Updated at Tue Jul 17 13:50:56 CDT 2018

17Jul 18:20 Wrong page for FT8. This page is specifically for meteor scatter only 	(MYCALL  TX EL29ll
17Jul 18:03 t	(K4KV Glen GA EM81cf
17Jul 16:52 Testing the FT8 station	(K5QE/6M/FT8 Marshall TX EM31cj
17Jul 16:19 Hello everyone....testing station before contest this weekend...	(K5QE/6M/QRO Marshall TX EM31cj
17Jul 14:51 WA7HQD, ya here Doc?	(K7IP/6M Doug WA CN76wx
17Jul 14:49 GM Pingsters	(K7IP/6M Doug WA CN76wx
17Jul 14:17 w5lda gm just walked in	(K8LEE/LFA/KW Wayne in EM79ng
17Jul 14:07 Oh board....	(W5LDA Larry OK EM15xu
17Jul 14:04 GM guys....	(W5LDA Larry OK EM15xu
17Jul 13:45 N6MZ, looking for you	(KE7NR/6/2/222 Don AZ DM33wm
17Jul 13:34 It's pretty warm here with the humidity during our monsoon time	(KE7NR/6/2/222 Don AZ DM33wm
17Jul 13:32 GM Don. Hope it's not too hot out your way. Been miserable here	(W8BYA Gedas IN EN70jt
17Jul 13:32 CQ 50260 MSK144 1st seq. beaming SE.	(N6MZ/6M Mike WA CN87wn
17Jul 13:31 GM Gedas	(KE7NR Don AZ DM33wm
17Jul 13:25 GM RF'ers	(W8BYA Gedas IN EN70jt
17Jul 13:11 N6MZ  an improvement but few rocks.. thanks and 73	(K7JIZ Stan UT DN40ll
17Jul 13:09 130345  -1  8.0 1498 &  N6NZ K7JIZ DN40        2 11 -0.9	(N6MZ/6M Mike WA CN87wn
17Jul 13:08 K7JIZ I printed 4 pings but let's QRT for now. TNX	(N6MZ/6M Mike WA CN87wn
17Jul 13:05 Mike, not a peep here..15 min and nothing.. your choice	(K7JIZ Stan UT DN40ll
17Jul 13:02 End CQ.  Monitoring msk144, .150	(W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si
17Jul 12:57 K7JIZ I think I copied your very first TX but not much since.	(N6MZ/6M Mike WA CN87wn
17Jul 12:57 .	(K5WE Jeff OK EM25ex
17Jul 12:54 K8LEE  Thanks for the report Wayne.  I don't have much luck working EU from my QTH.  At least on 6 meters.	(W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si
17Jul 12:52 w8pen still strong hr !!!  EU is in on ft8 6 meters	(K8LEE/LFA/KW Wayne in EM79ng
17Jul 12:50 CQ .150 1st, 15 sec, sh/cm, Looking East	(W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si
17Jul 12:49 Running Stan GL	(N6MZ/6M Mike WA CN87wn
17Jul 12:49 OK Mike, running in 30 sec.. Me 2nd, .260  gl	(K7JIZ Stan UT DN40ll
17Jul 12:48 K7JIZ GM Stan no word from Vlad let's go for it.	(N6MZ/6M Mike WA CN87wn
17Jul 12:46 N6MZ  GM Mike.. If Vlad can't make it we can try	(K7JIZ Stan UT DN40ll
17Jul 12:45 GM All  QRV 6 or 2	(K7JIZ Stan UT DN40ll
17Jul 12:43 AA7DJ Vlad would you like to try a run on 6m? 50260 MSK144  I TX 1st.	(N6MZ/6M Mike WA CN87wn
17Jul 12:23 gm	(KW4BY/2M Graham FL EL96vw
17Jul 12:15 End CQ.  Time for breakfast.  BBL.	(W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si
17Jul 12:08 CQ .150 2nd, sh/cm, SW.  Thanks for report Wayne.	(W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si
17Jul 12:08 ve5uf gm doug	(WA9LFO Ken WI EN54di
17Jul 12:08 120745   9  0.8 1544 &  CQ W8PEN EN80          1  0  1.1	(K8LEE Wayne in EM79ng
17Jul 12:01 CQ 50260 1st seq. beaming E. GM	(N6MZ/6M Mike WA CN87wn
17Jul 11:58 rr	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
17Jul 11:57 Larry, I had just switched back to 150 watts for that transmission.  But the others were at 10 watts.	(W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si
17Jul 11:57 Oops... a leftover from last evening!  	(WA4CQG Dale AL EM72fo
17Jul 11:57 450 miles don	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
17Jul 11:56 GM Radiddioi's	(W9NHE Teddy WI EN53xb
17Jul 11:56 Back to my monsterous 150 watts.....	(W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si
17Jul 11:56 115600  -8  0.4 1058 ~  CQ W8PEN EN80	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
17Jul 11:56 hihi not bad for 253.3 miles	(KA1ZE/3 Stan Pa FN01xt
