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29Jan 19:10 TNX	(W4IMD Peter GA EM84ab )
29Jan 17:55 ,,QRV	(N3IZN/6/2/222 Chris CA DM13ji )
29Jan 15:28 152715   8  7.5 1501 &  CQ WN2E EM50  	(W5EME Rick LA EM32ai )
29Jan 14:32 143200 -10  0.2  977 :  N0AN W5EME 73      q3	(N0AN/6/QRO/LFA5 Hasan IA EN22xc )
29Jan 14:24 W5EME: Calling you , me 2nd on 275 Q65-30A DF-2000	(N0AN/6/QRO/LFA5 Hasan IA EN22xc )
29Jan 14:04 CQ 1st 50.275 Q65-30A DF 2000 EAST , moving to SPLAT	(N0AN/6/QRO/LFA5 Hasan IA EN22xc )
29Jan 13:51 N0LL  Thanks Larry	(K4MOG Gene GA EM73ll )
29Jan 13:29 K3BFA You should leave it there working very good to me Charlie	(K4MOG Gene GA EM73ll )
29Jan 13:22 K4MOG...Thanks Gene...Ant. stuck west!	(K3BFA/6M Charlie PA FN20bt )
29Jan 13:21 K3BFA  Thanks Charlie  Good sigs	(K4MOG Gene GA EM73ll )
29Jan 13:17 N3AYW	(K3BFA/6M Charlie PA FN20bt )
29Jan 13:16 N#AYW....Thanks Patrick, your in the log!	(K3BFA/6M Charlie PA FN20bt )
29Jan 12:55 125500 -11  0.3 1191 :  K0TPP KC4AAW RR73  q3	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk )
29Jan 12:54 Later John	(KE5RV/6/2 David AR EM45vf )
29Jan 12:50 Things to do! See y'all later! 73 everybody!	(WA2FZW/6M/2M John NJ FN20tp )
29Jan 12:50 CQ Stopped - 6&2	(WA2FZW/6M/2M John NJ FN20tp )
29Jan 12:50 WA2FW  Thanks for that report John.  	(K4MOG Gene GA EM73ll )
29Jan 12:49 K4MOG - GM Gene - PSKR is down	(WA2FZW/6M/2M John NJ FN20tp )
29Jan 12:48 W9VHF Ray can you check and see if PSK reporter is up and behaving today?  Thanks	(K4MOG Gene GA EM73ll )
29Jan 12:48 I think all the meteors are used up for the morning	(KD9VV Pete IN EN71ll )
29Jan 12:46 And warm!	(W9VHF Ray IN EN71lf )
29Jan 12:46 KD9VV  RRR.  Have  been there too.  May go back this time as well.  Nice place.	(W9VHF Ray IN EN71lf )
29Jan 12:45 73 Ray	(KD9VV Pete IN EN71ll )
29Jan 12:45 W9VHF: RR. Barbados has a political region called Christ Church too	(KD9VV Pete IN EN71ll )
29Jan 12:45 73 Ray	(WA2FZW/6M/2M John NJ FN20tp )
29Jan 12:45 Off the board.  Time for breakfast.  73 all.	(W9VHF Ray IN EN71lf )
29Jan 12:44 KD9VV  I was in Christ Church NZ the day before the big earthquake wiped it out.  Was a beautiful  city.	(W9VHF Ray IN EN71lf )
29Jan 12:44 GM Jim	(WA2FZW/6M/2M John NJ FN20tp )
29Jan 12:42 CQ on 6&2 - Looking West	(WA2FZW/6M/2M John NJ FN20tp )
29Jan 12:42 Barbados.	(W9VHF Ray IN EN71lf )
29Jan 12:38 W9VHF: Should be warm..Christ Church?	(KD9VV Pete IN EN71ll )
29Jan 12:37 Listening 144.150 pointed NE from WTX	(WM5L/QRO/6/2 Jim TX DM91rk )
29Jan 12:37 WA2FZW: Try a yr vacation on Pluto..lasts about 300 yrs! LOL	(KD9VV Pete IN EN71ll )
29Jan 12:37 KD9VV  I will get as far as GK03.	(W9VHF Ray IN EN71lf )
29Jan 12:36 123515  24 11.3 1509 &  N0AN W9VHF 73	(N0AN/6/QRO/LFA5 Hasan IA EN22xc )
29Jan 12:35 I limit my vacation to 365 days (sometimes 366)!	(WA2FZW/6M/2M John NJ FN20tp )
29Jan 12:35 W9VHF: 1 week, 1 month, 1 all goes fast Ray. You going someplace warm I hope?	(KD9VV Pete IN EN71ll )
29Jan 12:35 123430  12  6.9 1492 &  W9VHF N0AN RR73  Nice one!  Tnx Hasan	(W9VHF Ray IN EN71lf )
29Jan 12:34 KD9VV  I'm  going to limit myself to 25 days Pete :-)	(W9VHF Ray IN EN71lf )
29Jan 12:33 W9VHF: ~Plus~21  on you!	(N0AN/6/QRO/LFA5 Hasan IA EN22xc )
29Jan 12:33 N3AYW - GM Patrick - Answering	(WA2FZW/6M/2M John NJ FN20tp )
29Jan 12:32 45 day vacation seems to go by as fast as a week	(KD9VV Pete IN EN71ll )
29Jan 12:32 N0AN  Big pings from you this morning Hasan.	(W9VHF Ray IN EN71lf )
29Jan 12:32 123145   0  4.0 1500 &  N0AN W9VHF EN71: Running, Gm, Ray	(N0AN/6/QRO/LFA5 Hasan IA EN22xc )
29Jan 12:32 123130   8  3.8 1517 &  VA3SK KE8FD 73	(VA3SK/6/2/100 Ken ON FN06jf )
29Jan 12:31 N0AN: Yep..the cold is coming..just in time for my return to work. Yeesh!	(KD9VV Pete IN EN71ll )
29Jan 12:31 GM Lloyd	(WA2FZW/6M/2M John NJ FN20tp )
29Jan 12:31 N0AN: Tnx Hasan: 123030   9 12.8 1522 &  KD9VV N0AN 73	(KD9VV Pete IN EN71ll )
29Jan 12:31 KD9VV: Got ur RRR, sending some 73s, Thanks Pete, get ready for the big chill	(N0AN/6/QRO/LFA5 Hasan IA EN22xc )
29Jan 12:31 ..	(K8DIO Lloyd OH EN91ll )

This service is to be used only for the purposes of discussing matters related to amateur radio meteor scatter communications.

Any non-meteor scatter use is strictly prohibited.

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