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18May 18:04 cq 50.260 why not?	(K3JT Terry WV EM99xo
05May 13:18 Back to 6m. beaming east	(KI0E Kim ID DN13rn
05May 13:06 Trying 2m 144.740 beaming east	(KI0E Kim ID DN13rn
05May 13:01 calling CQ on 50.250 beaming east	(KI0E Kim ID DN13rn
02May 06:53 CQ Space Capsule ion trail  260	(WD5BJT Charlie MS EM50ij
29Apr 05:15 IVAN 73 TNX 260	(W4IMD Peter GA EM84ab
29Apr 05:15 IVAN 73 TNX 260	(W4IMD Peter GA EM84ab
25Apr 03:07 KEN 73 TNX 260	(W4IMD Peter GA EM84ab
25Apr 03:07 KEN 73 TNX 260	(W4IMD Peter GA EM84ab
22Apr 23:39 calling cq 144.174 FT8	(W8AF Anthony WV EM99sa
29Mar 14:29 calling cq 144.174 FT8	(VE3ELL Russ ON FN04bh
28Mar 01:28 calling cq 144.120 jt65b 	(VE3ELL Russ ON FN04bh
27Mar 19:28 cq 1296.065 jt65b fn04bh	(VE3ELL Russ ON FN04bh
27Mar 16:50 calling cq 144.150 MSK144	(VE3ELL Russ ON FN04bh
27Mar 16:45 calling cq 144.120 jt65b 	(VE3ELL Russ ON FN04bh
24Jan 15:46 CQ .260 NW	(NN1D Tony MA FN41is
24Jan 14:39 CQ on .150 looking west	(NN1D Tony MA FN41is
15Jan 16:51 Ciao Mario...ho bois	(IV3RYX Andy MN JN65vp
03Jan 14:35 cq on 50.260	(KC9ZNV Jason WI EN53bm
17Dec 17:30 calling cq msk144 144.360 km74wk	(OD5SB Rami xx KM74wk
14Dec 18:09 Calling CQ on 2 meters now - WA2UMP	(WA2UMP Jim MA FN41ll
08Dec 03:52 Calling CQ on 50.270 (WA7TPV)	(WA7TPV John ID DN17nw
15Nov 12:09 CQ 144.150 1st 270 Deg	(N1SV Les MA FN42ep
24Oct 11:49 Calling CQ on 50.260 , 1st GM all!	(XE2ML Martin xx DL74qb
24Oct 11:46 Calling CQ on 50.260 , 1st GM all!	(XE2ML Martin xx DL74qb
26Sep 11:36 CQ WEST 50.260 1st	(N1SV Les MA FN42ep
04Sep 14:08 !!! PNW stations, look SE for NA6L 260 calling CQ !!!		(AF6AV Phil CA DM13kp
04Sep 14:07 PNW stations, look SW for NA6L 260 calling CQ	(AF6AV Phil CA DM13kp
04Sep 14:06 AF6AV, DM13, Newbie.  Sending CQ even quarters, ENE from So Cal	(AF6AV Phil CA DM13kp
16Aug 13:30 Calling CQ 50.260 MSK144 Beaming East	(WR5J Curt WA CN87tn
14Aug 05:16 any one to try pls Email 	(VU2BGS Kumar xx MK82ts
14Aug 05:15 lsn on 50.260 MSk144 NNE	(VU2BGS Kumar xx MK82ts
13Aug 10:50 Calling CQ on 50.260, beaming NE	(WB0M Jeff NE EN21ag
11Aug 17:28 calling cq on 50.260 beaming east	(KA6BIM Dave OR CN73wc
11Aug 11:39 Calling CQ on 50.260	(W7FSI Gary ID DN24nh
10Aug 01:08 CQ 28.145 JT9G Fast  1st	(WB9SBD Joe WI EN43xo
10Aug 00:04 ZF2BL listening 6M MSK144 Looking due North	(ZF1BL Sam xx EK99hh
30Jul 21:57 Stopping CQ	(W5PR Chuck TX EL29hm
30Jul 21:55 Calling CQ on 50.260	(W5PR Chuck TX EL29hm
29Jul 01:07 Want to get back on 6m MS after 5yr away- whats best mode now?	(VE3FAX Greg ON FN04fc
27May 02:24 Calling CQ on .260	(N2MH Mark NJ FN20ut
25May 19:52 KD5LKY from CN84 on 260 listing.	(KD5LKY Rodney OR CN84ap
25May 19:45 KD5LKY  from CN84  260... lots of meteors ping on 313. any on want to try 260	(KD5LKY Rodney OR CN84ap
19May 12:18 Calling CQ 50.260 from CN87 first time hints welcome	(WR5J Curt WA CN87tn
08May 05:12 Stopping CQ	(XE2ML Martin xx DL74qb
08May 05:01 Calling CQ on 50.260	(XE2ML Martin xx DL74qb
06May 15:52 listening on 260  kc7mg dm42	(KC7MG Jack AZ DM42dv
05May 22:38 Stopping CQ	(KB4BKV John MD FM19gj
05May 22:05 Calling CQ on 50.260	(KB4BKV John MD FM19gj
05May 20:22 Sorry i have been off the air for two hours, will try later	(KD5LKY Rodney OR CN84ap

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