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14May 18:16 73	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
14May 18:15 RR. We can continue discussions over email. cul.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 18:15 You drifted by down a couple of Hz while we were playing...	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 18:14 I'll send you my conclusion about that by email.	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
14May 18:14 I experienced the same thing - but could not recall enough details, so I didn't mention it. 	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 18:14 Probably should go back to the TS-2000, hi.	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
14May 18:13 RR. BTW - Bill mentioned having trouble moving a call from "Calling" panel to queue.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 18:13 I'm probably 3 Hz off because FT-2000 can be set only to nearest 10 Hz.	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
14May 18:12 I sent you a summary (via email) of what I saw during the weird exchange.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 18:12 RR, good.  Thanks, I think 8658 is OK.	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
14May 18:11 And we had just worked.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 18:11 Yes. I was still bare K9AN.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 18:10 They did not show up in left panel.	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
14May 18:10 Your transmissions at 180745 and 180815 must have been calls from a dupe?	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
14May 18:09 Yes, that would be useful.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 18:09 I guess all looks good with r8658.  I will look t putting in a "CQ controller".	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
14May 18:08 RR. 	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 18:07 I restarted prog so you would not be a dupe	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
14May 18:07 180630  10  0.2  301 ~  ALL OK NOW?	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 18:06 We probably just found an edge case. I think it's OK.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 18:06 K1JT and K9AN/9 completed QSOs at 175930 and again at 180200.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 18:06 I restarted	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
14May 18:04 Hmm. Why did you work me as K9AN/9 the second time though. Shouldn't I have been a dupe?	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 18:03 Now I will call with K9AN	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 18:03 Yes, the last two were as K9AN/9. and both worked OK.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 18:01 You're calling as K9AN/9 ?	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
14May 18:00 Sorry, screwup here.  I'm starting again	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
14May 17:59 Or was it because you had just worked K9AN with no suffix?	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 17:57 RR, let's try again with no free text.	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
14May 17:57 The screwup must be related to sending you free text.  I imagine that can confuse the FoxSqeuencer.	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
14May 17:56 Maybe we should do that again, with no free text in between.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 17:55 Maybe two problems? I apparently didn't recognize the RR73 that you sent to me, cuz I kept sending roger-reports.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 17:55 At 17:49:15 I have K9AN/9 calling me.	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
14May 17:54 My post a few lines down shows your RR73 (correct) and the spurious report (incorrect).	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 17:54 I called you as K9AN/9. You responded with -10. I sent R+08. Then you sent RR73 and another report.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 17:53 Something wasn't right there.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 17:53 Didn't you call me as K9AN/9?	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