17Jul 11:55 FB  Got the beam at 255.  Stan could work me at 1 watt!'	(W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si
17Jul 11:54 115430  19  2.7 1467 &  CQ JA WA4CQG EM72 : Good luck with that, Dale!	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 11:54 W8PEN u r 10 watts west is -11	(KA1ZE/3 Stan Pa FN01xt
17Jul 11:53 Oh, yeah, CQ at 10 watts.	(W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si
17Jul 11:53 115230 -17  0.4 1059 ~  CQ W8PEN EN80	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
17Jul 11:51 K0TPP  Challenge for you:  Calling you at 10 watts.	(W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si
17Jul 11:47 got 2 x of rrr both -19 and ur call me -15	(KA1ZE/3 Stan Pa FN01xt
17Jul 11:47 KA1ZE Stan, had one decode on him	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
17Jul 11:47 va3hd cqing now	(KA1ZE/3 Stan Pa FN01xt
17Jul 11:46 73 s sent	(KA1ZE/3 Stan Pa FN01xt
17Jul 11:46 ok great i think tropo mite be north of your qth 	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
17Jul 11:46 tnx -19 now rrr	(KA1ZE/3 Stan Pa FN01xt
17Jul 11:45 also -15 on peak	(KA1ZE/3 Stan Pa FN01xt
17Jul 11:44 QSB Larry	(KA1ZE/3 Stan Pa FN01xt
17Jul 11:44 114400  21 11.2 1500 &  N0AN K5GZR 73: Tnx Rick! Best ~Plus~21	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 11:41 114045 -15  0.3  808 ~  CQ KA1ZE FN01	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
17Jul 11:40 W8PEN Don, your -4 soild here	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
17Jul 11:40 113930   2 12.2 1507 &  K8LEE K5DOG RR73   	(K8LEE/LFA/KW Wayne in EM79ng
17Jul 11:39 Thanks Larry.  I had walked away and then saw you calling me.  Best was -10 once I got the beam on you.	(W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si
17Jul 11:39 113800  -7  0.4 1057 ~  K0TPP W8PEN RRR	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
17Jul 11:39 450 mile tropo on ft8 2 meters	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
17Jul 11:37 113700   4  4.3 1506 &  N0AN K5DOG RR73: Tnx Steve, full page of decodes, Best ~Plus~13. 73	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 11:37 N2EME Paul, gm paul 	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
17Jul 11:36 113330   3  3.2 1506 &  W4ENN K5DOG RRR        1  6 -0.8  all meteors Esteban   nice pings   73	(W4ENN/6/2 Mack Al EM64ru
17Jul 11:36 K0TPP nice to see your 2m posts on PSKR	(N2EME Paul MA FN32vo
17Jul 11:35 113430 -14  0.4 1058 ~  CQ W8PEN EN80	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
17Jul 11:27 Good deal!!	(N5LJC Billy MS EM51bi
17Jul 11:25 GM, Mack,  nice consistent pings, and lots of them.	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 11:24 112245   2  4.3 1491 &  W4ENN N0AN 73          1  7 -1.0  Thanks Hasan, good morning 	(W4ENN/6/2 Mack Al EM64ru
17Jul 11:23 112230   8 10.3 1499 &  N0AN W4ENN 73: Tnx Q! Best ~Plus~8, 11 decodes in 2 minutes, Mack	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 11:21 W4ENN: Running	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 11:21 112030   3 12.5 1468 &  GM HASAN 73 Tnx Dale, Best ~Plus~7	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 11:19 WA4CQG : Replying, Dale, GM!	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 11:11 110745  -7  0.1 1170 ~  CQ VA3HD FN14	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
17Jul 11:10 copy va3hd on ft8 on 2 meter tropo	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
17Jul 11:03 THanks :)	(KB7IJ Rich TX EM12mr
17Jul 11:03 KB7IJ Rich, yes that too bad ,but gl on lotto	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
17Jul 11:02 Hi Larry.. Sad fact of Urban Life.  I can fix it, just as soon as my Lotto Quick picks hit :) 	(KB7IJ Rich TX EM12mr
