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14Aug 23:25 is the on4kst pages down?	(N6RMJ Pat CA DM14cp
11Aug 16:35 N3IZN, contact K6QXY on ON4KST region 2 page, re: HME	(KR7O Robert CA DM07ba
11Aug 12:47 Gedas you here ?	(W7OUU Jim ID DN22sn
10Aug 23:37 I dont have your number, you have mine in the emaiil. please call me or send me your number	(NP4G Otis xx FK78cd
10Aug 23:37 So, if you are not strong, you don't use a valuae of NSlots that is bigger than, say, 2	(AA7A Ned AZ DM43ao
10Aug 23:36 The bigger the value (from 1 to 5) the lower your signal will be to stations trying to work you.	(AA7A Ned AZ DM43ao
10Aug 23:36 NSlots is the # of simultaneous QSOs you want to work in the pileup	(AA7A Ned AZ DM43ao
10Aug 23:35 Yes. Your job is only to select who to call and select NSlots.	(AA7A Ned AZ DM43ao
10Aug 23:35 can I call you on teh phone?	(NP4G Otis xx FK78cd
10Aug 23:35 You should have a Log Window open on the screen and I should be in there	(AA7A Ned AZ DM43ao
10Aug 23:35 yep! you are in my log...  So ths FT* dxpedition mode logs automatically? no need to click callsigns?	(NP4G Otis xx FK78cd
10Aug 23:34 Yes, that box is the queue that is "To Be Called". You click on calls in the decoded box and they apear in the queue box	(AA7A Ned AZ DM43ao
10Aug 23:34 Did we worked?	(NP4G Otis xx FK78cd
10Aug 23:34 Looks like we made it	(AA7A Ned AZ DM43ao
10Aug 23:33 I head your. Cliked on your call sign and you call sing wet to the box	(NP4G Otis xx FK78cd
10Aug 23:29 10131	(NP4G Otis xx FK78cd
10Aug 23:28 30 might be better	(AA7A Ned AZ DM43ao
10Aug 23:27 let me see if I can find an open spot of 20. Maybe 30m or is it too early for you?	(NP4G Otis xx FK78cd
10Aug 23:26 copied you -20. Calling	(AA7A Ned AZ DM43ao
10Aug 23:25 I do not see you at all	(AA7A Ned AZ DM43ao
10Aug 23:25 yes, calling cq	(NP4G Otis xx FK78cd
10Aug 23:24 Are you on 18.105?	(AA7A Ned AZ DM43ao
10Aug 23:24 90w output	(NP4G Otis xx FK78cd
10Aug 23:23 I don't see you at all	(AA7A Ned AZ DM43ao
10Aug 23:21 QRX. retuning	(AA7A Ned AZ DM43ao
10Aug 23:20 calling	(NP4G Otis xx FK78cd
10Aug 23:20 18105	(NP4G Otis xx FK78cd
10Aug 23:18 18098 is quiet	(NP4G Otis xx FK78cd
10Aug 23:18 rr. try there	(AA7A Ned AZ DM43ao
10Aug 23:18 I can tune.  18.095	(NP4G Otis xx FK78cd
10Aug 23:17 Does your antenna work on 17m?	(AA7A Ned AZ DM43ao
10Aug 23:16 Lot of noise on 20 down here	(NP4G Otis xx FK78cd
10Aug 23:16 I am hearing lots of QRM.  maybe try on a different band?	(NP4G Otis xx FK78cd
10Aug 23:15 you hearing me? Or QRM?	(AA7A Ned AZ DM43ao
10Aug 23:15 I am hearing it S9	(NP4G Otis xx FK78cd
10Aug 23:14 OK. Are you seeing QRM on this channel?	(AA7A Ned AZ DM43ao
10Aug 23:13 I can find a clear frequency and maybe try there?	(NP4G Otis xx FK78cd
10Aug 23:13 I am transmitting 500W to a three element beam. 	(AA7A Ned AZ DM43ao
10Aug 23:13 I am copying -12 here	(AA7A Ned AZ DM43ao
10Aug 23:12 Not likely. You are not transmitting when I am. Hounds always call 2nd and Fox's on 1st sequence	(AA7A Ned AZ DM43ao
10Aug 23:12 maybe my RF is blocking you and I cant hear you?	(NP4G Otis xx FK78cd
10Aug 23:11 nothing	(NP4G Otis xx FK78cd
10Aug 23:10 Are you seeing me at all on around 1325 Hz?	(AA7A Ned AZ DM43ao
10Aug 23:08 here we go	(NP4G Otis xx FK78cd
10Aug 23:07 go ahead and call CQ again	(AA7A Ned AZ DM43ao
10Aug 23:06 I am here. Let me know how to proceed. thanks!	(NP4G Otis xx FK78cd
10Aug 23:06 hello Ned	(NP4G Otis xx FK78cd
10Aug 23:05 Otis...copying you fine. Let me make powe rpower	(AA7A Ned AZ DM43ao
10Aug 22:58 NP4G, Otis, are you here?	(AA7A Ned AZ DM43ao
03Aug 00:06 Alternates WSPR, JT9, JT65 and CW. Email for info if you cant find it.	(N3IZN Chris CA DM13ji

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