14May 17:52 175130   9  0.2  303 ~  DUH ON ME	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 17:52 You started a second QSO with me??	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 17:51 175030   7  0.2  303 ~  K9AN RR73; K9AN  K1JT   -10	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 17:51 What was that?	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 17:51 Wait, you jinxed us.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 17:50 You are 3 Hz high.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 17:50 174930   8  0.2  303 ~  ALL IS WELL	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 17:48 Logged correctly.  Seems I was worried about nothing, hi.	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
14May 17:47 After this, I'll switch to a compound call.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 17:46 I am ready as Hound	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 17:46 I will CQ as Fox on 14.115	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
14May 17:46 You can take that first comment as a combination of "Hi" and "Ha Ha"... 	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 17:45 RR	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
14May 17:45 Shall we try 14.115?	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 17:44 Ha	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 17:43 GA STeve	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
12May 16:00 Tnx all, 73	(G4WJS Bill xx IO91np
12May 15:59 Tnx again, everyone.  Good fun, and very informative for us.	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
12May 15:57 Steve - KD2OXE was me. Same locked VFO issue. I'm writing this up for FlexRadio engineering now and seeing what the workarounds are, if any.	(N2RJ Ria NJ FN21qf
12May 15:55 Makes sense. I have it setup with "Fake it." I'll talk to Steve N5AC and ask his opinion.	(N2RJ Ria NJ FN21qf
12May 15:54 If you have an all digital audio chain and can set Tx wdith to match Rx then "Split Operating" probably not needed.	(G4WJS Bill xx IO91np
12May 15:54 K1JT: Tnx Joe, I have a lot of TV interference	(PA0TBR Ton xx JO22pi
12May 15:53 Subsequent Roger-Reports were sent at 1606 Hz.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
12May 15:53 -21 only for a few cycles here, Joe	(WD9HSY Brian IL EN61ll
12May 15:53 Look forward to the next test, Joe.  Thanks for all that you and your crew do!	(W9BS Gary FL EL96bm
12May 15:53 KD2OXE called K1JT at 1694. When K1JT replied, KD2OXE sent first Roger Report at 1806 Hz.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
12May 15:52 Please send us reports of any anomalies you noticed.	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
12May 15:52 Ria, I have been using Fake it on the 6300	(WD9HSY Brian IL EN61ll
12May 15:52 Best here -17 Joe	(G3WDG Charlie xx IO92rg
12May 15:52 RR Bill	(N2RJ Ria NJ FN21qf
12May 15:52 Thanks Joe! Something learned, which I will add to the notes for FlexRadio SDRs - don't lock your VFO	(N2RJ Ria NJ FN21qf
12May 15:51 Thanks Ria, we probably need to detect that and maybe warn the user.	(G4WJS Bill xx IO91np
12May 15:51 17 QSOs logged on 17m, not very many callers and weak sigs	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
12May 15:51 I have stopped.	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
12May 15:50 PA/ZS4BU: have answered many times, you must not be copying me well?	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
12May 15:50 Flex-6700. Lock overrides CAT	(N2RJ Ria NJ FN21qf
12May 15:50 I will stop after completing with W4WNT.  Tnx everyone!	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
12May 15:50 10.144-??-Nil at DJ9KG's in JO42	(DJ9KG Alwin xx JO42mx
12May 15:49 Ria, which rig is that, VFO lock doesn't usually apply to CAT QSYs	(G4WJS Bill xx IO91np
12May 15:48 3 Q's from SEA. Tnx & 73	(KE7B John WA CN87ps
12May 15:48 RR Ria, understood	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
12May 15:48 OH I figured out what is wrong. I locked my VFO	(N2RJ Ria NJ FN21qf
12May 15:47 However it did send at 607	(N2RJ Ria NJ FN21qf
12May 15:46 I don't know how it sent above 1k. I tried another call KD2OXE, got initial report then sent R, nothing	(N2RJ Ria NJ FN21qf
12May 15:45 Same with KD2OXE	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
12May 15:44 At 1606 Hz offset	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
12May 15:44 Ria was sending Roger-report above 1000 Hz, FWIW.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
12May 15:43 I guess too close here for 17 to work	(N2RJ Ria NJ FN21qf
12May 15:42 Got it	(N2RJ Ria NJ FN21qf
12May 15:42 More PNW callers	(KE7B John WA CN87ps
12May 15:42 Joe. hear u in So Fl	(K4AG John FL EL95ll
12May 15:42 Ria, you get three attempts to send a report to the Fox, after that you must go back above 1000Hz ans start again.	(G4WJS Bill xx IO91np
12May 15:41 Never got your R+rpt, Ria	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