17Jul 11:00 KB7IJ Rich, sorry to hear that rich	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
17Jul 11:00 kb7ij understand  	(K8LEE/LFA/KW Wayne in EM79ng
17Jul 10:59 6.3	(KB7IJ Rich TX EM12mr
17Jul 10:59 K8LEE  yup.  EME array.  Noise has gotten the best of me here.  Just cannot hear a bloody thing 	(KB7IJ Rich TX EM12mr
17Jul 10:58 kb7ij i saw ur 144 system for sale on qrz	(K8LEE/LFA/KW Wayne in EM79ng
17Jul 10:57 lb7ij thank you sir	(K8LEE/LFA/KW Wayne in EM79ng
17Jul 10:57 105615   4  9.2 1503 &  KB7IJ K8LEE RRR    THanks Wayne.. 	(KB7IJ Rich TX EM12mr
17Jul 10:57 105630   3  5.5 1500 &  K8LEE KB7IJ 73   	(K8LEE/LFA/KW Wayne in EM79ng
17Jul 10:54 105045   2  8.2 1474 &  K0xxx KA1W ~Plus~13      	(K8LEE Wayne in EM79ng
17Jul 10:53 one decode Larry	(KA1W Dave ct FN31ki
17Jul 10:50 104715   0  4.5 1488 &  CQ K0ZE EN25        	(N5OSK/6/2 Jerry ok EM25fi
17Jul 10:47 104645  -7 14.1 1483 &  KA1W K0TPP EM48   	(K8LEE Wayne in EM79ng
17Jul 10:47 104615  -1  9.3 1465 &  CQ KA1W FN31 	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
17Jul 10:46 Hasan what is ac ?	(N5OSK/6/2 Jerry ok EM25fi
17Jul 10:45 KA1W Dave, cqing 144150 	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
17Jul 10:44 04145   4  1.2 1522 &  N5OSK N0AN 73       	(N5OSK/6/2 Jerry ok EM25fi
17Jul 10:44 Running 144.150 	(KA1W Dave ct FN31ki
17Jul 10:43 Tnx Hasan	(N5OSK/6/2 Jerry ok EM25fi
17Jul 10:43 ~Plus~11	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 10:43 104200  11  6.7 1482 &  N0AN N5OSK 73: Tnx Jerry, did not see any indication of aircraft scatter, even though large plane was in perfect position. TU, Best _11	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 10:42 04145   4  1.2 1522 &  N5OSK N0AN 73       	(N5OSK/6/2 Jerry ok EM25fi
17Jul 10:42 04145   4  1.2 1522 &  N5OSK N0AN 73       	(N5OSK/6/2 Jerry ok EM25fi
17Jul 10:40 N0AN GM Hasan calling you	(KA1W Dave ct FN31ki
17Jul 10:40 N5OSK, you htere, Jerry?	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 10:39 N5OSK: Callning 2nd 260	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 10:38 K8LEE Gm Wayne .. you filled the screen GM/TU	(KA1W Dave ct FN31ki
17Jul 10:38 K0TPP Gm Larry TU	(KA1W Dave ct FN31ki
17Jul 10:35 N5OSK: Jerry, you are in my AC scatter range, we should try it sometime	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 10:35 n0an gm first "q" of my day 73	(K8LEE/LFA/KW Wayne in EM79ng
17Jul 10:34 103430   3  8.7 1508 &  K8LEE N0AN 73 	(K8LEE/LFA/KW Wayne in EM79ng
17Jul 10:34 103415  11  7.3 1501 &  N0AN K8LEE 73 : Tnx Wayne, Best ~Plus~11	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 10:34 K8LEE: Full page of RRR, sending few 73	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 10:32 K8LEE: Running	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 10:31 n0an yes short blast !	(K8LEE/LFA/KW Wayne in EM79ng
17Jul 10:31 K8LEE: Calling , Wayne	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 10:31 K0TPP: Ok, stopped.	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 10:31 Hi Wayne, seeing your cq, gm Jerry	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 10:30 gm all	(K8LEE/LFA/KW Wayne in EM79ng
17Jul 10:30 GM Jerry	(KD7YZ Bob KY EM88ll
17Jul 10:30 Gm all	(N5OSK/6/2 Jerry ok EM25fi
17Jul 10:30 N0AN Hasan, i on 2 meters  	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
17Jul 10:30 K0TPP: Calling you right now, me 1st	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 10:29 Larry, point my way right now, I'll call you 1st, plane in good spot for couple minutes	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 10:28 yes you can work a long way	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
