJ FN20xh )
19Apr 13:42 I understand that some Euro stns are using Q65 on .308	(KA2UQW Andy NJ FN20xh )
19Apr 13:42 KA2UQW Andy,  Did not see anything from Mike. I think that is pushing our limit from the east coast. Fun to try.	(KB1HY2/6/432 Peter CT FN31lu )
19Apr 13:42 a stn showed up hr frm Ireland one day, bunch of guys worked him on Q65	(KA2UQW Andy NJ FN20xh )
19Apr 13:40 KA2UQW Andy, It is an amazing mode! Can suprise you.	(K7FB/6 Mike AR EM34mp )
19Apr 13:39 K7FB, well, I think the limit is like ms, abt 1200mi.  I mean, without prop	(KA2UQW Andy NJ FN20xh )
19Apr 13:39 KA2UQW Andy, ill keep xmiting, maybe can build a decode	(K7FB/6 Mike AR EM34mp )
19Apr 13:38 some pings	(KA2UQW Andy NJ FN20xh )
19Apr 13:38 KA2UQW Andy, Im new at this but so far Ive not been able to exceed 1000 miles	(K7FB/6 Mike AR EM34mp )
19Apr 13:36 KA2UQW Andy, I dont see anything, not even the sync pulse~GT~	(K7FB/6 Mike AR EM34mp )
19Apr 13:35 ok, hv u seen anything yet	(KA2UQW Andy NJ FN20xh )
19Apr 13:34 KA2UQW Andy, Im going to call you on the 1st slot	(K7FB/6 Mike AR EM34mp )
19Apr 13:34 I have mine at 50 at the moment, on occasion I dont cpy a station outside the ftol	(KA2UQW Andy NJ FN20xh )
19Apr 13:33 KA2UQW Andy, what do you have the F tol set to? Im down to 25	(K7FB/6 Mike AR EM34mp )
19Apr 13:32 helps when I know the df and can close the ftol, seems to hear better that way	(KA2UQW Andy NJ FN20xh )
19Apr 13:31 KA2UQW Andy, DF 1000 RR	(K7FB/6 Mike AR EM34mp )
19Apr 13:30 K7FB, Mike, callin u 2nd at 1000hz, please match my df	(KA2UQW Andy NJ FN20xh )
19Apr 13:29 KB1HY, will be watching too.	(KB1HY2/6/432 Peter CT FN31lu )
19Apr 13:29 KA2UQW Andy, RR	(K7FB/6 Mike AR EM34mp )
19Apr 13:29 Hi Peter, tu, gm	(KA2UQW Andy NJ FN20xh )
19Apr 13:29 K7FB, ok Mike, just finishing with KB1HY, then will call u, no cq	(KA2UQW Andy NJ FN20xh )
19Apr 13:29 KA2UQW Andy, GM Andy , just to say hello. RR73 tnx	(KB1HY2/6/432 Peter CT FN31lu )
19Apr 13:28 KA2UQW Andy, GM Im looking for you Q65	(K7FB/6 Mike AR EM34mp )
19Apr 13:25 cq q65, .275, 2nd, WSW, 1000hz	(KA2UQW Andy NJ FN20xh )
19Apr 13:23 N0AN Hasan, R U still up for Q65	(K7FB/6 Mike AR EM34mp )
19Apr 13:21 132030  -1  0.2 2203 :  CQ KF2ZQ FN30      q0	(KA2UQW Andy NJ FN20xh )
19Apr 13:15 131430  -9  0.3 1480 :  WB4HIE KB1MGI RR73   q3 U.S.A.	(WB4HIE James NC EM95cq )
19Apr 13:13 131230 -26  0.2 2203 :  CQ KF2ZQ FN30      q0   6m q65	(KA2UQW Andy NJ FN20xh )
19Apr 13:13 got any aspirin??	(KA2UQW Andy NJ FN20xh )
19Apr 13:13 Anyone else for Q65?	(N0AN/6/700 Hasan IA EN22xc )
19Apr 13:13 LOL	(WB4HIE James NC EM95cq )
19Apr 13:12 131100 -22  0.3  996 :  KA2UQW WB4HIE 73   q3 audible most of the time, even over the jack-hammering going on two doors down	(KA2UQW Andy NJ FN20xh )
19Apr 13:11 Thanks for the QSO Andy 73	(WB4HIE James NC EM95cq )
19Apr 13:11 131030  -8  0.2 1027 :  WB4HIE KA2UQW RRR   	(WB4HIE James NC EM95cq )
19Apr 13:09 130900 -14  0.2  999 :  KA2UQW WB4HIE EM95 q0  tu call	(KA2UQW Andy NJ FN20xh )
19Apr 13:06 Tnx James	(N0AN/6/700 Hasan IA EN22xc )
19Apr 13:04 cq q65, .275, 2nd, SW, 1000hz	(KA2UQW Andy NJ FN20xh )

This service is to be used only for the purposes of discussing matters related to amateur radio meteor scatter communications.

Any non-meteor scatter use is strictly prohibited.

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