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29Sep 19:37 test	(N0UK Chris MN EN34iw
15Sep 08:18 Off 73, later	(W5TRL Tim TX EM10dj
15Sep 08:12 CQ test NE 144150 Im 1st	(W5TRL Tim TX EM10dj
15Sep 08:03 CQ test NE 50260 I   m 1st	(W5TRL Tim TX EM10dj
07Aug 23:17 quit calling cq	(W7SZ Larry WA CN85uo
07Aug 23:06 cq 144.150 msk144	(W7SZ Larry WA CN85uo
31Jul 12:36 CQ 50.260 MSK144 calling 1st	(K7IU Marv WA CN97av
09Jun 13:16 cq 50260 msk144 calling first	(K7BWH Barry WA CN87us
07Jun 15:55 CQ ON 270 	(NN6T Glen AZ DM25ll
20Apr 13:43 K4MY, looks like we are not making much progress	(KD8SI Leo OH EM79wr
13Apr 15:44 anyone with 2 meter?	(N1GMV John NC FM05tt
03Jan 15:20 cq 50260 msk144 calling first	(KD7WPJ Oleh CA CM97fs
28Dec 14:47 Can 50260 calling first	(AA0BV Joe CA CM88pi
26Dec 02:04 cq 50260 msk144 calling second	(KD7WPJ Oleh CA CM97fs
23Dec 03:38 cq 50260 msk144 calling first	(KD7WPJ Oleh CA CM97fs
22Dec 15:34 Heard Eric WD6DBM -3	(KD7WPJ Oleh CA CM97fs
22Dec 15:25 cq 50260 msk144 calling second	(KD7WPJ Oleh CA CM97fs
22Dec 00:28 cq 50260 msk144 calling second	(KD7WPJ Oleh CA CM97fs
21Dec 16:00 cq 50260 MSK144 calling second now	(KD7WPJ Oleh CA CM97fs
21Dec 15:08 cq 50.260 msk144 calling first	(KD7WPJ Oleh CA CM97fs
21Dec 02:56 cq 50.260 msk144	(KD7WPJ Oleh CA CM97fs
14Dec 02:42 cq 50.280 msk144  	(AA1ON Martin MA FN42ff
11Dec 03:11 cq 50.260 msk144	(VA2FW Jean QU FN35er
25Nov 03:54 cq 144.150 msk144	(KD2JRT Michael NY FN30ar
17Nov 12:11 cq 50.260 msk144 now	(N7GP Tom AZ DM42ll
03Oct 13:31 gm	(KD4AMP Jon FL EM80ll
01Sep 04:43 CQ 144.150 MSK144	(N5ITO/2/6 Dave TX EM23jd
09Aug 14:23 stop cq ing later.. txn 73	(VE2IR Donald QU FN45ll
09Aug 14:06 cq 50.260 msk144 from fn45 now	(VE2IR Donald QU FN45ll
08Aug 03:23 cq 50.260 msk144 from fn45 now	(VE2IR Donald QU FN45ll
28Jul 10:52 N2LEE usual fine signal down the block	(KF2T George VA FM18lv
28Jul 09:25 cq 50.260 msk144	(KD2NOM Mark NJ FN20ti
27Jul 09:15 cq 50.360 msk144 from FN20ti	(KD2NOM Mark NJ FN20ti
27Jul 09:14 cq halted	(KD2NOM Mark NJ FN20ti
27Jul 09:04 cq 50.260 msk144 from FN20ti	(KD2NOM Mark NJ FN20ti
22Jul 13:26 cq 50.260 msk144	(WA2BFW Marv WA CN97av
17Jul 13:23 cq halted	(N8RY Ryan MI EN66gg
17Jul 13:18 cq 50.260	(N8RY Ryan MI EN66gg
12Jul 16:13 CQ 50.260	(WU2M Rocco NY FN23tb
21Apr 21:57 Cq 144.150	(N8IUP Michael OH EN81ll
21Apr 18:07 CQ on 50.260	(W1AIU Joe CT FN31ln
20Mar 11:18 stopped now	(W5DPT/2/6/LP Louis TX EL29kq
20Mar 11:13 144150	(W5DPT/2/6/LP Louis TX EL29kq
20Mar 11:13 calling to ne  1st 600w sh cm	(W5DPT/2/6/LP Louis TX EL29kq
20Mar 11:11 gm Gedas	(W5DPT/2/6/LP Louis TX EL29kq
28Feb 15:51 Calling CQ on 50.260 pointing SE	(VA7QI Erik BC CO70jb
06Feb 21:46 CQ on 50.260 DM69	(KB0HP Ken CO DM69cm
31Dec 11:38 K1SIX...I appreciate your awesome station hearing me on 2m msk144	(W8XDX Scott OH EN81ll
31Dec 11:21 CQ on .260 EN81 (Scott Toledo Ohio Omniloop)	(W8XDX Scott OH EN81ll
27Dec 12:58 GM Casino George, et al	(WA7HQD Docgridpig TX EM12gu

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