17Jul 10:28 K0TPP: Yep, many times, Larry.	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 10:28 N0AN Hasan, you every work a ballon launch hasan they go up 80.000 ft on 2 meter fm 	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
17Jul 10:27 KD7YZ: Examples for me that are REALLY GOOD: K0TPP, N0KK, AG0N, ...on edge, ND0B	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 10:26 Yes	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 10:26 Rats. OK ..I gues it might help on getting thos e difficult distances that are so close where there's nop tropo	(KD7YZ Bob KY EM88ll
17Jul 10:26 KD7YZ: Yes, about 500 miles for 40,000 feet high plane, not many above that	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 10:25 KD7YZ: Check distance by grid square in WSJT-X, if ~GT~ 500 miles, NO GO	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 10:25 N0An then did u say a Max Distance between is circa 500 miles ?	(KD7YZ Bob KY EM88ll
17Jul 10:25 looks like sar 18:00z	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
17Jul 10:23 K0TPP: When does it start, Larry (CQ Test)	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 10:22 KD7YZ: The EL line boxes in red are small, at top of screen and if they are red or even one is red, no mutual visibility.	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 10:22 RR	(KD7YZ Bob KY EM88ll
17Jul 10:22 KD7YZ: You will have two big red highlighted areas for Secondary and Primary Alerts when plane is in Red Circle and Plane is in Skew Line Intersection. 	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 10:22 looks like cqww vhf contest this weekend coming up	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
17Jul 10:21 Oy! ok .. tnx	(KD7YZ Bob KY EM88ll
17Jul 10:21 KD7YZ: That's ok, ignore it, you don't need those files	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 10:21 thre's an error msg I cant find...An SRTM3 file required for this path is missing ...	(KD7YZ Bob KY EM88ll
17Jul 10:20 wr9l/b 144282.4 en61 up	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
17Jul 10:20 KD7YZ: Max distance is about 500 miles for AC scatter and we are ~GT~ 600	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 10:19 ahhhhh that explains the Red then ... thanks\	(KD7YZ Bob KY EM88ll
17Jul 10:19 looks like a little tropo on aprs to ne here	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
17Jul 10:19 KD7YZ: Doesn't matter, Bob, we are too far apart. If you look at the boxes in the EL line (top left, large section), if those boxes are RED ...any of them, we don't have mutual visibility.	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 10:04 n0an .. an airplane is entering the midpoint to us	(KD7YZ Bob KY EM88ll
17Jul 09:58 FB!	(W1VD Jay CT FN31ls
17Jul 09:42 We use it...and run MSK144 at same time, MSK144 seems to work fine with aircraft scatter. Limit in distance appear to be right at 500 miles for aircraft 11000 meters.	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 09:41 I thot I already got that when u mentioned it but I see I didn't	(KD7YZ Bob KY EM88ll
17Jul 09:41 ok	(KD7YZ Bob KY EM88ll
17Jul 09:40 AircraftScatterSharp by W3SZ...has all info in it, power/ant/freq/loss/ mutual visibility to all planes	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 09:39 N0AN Hasan which program shows the current planes?	(KD7YZ Bob KY EM88ll
17Jul 09:39 It works just fine on 6m. I have program running that shows planes, reflecton level and predicted signal level on 6m. All we need is plane in right spot	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 09:39 KD7YZ Bob, not sure why it did go over to right win	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
