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02Jan 23:00 Hola skeds page	(N6SPP Eric CA CM98ba
13Dec 13:10 anyone 2m	(N0LL Larry KS EM09os
13Dec 12:58 anyone 2m	(N0LL Larry KS EM09os
13Dec 12:51 anyone 2m	(N0LL Larry KS EM09os
12Dec 15:34 N7ML got your report VE6WQ	(VE6WQ Joel AB DO33ll
12Dec 14:36 thanks Larry 73's 	(VE4AMU Rick MB EN19jv
12Dec 14:22 thanks Larry 73's 	(VE4AMU Rick MB EN19jv
12Dec 14:18 Thanks Gary sweet 73's	(VE4AMU Rick MB EN19jv
05Dec 18:52 point north   Fargo,ND   en16	(KE0OP John ND EN16ll
17Nov 02:35 pointed east from Idaho 50.260 odd	(KI0E Kim ID DN13rn
20Sep 02:26 gn all. 	(AB0AH Gene KS EM17mr
20Sep 02:21 Pointed west from Kansas 50.260	(AB0AH Gene KS EM17mr
20Sep 02:14 Pointed east from Kansas 50.260	(AB0AH Gene KS EM17mr
13Sep 14:04 trying 144.150 from CN92 beaming S/E	(K6NGN Jamie OR CN92ab
04Sep 11:14 W8PEN de VA3LX - TNX & GM ;-)j	(VA3LX Paul ON FN14ll
10Aug 14:14 N0LBY TNX QSO 50260 PSE LOTW 	(CM2XN Jos xx EL83td
15Jul 13:01	(K7ULS/6/2/222 Mike UT DN41di
15Jul 12:59	(K7ULS/6/2/222 Mike UT DN41di
15Jul 12:56 tnx steve	(K7ULS/6/2/222 Mike UT DN41di
15Jul 12:55 125445  20 12.8 1482 &   K7ULS K5DOG  RRR	(K7ULS/6/2/222 Mike UT DN41di
08Jun 21:19 Anyone wanting to sked this weekend on MS, please send me an email	(K9CT Craig IL EN50bp
19May 12:24 Calling CQ 50.260 from CN87 first time hints welcome	(WR5J Curt WA CN87tn
26Jan 16:13 anyone mind trying MSK on 2M towards EM16 to see if im setup correctly?	(W5EKG Daniel OK EM16ll
04Jan 05:08 any msk on 6m tonite. 	(N4WD Bruce GA EM74iw
19Nov 13:01 CQ 2nd 144165 SH	(W5TRL/50/144 Tim TX EM10dj
19Nov 12:40 N0LL - Im on 144165"ish" pointed your way.  Freq appearing a bit high compared to others today high	(W5TRL/50/144 Tim TX EM10dj
19Oct 15:54 There are great guesses for sure, but I dont think anyone really knows LOL!	(WA7HQD/2/6 Docgridpig UT DN31xb
07Oct 04:25 test	(N0UK Chris MN EN34iw
29Sep 19:36 test	(N0UK Chris MN EN34iw
30Jul 12:21 73	(W4TTY Adam VA EM97xi
30Jul 12:06 W4TTY- Adam, I just uploaded and I see ur confirmation.  Tnx agn and 73.	(N2AMC Gary NY FN30iv
30Jul 11:56 W4TTY- Adam, Thankk you agn very much for the Sked!  73.	(N2AMC Gary NY FN30iv
30Jul 11:55 W4TTY- Adam, Thanks for new Grid#182.  I will upload to LoTW this morning.	(N2AMC Gary NY FN30iv
30Jul 11:55 you were +22 at one point. LOTW uploaded	(W4TTY Adam VA EM97xi
30Jul 11:53 W4TTY- Adam, 2 really strong pings at the start.  Best 5dB-Very good with 50W.	(N2AMC Gary NY FN30iv
30Jul 11:52 YOU GOT IT!!! Thanks for 1st 2 meter msk!!	(W4TTY Adam VA EM97xi
30Jul 11:51 W4TTY- Adam, got ur RRR!  Thanks for your patience and for the new grid!	(N2AMC Gary NY FN30iv
30Jul 11:48 Thanks!	(N2AMC Gary NY FN30iv
30Jul 11:48 HAmmer down...albeit a small hammer	(W4TTY Adam VA EM97xi
30Jul 11:47 W4TTY- Adam, I think we'll get there soon..	(N2AMC Gary NY FN30iv
30Jul 11:47 W4TTY- Adam, PSE keep going.	(N2AMC Gary NY FN30iv
30Jul 11:44 N2AMC- no pings....nothing since 1118	(W4TTY Adam VA EM97xi
30Jul 11:19 There you are!!	(W4TTY Adam VA EM97xi
30Jul 11:16 OK, thanks.	(N2AMC Gary NY FN30iv
30Jul 11:13 N2AMC- only the one ping...staying the course....transmitting	(W4TTY Adam VA EM97xi
30Jul 11:10 W4TTY- Adam, great.  I'm sure we'll get there.  Rox are around today.	(N2AMC Gary NY FN30iv
30Jul 11:10 very brief ping	(W4TTY Adam VA EM97xi
30Jul 11:09 fact I have the pic you sent yesterday up on another PC for comparison...identical	(W4TTY Adam VA EM97xi
30Jul 11:08 W4TTY- Adam, Are u sure FTOL=200?	(N2AMC Gary NY FN30iv
30Jul 11:06 N2AMC- PING!! but no decode	(W4TTY Adam VA EM97xi

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