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26Jul 14:32 yes.	(AD4TJ/6M/450W David VA FM08me
26Jul 14:30 KF2T - Calling U	(K5WE Jeff OK EM25ex
26Jul 14:30 AD4TJ..guess it's not to be today..U seeing me?	(AA4FF Doug AL EM50vn
26Jul 14:30 Internet is spotty 	(KF2T George NM DM74ll
26Jul 14:29 Now i am	(KF2T George NM DM74ll
26Jul 14:29 KF2T George, GM Where will U B listening?	(K8VFV/80THU10 Bob MI EN82fr
26Jul 14:28 I do see U David	(AA4FF Doug AL EM50vn
26Jul 14:27 U bet!	(AA4FF Doug AL EM50vn
26Jul 14:26 Doug, yeah, kinda slow right now.	(AD4TJ/6M/450W David VA FM08me
26Jul 14:24 KF2T - U on .264?	(K5WE Jeff OK EM25ex
26Jul 14:23 GM David..only decodes this morning..141930  -1 17.7 1518 &  CQ AD4TJ FM08          3  5 -0.8	(AA4FF Doug AL EM50vn
26Jul 14:21 GM George	(K5WE Jeff OK EM25ex
26Jul 14:21 Hi George	(AG0N/6M Gary NE DN81fv
26Jul 14:21  Good morning all. Headed home today, mobile only 	(KF2T George NM DM74ll
26Jul 14:21 ~Plus~24 in here Mac.	(AG0N/6M Gary NE DN81fv
26Jul 14:08 CQ 260 MSK 2nd west.	(AD4TJ/6M/450W David VA FM08me
26Jul 14:07 Thx Jerry and 73 140645   5 14.2 1457 &  K3GYK N5OSK 73 Your best was ~Plus~23 :-)	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 14:07 140700  16  0.8 1533 &  N5OSK K3GYK 73         1  0  0.5	(N5OSK/5EL/700W Jerry ok EM25fi
26Jul 14:06 140630   2  4.7 1538 &  N5OSK K3	(N5OSK/5EL/700W Jerry ok EM25fi
26Jul 13:47 ~ Clear ~ .260 ~ CQ stopped	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 13:40 W5LDA Your best was ~Plus~21	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 13:40 Thx Larry and 73 133915  16  3.8 1447 &  K3GYK W5LDA 73 	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 13:36 ~ CQ 1st ~ .260 ~   MSK	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 13:35 :-)	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 13:33 K3GYK - OK, card in the mail (and I'll still respect you in the morning :-)	(W0VTT Mike MN EN33xx
26Jul 13:32 W0VTT: Let's do both. Thx for the nice QSO and 73	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 13:32 K3GYK FB!  LoTW or should I send you a card?	(W0VTT Mike MN EN33xx
26Jul 13:31 your best was 132745   6 14.5 1486 &  K3GYK W0VTT R~Plus~05	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 13:30 Bruce the exact thing happened to me!  Saw a nice 10 second blast at first that didn't decode, then I saw the Freq TOL	(W4AS/6/2/222 Seb FL EL95to
26Jul 13:30  132915   7 13.6 1554 &  N9BX W4AS 73           1  0  0.5	(N9BX Bruce MS EM50ll
26Jul 13:30 If you got the RRR we make it. I had a nice burst at 13:27 	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 13:29 Works for Me! I had Freq TOL at 10 instead of 200!	(N9BX Bruce MS EM50ll
26Jul 13:29 132830   0  7.6 1446 &  W4AS N9BX 73	(W4AS/6/2/222 Seb FL EL95to
26Jul 13:29 K3GYK - I thin kwe just did!  can't copy & paste your RRR line	(W0VTT Mike MN EN33xx
26Jul 13:28 N9BX Bruce,rcvd RRR, Tnx 626mi QSO, Total Time- 00:12:24 .	(W4AS/6/2/222 Seb FL EL95to
26Jul 13:27 W0VTT: I think we're gonna make it Mike 	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 13:25 could be tropo due to our distance, just 624 miles	(W4AS/6/2/222 Seb FL EL95to
26Jul 13:25 I am getting Pings but no decode Seb, Think Tropo	(N9BX Bruce MS EM50ll
26Jul 13:24 K3GYK - yup!	(W0VTT Mike MN EN33xx
26Jul 13:24 anything Mike?	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 13:22 No, Someone playing games I think	(N9BX Bruce MS EM50ll
26Jul 13:21 N9BX Bruce, are you working someone else?	(W4AS/6/2/222 Seb FL EL95to
26Jul 13:18 131645  21  6.2 1452 &  CQ W5LDA EM15	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 13:17 at least I copied you. W5LDA is filling the screen here with ~Plus~20s	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 13:16 Running'	(N9BX Bruce MS EM50ll
26Jul 13:16 K3GYK - fingers & toes crossed!	(W0VTT Mike MN EN33xx
26Jul 13:16 N9BX Bruce, running.. GL	(W4AS/6/2/222 Seb FL EL95to
26Jul 13:15 W0VTT: Let's make it happen this time :-) 	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx
26Jul 13:15 262 Seb, me 1st	(N9BX Bruce MS EM50ll
26Jul 13:14 W5LDA just got a ~Plus~21 and ~Plus~13 decode on you 	(K3GYK Kevin CO DM79nx

This service is to be used only for the purposes of discussing matters related to amateur radio meteor scatter communications.

Any non-meteor scatter use is strictly prohibited.

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