12May 15:40 Hmm. Inever got a RR73 from Joe and mine is still sending R-03	(N2RJ Ria NJ FN21qf
12May 15:39 Running out of callers.  Time to quit?	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
12May 15:38 calling on 17.. heard one cq, but nothing now	(KM8V Jon OH EN91ll
12May 15:38 Ah, much better. tuvm	(KE7B John WA CN87ps
12May 15:38 K1JT: Tnx Joe	(PA0TBR Ton xx JO22pi
12May 15:36 PA0TBR: you're in the log.	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
12May 15:34 Patience, Ria, you're in the queue.	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
12May 15:34 k1jt is -23 when copied out here	(KE7B John WA CN87ps
12May 15:34 A few Hounds but no Joe here in Chicago ..... so sad	(WD9HSY Brian IL EN61ll
12May 15:33 I raised power to 300 watts	(N2RJ Ria NJ FN21qf
12May 15:33 Working some EU now	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
12May 15:33 17 is dead here - 6 meter FT8 very busy - Thanks for tests Joe	(K5GZR/2M/6M Rick TX EL29gp
12May 15:32 all too typical	(W9BS Gary FL EL96bm
12May 15:31 And along comes pactor, crashing right into us	(N2RJ Ria NJ FN21qf
12May 15:31 Yes, signals are spotty	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
12May 15:31 No copy on Joe here in NC on 17m.	(W4WNT Bill NC EM94px
12May 15:31 Had to raise power from 40 to 200 to work Joe.  Band rough	(W9BS Gary FL EL96bm
12May 15:30 /R is the Rover when I'm rolling with K2EZ	(N2RJ Ria NJ FN21qf
12May 15:29 No that is just N2RJ	(N2RJ Ria NJ FN21qf
12May 15:26 Is that N2RJ/R?	(AA2UK Bill NJ FM29pv
12May 15:26 Most signals weak here, I'll stay at NSlots=1 for now.	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
12May 15:26 152115 -13  0.7 1567 ~  K1JT KE7B CN87	(K6AVP Al CA CM95ll
12May 15:25 Foxless in Seattle	(KE7B John WA CN87ps
12May 15:24 I saw Joe at -11	(N2RJ Ria NJ FN21qf
12May 15:22 No fox 1 other hound	(K6AVP Al CA CM95ll
12May 15:22 Sorry, a brief screwup here.	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
12May 15:20 Joe, got u at +4 here.	(N4AU Bobby AL EM62vp
12May 15:20 N9FUW Change DX Call to K1JT	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
12May 15:20 On 17	(K6AVP Al CA CM95ll
12May 15:18 Hopefully I'll hear the fox :)	(KN3ILZ Neil PA FN00ea
12May 15:18 moving to 17	(W9BS Gary FL EL96bm
12May 15:17 I will CQ as Fox on 18.105, and continue if any takers.	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
12May 15:17 I'm willing to move to 17m ... no luck so far on 20 & 30 :)	(KN3ILZ Neil PA FN00ea
12May 15:16 I'm QRT on 20m	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
12May 15:16 Jeff, yes that happens, best to put the DXpedition working freq in the frequncies table in Settings-Frequencies	(G4WJS Bill xx IO91np
12May 15:15 I'll try to finish already started QSOs	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
12May 15:15 W9BS/QRO worked lol	(W9BS Gary FL EL96bm
12May 15:15 Anyone for 17m ?  Maybe 18.105?	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
12May 15:14 Should it tune to default freq after looking at settings in Hound mode?	(WA1HCO Jeff NH FN42ev
12May 15:14 Sorry got excited at a low freq	(K6AVP Al CA CM95ll
12May 15:14 I will stop at 1515	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
12May 15:13 Ah. yes. of course.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
12May 15:13 Firtst fox call seen -151245 -11  0.7  600 ~  K9AN WD9HSY R-15	(K6AVP Al CA CM95ll
12May 15:13 Steve, that is the same for non-DXped modes too. Red highlight is driven only by your c/s	(G4WJS Bill xx IO91np
12May 15:13 This was the ast time I decoded K9AN: 150900 -14  0.1  269 ~  W3CCX K9AN RR73	(W8ASA Ken OH EM79wp
12May 15:12 Joe - "DE" messages in Rx Freq pane show as white, not red.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
12May 15:12 Conditions not great, today.	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
12May 15:11 now worked as /QRP, looking good!	(W4AS Seb FL EL95to
12May 15:10 20m prop has taken a dive, no NA stns at all hr nw	(G4WJS Bill xx IO91np
12May 15:09 150600  -7  0.1  300 ~  N0AN K9AN RR73: Tnx Steve, mostly -15 or so	(N0AN Hasan IA EN22xc
12May 15:09 not many callers now	(W4AS Seb FL EL95to
12May 15:09 Program FB here. Ready for prime time. QRT not, got company.	(N4AU Bobby AL EM62vp
12May 15:08 06    England	(YU1XX Bora xx KN04ft
12May 15:08 - 12.05.18 14:51:14 UTC ------ 20m ---   145100 -12  0.1 1119 ~ OH2GQC G4WJS -11    England 145100 -12  0.1 1179 ~ HA7EG G4WJS +08     England 145100 -12  0.1 1239 ~ IV3DXW G4WJS +	(YU1XX Bora xx KN04ft
12May 15:07 worked with my call & /4, 20m makes a difference	(W4AS Seb FL EL95to
