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13Aug 05:31 73	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr
13Aug 05:31 73	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr
13Aug 05:28 OK. That's good to know. 73	(W7XU Arliss SD EN13lm
13Aug 05:28 amy short pings dont decode due to FEC - and pings on 222 are very short	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr
13Aug 05:27 Yes there is no doubt you can get info out ofshort pings that the FEC wont let decode	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr
13Aug 05:24 One last thing, Bob -- Do you think FSK is better than MSK on 222? Don't know that I'm convinced.	(W7XU Arliss SD EN13lm
13Aug 05:24 even when you defer them they still load things up and hang there -- PITA - thanks guys	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr
13Aug 05:23 73, guys. Glad you got it going, Bob.	(W7XU Arliss SD EN13lm
13Aug 05:22 I totally HATE Win 10 updates!	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr
13Aug 05:22 oh geez. Glad you got it. GL guys. Good to see you Arliss	(AA7A/2M Ned AZ DM43ao
13Aug 05:22 Yep works now dang it	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr
13Aug 05:22 Don't talk to me about Win10 updates. Did one the other day on my laptop and it wouldn't run Win thereafter. Took me 2 days to get it going again.	(W7XU Arliss SD EN13lm
13Aug 05:21 RR I was doing nothing wrong - it was a pending reboot update that was messing things up	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr
13Aug 05:20 Don'	(W7XU Arliss SD EN13lm
13Aug 05:20 so, you're good?	(AA7A/2M Ned AZ DM43ao
13Aug 05:20 those damn Win 10 updates partially change the config bofre they completely load and mess things up	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr
13Aug 05:19 damn I was mid Win10 update - rebooted again and now it works fine no changes to config	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr
13Aug 05:17 Good advice - but I tried that LOL	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr
13Aug 05:14 Bob -- Comment from a know-nothing -- I installed 10 today. Couldn't get RX to work until I increased audio level on the SpecJT display page. 	(W7XU Arliss SD EN13lm
13Aug 05:12 hi Arliss	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr
13Aug 05:12 and I know I have the righ audio stream selected in -10	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr
13Aug 05:12 Hi, Bob (and Ned)	(W7XU Arliss SD EN13lm
13Aug 05:12 RX audio is fine WSJTx but no RX audio getting to -10	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr
13Aug 05:11 PTT works fine in WSJTX and -10	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr
13Aug 05:09 GL...73	(AA7A/2M Ned AZ DM43ao
13Aug 05:07 I can run both WSJT and WSJT-X at the same time. Can only control PTT from first app lauched. Not sure that would teel you much	(AA7A/2M Ned AZ DM43ao
13Aug 05:07 last idea	(AA7A/2M Ned AZ DM43ao
13Aug 05:06 TU Ned - spent too much time on it for a a qso I dont really care about anyway 73	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr
13Aug 05:06 Well....I tried	(AA7A/2M Ned AZ DM43ao
13Aug 05:05 I know. I lost my sound cards in my remote HF site. Had to reinstall drivers and reinstall hardware. 	(AA7A/2M Ned AZ DM43ao
13Aug 05:04 WSJTX working like a champ - 	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr
13Aug 05:03 and it all used to work woth WSJT10 last time I tried it - but that was a couple Win10 updates ago LOL	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr
13Aug 05:03 geez. This always was part of the issue with WSJT. 	(AA7A/2M Ned AZ DM43ao
13Aug 05:01 sound card is OK too	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr
13Aug 05:01 RR DAX working fine with WSJTX	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr
13Aug 04:59 Tells me that Sound device making an output or receiving an input. Help me figure out hoe far audio got in these compicated setups sometimes	(AA7A/2M Ned AZ DM43ao
13Aug 04:58 In Audio Device Properties for my various sound cards there are VU-meter kind of things	(AA7A/2M Ned AZ DM43ao
13Aug 04:57 I am not a FLEX dude. Do the DAX config tools indicate that the RX2 RX channel is sending audio in any way?	(AA7A/2M Ned AZ DM43ao
13Aug 04:57 LOL - thanks for trying Ned - 	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr
13Aug 04:56 RR INput not working - but Im it says I habe the right one selected and it is working "normally"	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr
13Aug 04:56 Well, I had confidence that I could help until you mentioned that you had a Flex	(AA7A/2M Ned AZ DM43ao
13Aug 04:55 It used to work when I did that - no clue why not now	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr
13Aug 04:54 RR input it naot right but ti says it will open the one I selected whicj is the right one	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr
13Aug 04:54 You try L AND R channel?	(AA7A/2M Ned AZ DM43ao
13Aug 04:54 Yeah I get it 	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr
13Aug 04:53 The Output stream is OK, I gather. Input not right	(AA7A/2M Ned AZ DM43ao
13Aug 04:53 After the table of Audio Devices, there are some statements	(AA7A/2M Ned AZ DM43ao
13Aug 04:52 OH OK .. will open says it will open the one I selected that has RX2	(K2DRH Bobtwo IL EN41vr
13Aug 04:51 I am curious whether what you are requesting is getting acted upon	(AA7A/2M Ned AZ DM43ao
13Aug 04:51 I know. In the DOS-looking window is the audio stream config.	(AA7A/2M Ned AZ DM43ao

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