17Jul 09:38 N0AN Hasan, not sure if that works on 6 meters  i think the guys use it on the very high bands	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
17Jul 09:37 r8748	(KD7YZ Bob KY EM88ll
17Jul 09:37 KD7YZ Bob, what version you running	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
17Jul 09:37 K0TPP: Larry, we have to try airplane scatter sometime, we are in perfect distance for it.	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 09:36 KD7YZ Bob, thanks bob	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
17Jul 09:36 093530  12  7.4 1496 &  KD7YZ K0TPP 73  .. note this rpt did NOT go to the Right=Hand window in WSJTx	(KD7YZ Bob KY EM88ll
17Jul 09:34 Airplane scatter, maybe, Plane in perfect positon for us and predicted SNR ~GT~ 12 to 24 dB	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 09:33 gm guys	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
17Jul 09:33 N0AN Hasan, gm 	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
17Jul 09:32 093230   7  3.9 1494 &  CQ K0TPP EM48 : GM Larry	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 09:31 CQ 1st 260 SE	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 09:30 093015  14  4.0 1445 &  N0AN W4IMD 73: Tnx Peter, Best ~Plus~14, 73	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 09:30 HASAN TNX 73	(W4IMD Peter GA EM84ab
17Jul 09:29 GM Peter w4imd .. ur ~Plus~10	(KD7YZ Bob KY EM88ll
17Jul 09:29 W4IMD: GM Peter, Running.	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 09:28 15 seconds I mean	(KD7YZ Bob KY EM88ll
17Jul 09:28 30 seconds ...092800   7  3.8 1496 &  CQ N0AN EN22  	(KD7YZ Bob KY EM88ll
17Jul 09:27 CQ 1st 260 SE	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 09:27 092630  -5  6.2 1493 &  KD7YZ N0AN RRR  .. wow Hasan .. really quick this AM	(KD7YZ Bob KY EM88ll
17Jul 09:27 092645  17  9.3 1500 &  N0AN KD7YZ 73: Really nice finish, Bob! TNX Q!	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 09:26 092615  15  7.8 1501 &  N0AN KD7YZ : GM Bob!	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 09:25 KA1W: GM Dave, was reading emails	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 09:25 CQ 1st 260 SE	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 09:14 .	(KA1W Dave CT FN31ki
17Jul 09:13 GM All	(N0AN/6/LFA5/800 Hasan IA EN22xc
17Jul 07:16 hello	(KU8Y/50THRU432 Ken MI EN61uw
17Jul 04:50 hello	(W2HRO/2M Paul NJ FN20nh
17Jul 00:22 KA1W Dave, i think i done you can have them	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
16Jul 23:42 K0TPP geez id love to decode just one JA	(KA1W Dave ct FN31ki
16Jul 23:39 K0TPP Ok Larry enough of the JA stuff ... push the signals over to FN31 will ya	(KA1W Dave ct FN31ki
16Jul 23:15 K0TPP Larry,  Nice I am not seeing the JA here	(KE0LLH Brad Co DM78rg
16Jul 22:45 brad your in contest mode on ft8 	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
16Jul 20:04 K7IP, you still here?	(N6NR Rick WA CN96pr
16Jul 20:01 Hey Doug, I need an LoTW confirmation for CN76	(N6NR Rick WA CN96pr
16Jul 18:55 1854 -25  2.7 1314 #* CQ R3PA KO93       	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
16Jul 16:01 CQ stopping, clear 260	(WA7HQD Docgridpig UT DN31xb
16Jul 15:58 Thanks Jeff	(WA7HQD Docgridpig UT DN31xb
16Jul 15:55 WA7HQD - Doc, I don't know of anyone active in EM24. I need to put together a portable stn and go down there sometime... Gotta run for a bit... XYL is calling... CUL...	(K5WE Jeff OK EM25ex
16Jul 15:51 CQ 260 msk144 pointed SE	(WA7HQD Docgridpig UT DN31xb
16Jul 15:49 Great, thanks for the run Doug, see you in the AM	(WA7HQD Docgridpig UT DN31xb
16Jul 15:48 No more pesky job to interfere with serious hamming!	(K7IP/6M Doug WA CN76wx
16Jul 15:48 Sure thing.  I'm usually around by 1330z	(K7IP/6M Doug WA CN76wx