12May 15:07 Fox is K9AN - QRG is 14.115 - max audio offset is 3000	(K5GZR/2M/6M Rick TX EL29gp
12May 15:06 Heard K9AN when he started, got a signal rpt, then no other replies seen	(KN3ILZ Neil PA FN00ea
12May 15:05 a lot of ways to mess up here...	(WA1HCO Jeff NH FN42ev
12May 15:05 Ok Uwe, sry we didn't make it - mni vy strong sigs hr frm DL land.	(G4WJS Bill xx IO91np
12May 15:03 Worked Steve with a mighty 30w and end fed antenna!	(W4WNT Bill NC EM94px
12May 15:03 Yes, I was calling on 1933, 2825, 1656 or 1023, resp., tried 100W then 10W	(DG2YCB Uwe xx JO42gb
12May 15:03 150200 -14  0.1  360 ~* K9AN 	(N0AN Hasan IA EN22xc
12May 15:03 Few hounds, 150215 -21  0.6 1138 ~  DE W2/K1JT	(K6AVP Al CA CM95ll
12May 15:02 Nil heard in Dayton Ohio. W8ASA	(W8ASA Ken OH EM79wp
12May 15:02 Ok Bill no problem.	(G3WKW Bob xx IO91og
12May 15:02 Rough path to K9AN from SFL ATM	(W9BS Gary FL EL96bm
12May 15:01 No longer seeing anything coming from the fox .. 	(KN3ILZ Neil PA FN00ea
12May 15:01 I started with NSlot=1, then moved to 3, then to 5. But haven't seen all 5 slots used.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
12May 15:00 BIG signal K9AN thanks for the QSO using -RC4	(TG9AJR Juan xx EK44sl
12May 15:00 Got my signal report .. no RR73 after 3 minutes, starting over	(KN3ILZ Neil PA FN00ea
12May 15:00 Tnx Steve! Worked all 3 foxes!	(AD4TJ/6M/400 David VA FM08me
12May 15:00 DG2YCB: Uwe I did not see you rcall, were you calling above 1000Hz and below 2900Hz?	(G4WJS Bill xx IO91np
12May 15:00 K9AN - rr - tnx	(K5GZR/2M/6M Rick TX EL29gp
12May 15:00 Perfect - worked great 	(N2ADV Jim NY FN23ea
12May 14:59 Sharp filter here	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
12May 14:59 Stay below 3000 Hz please	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
12May 14:58 K4AG: do not call me, K9AN is Fox	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
12May 14:58 G3WKW, sry, I stopped for Steve part way through our QSO.	(G4WJS Bill xx IO91np
12May 14:58 G4WJS here -2 to -18, however so far no chance to reach him	(DG2YCB Uwe xx JO42gb
12May 14:57 K9AN - what is max audio offset for you Steve?	(K5GZR/2M/6M Rick TX EL29gp
12May 14:57 Perfect from 1 to 3 sigs 	(N2ADV Jim NY FN23ea
12May 14:56 LA4EI, sry I have stopped now, heard you at -9	(G4WJS Bill xx IO91np
12May 14:56 Must be in the skip on 20 for K9AN	(KM8V Jon OH EN91ll
12May 14:56 K9AM -05 I   ll try to    hound    you :)	(N2ADV Jim NY FN23ea
12May 14:56 IW3RAB would not move to queue while DJ0OT/QRH was being worked.	(G4WJS Bill xx IO91np
12May 14:55 OK. 14.115, K9AN is Fox	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
12May 14:54 Sure: K9AN 14.115	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
12May 14:54 Shall I stay on 20m?	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
12May 14:54 145330 -17  0.1  360 ~  CQ G4WJS IO91	(N0AN Hasan IA EN22xc
12May 14:53 NO copy from the Fox on 20m	(TG9AJR Juan xx EK44sl
12May 14:53 Steve K9AN, your turn?	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
12May 14:53 G4WJS was -10 in NC at 1450z before he swung beam east.	(W4WNT Bill NC EM94px
12May 14:53 K1JT Joe, your CQs were sporadic at the end.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
12May 14:53 no longer seeing any replies from Fox here in FN00ea	(KN3ILZ Neil PA FN00ea
12May 14:53 no longer seeing any replies from Fox here in FN00ea	(KN3ILZ Neil PA FN00ea
12May 14:53 Not decoding Bill here yet.	(N4AU Bobby AL EM62vp
12May 14:53 Bill not seen since turned antenna toward asia.	(N0AN Hasan IA EN22xc
12May 14:53 I think I have to quit, something is arcing up the tower :(	(G4WJS Bill xx IO91np
12May 14:52 No more copy here.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
12May 14:52 No joy hearing G4WJS on 20m in 8-land	(KM8V Jon OH EN91ll
12May 14:51 Not enough baying hounds in EU	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
12May 14:50 No other calls seen	(K6AVP Al CA CM95ll
12May 14:50 Swing beam to East, let's hear some callers from AS	(G4WJS Bill xx IO91np
12May 14:50 144915 -18  0.7 2583 ~  G4WJS K1JT FN20	(K6AVP Al CA CM95ll
12May 14:49 K1JT logged 85 QSOs in 39 minutes.  Thanks, everyone, very useful test!	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
12May 14:48 DJ0OT, you really need CAT control for DXped mode, you have many audio harmionics when you go down the band	(G4WJS Bill xx IO91np
12May 14:48 Going right over my head here in FN00ea - not even hearing hounds :(	(KN3ILZ Neil PA FN00ea
12May 14:48 Fat fingers :)	(N2ADV Jim NY FN23ea
12May 14:48 14.115 not 10 lol	(N2ADV Jim NY FN23ea
12May 14:48 14.115	(G4WJS Bill xx IO91np