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15Apr 02:37 CQ on 50.260 MSK144 (even) for a little bit.	(KB9NVQ Franz IL EM48ll )
09Mar 18:04 CQ MSK144 50.260 Odd	(W3AWG Jason PA FN00ll )
26Feb 23:01 Hello everyone.  Just a beginner here.  	(W6WDS Bill CA DM13mq )
05Nov 03:07 CQ on 50.260 MSK144 (odd) for a little bit.	(KB9NVQ Franz IL EM48ll )
03Oct 03:22 (now QRT)	(KB9NVQ Franz IL EM48ll )
03Oct 02:34 CQ on 50.260 MSK144 Even	(KB9NVQ Franz IL EM48ll )
13Aug 11:34 CQ 260  MSK144  ODD	(VO1HP Frank NF GN37po )
13Aug 11:30 Anyone for meteor try?	(K9MRI Joe IN EN70iu )
06Apr 11:42 WF1L what mode you using?	(KF2T George MD FM19ma )
06Apr 11:39 welcome. Steve and Tom!	(KF2T George MD FM19ma )
06Apr 11:38 113815   9  1.2 1505 &   KF2T WA2FZW  73	(KF2T George MD FM19ma )
06Apr 11:36 WA2FZW GM and thanks for the reminder	(KF2T George MD FM19ma )
27Jan 00:27 Just getting started with this option of ham radio.	(K7SWF Steve AZ DM24ul )
21Oct 15:28 Anyone in MS range of DM13 have 40 Mhz RX ability want to test 40 Mhz ROX? Email me.  WM2XCC		(N3IZN/6/2 Chris CA DM13ji )
30Sep 19:37 No joy, will listen ene from Central Texas	(W5XTT Tom TX EM10wm )
30Sep 19:17 Calling on 260 noob thanks	(W5XTT Tom TX EM10wm )
10Sep 15:11 calling on 260	(VE3UJK John ON FN04ap )
22Aug 08:19 wb2rem sec	(WB2REM Jim FL EL97ll )
22Aug 08:18 WB2REM CQ 50.260 el97	(WB2REM Jim FL EL97ll )
14Aug 12:26 W7HRF DN43 CQ 50.270 1st	(W7HRF Mark ID DN43ap )
02Aug 01:54 CQ 50.265 second  15 sec	(WD5BJT Charlie MS EM50ij )
29Jul 10:27 WA4CQG Dale, tnx for the call	(N1YCQ/6/2 Wheat MA FN41lp )
14Jul 14:53 144815 17 3.5 1500 & CQ K7MAC	(VE6AMC Mike AB DO21vb )
13Jul 15:25 cq cq 144.360  west	(WF1L Bill DE FM29fc )
19May 02:54 cq 50.235 120E 	(KE4QCM Thomas GA EM73ws )
07May 11:27 Listening on 50.260 now	(XE2WK Ben MN EL03kr )
05May 11:43 Listening on 50.260 now	(XE2WK Ben MN EL03ll )
16Jan 11:34 Stopping 	(N8GA Art OH EN80ee )
16Jan 11:27 cq west 2m 155	(N8GA Art OH EN80ee )
03Jan 19:39 CQ 1st 144.150 MSK144 beaming 085	(N5BF Courtney CA DM04vf )
03Jan 12:06 Anybody actually watch this page?	(WA7HQD/6/2 Docgridpig UT DN31xb )
21Nov 14:41 CQing 144.150 2nd  WO2T FN20uv	(WO2T Al NJ FN20uv )
21Nov 14:20 CQing 50.260 2nd (WO2T FN20uv)	(WO2T Al NJ FN20uv )
20Nov 15:53 CQing MSK144 144.150 2nd antenna to NW	(XE2CQ Javier xx DM12ml )
20Nov 06:46 CQing 50.260 1st	(KA3OAZ John PA FN00ae )
20Nov 03:04 beaming North CQing 144.174 2nd	(XE2CQ Javier xx DM12ml )
20Nov 02:49 CQing 144.174 2nd from DM12 Tijuana beaming NorthEast 	(XE2CQ Javier xx DM12ml )
19Nov 20:15 now beaming NV-UT and beyond 144.174	(XE2CQ Javier xx DM12ml )
19Nov 20:07 from DM12 Tijuana CQing 144.174 2nd beaming AZ-NM and beyond	(XE2CQ Javier xx DM12ml )
16Nov 20:58 CQing 144.174 2nd beaming PNW FT8	(XE2CQ Javier xx DM12ml )
16Nov 01:23 GM Guys CQing FT8 144.174 2nd antenna to NW	(XE2CQ Javier xx DM12ml )
13Aug 13:04 cq 50.268 why not?	(K3JT Terry WV EM99xo
12Aug 14:24 LIstening on 140 now 	(VE3AKV Bob ON FN15ll
12Aug 14:19 CQ on 144.140 MSK-144	(VE3AKV Bob ON FN15ll
04Aug 15:56 ====== cq on 144.174 ft8	(V31AE Robert xx EK58uk
14Jul 04:51 KD5LKY is on 6M MSK144 calling sec	(KD5LKY Rodney OR CN84ab
03Jul 22:27 ..	(K5DNL Ken OK EM15lj
18May 18:04 cq 50.260 why not?	(K3JT Terry WV EM99xo
05May 13:18 Back to 6m. beaming east	(KI0E Kim ID DN13rn
05May 13:06 Trying 2m 144.740 beaming east	(KI0E Kim ID DN13rn

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