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The following users have been seen using this page during the past 30 minutes. Update time shown is when they last posted a message to the Ping Jockey Central page and is in GMT.
16 users recorded.
CallsignLocatorNameLast PostingkmsmilesBearing
KF6A/6M/2MEN73pjDano25-Apr 04:48:39
KR7ODM07baRobert19-Nov 19:44:38
K2DRHEN41vrBobtwo1-May 13:41:26
AA9GEN60wpDavid8-Mar 22:28:05
KO9AEN52xcJim1-May 13:06:51
K9MRIEN70iuJoe13-Apr 23:18:24
N0KEDM69emPhil6-Jan 14:49:28
W4RVZ/2M/6MFM16seEd1-May 14:54:34
NC2OFM06reGary1-May 07:23:21
K0TPPEM48rjLarry1-May 11:53:45
XE2ORDL98okRafa1-May 11:46:22
NO3IEN90unBob16-Feb 14:15:51
KJ4TXCN85mmMike30-Apr 16:23:33
N4DBFM07niDave1-May 20:32:08
KC4PXEL98qgIvars1-May 20:41:16
KC6ZWTCM98noNorm17-Oct 14:30:13
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