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09/25 02:37 HI Chuck......lurking....	(K5QE/6M/QRO Marshall TX EM31cj
09/25 02:32 did u make it?	(KK4TE Chuck AL EM50xw
09/25 02:31 after I copy you with both calls, then is is R+(signal report)?	(KK4TE Chuck AL EM50xw
09/18 20:40 need help on which mode to use on 6 and then on 2	(KK4TE Chuck AL EM50xw
09/18 20:39 qrz...	(KK4TE Chuck AL EM50xw
09/14 00:43 anyone around for MS 	(WA3MEJ Jim MD FM19nm
09/09 02:27 n3izn chriss are you here	(N6RMJ Pat CA DM14cp
09/03 12:54 Tks Dano	(KE7NR/6/2/222 Don AZ DM33wm
09/03 10:29 Don, double right-click the decoded callsign of the person ur working for terrestrial reports	(KF6A/6M/2M Dano MI EN73pj
09/02 16:14 How do you set up jt65A to give this report? 160800 10  -11 -0.5 -490  4 *      KI3T MW1CFN -18     	(KE7NR/P Don AZ DM54ah
09/02 16:13 ND0B; you here ?	(KE7NR/P Don AZ DM54ah
08/24 13:40 always happy to try and help Steve - good luck with Brad	(KS7S/6/2 Jim AZ DM41un
08/24 13:39 KS7S, tnx!!  Now back to main page,,  Your help was very welcome!	(KJ7OG Steveb AZ DM42mh
08/24 13:38 by jove, I think you found it - 133800 24.3  320 24 29   -1     9Q#0J7OG KS7S KJ7OG KS7S KJ7OG KS7S KJ7O 	(KS7S/6/2 Jim AZ DM41un
08/24 13:37 KS7S, that was the problem.. reset puts rig into LSB.. yukk	(KJ7OG Steveb AZ DM42mh
08/24 13:37 HA!! found it!Now running, pse check	(KJ7OG Steveb AZ DM42mh
08/24 13:33 ya, that's a possibility too	(KS7S/6/2 Jim AZ DM41un
08/24 13:33 It appears to be a filtering issue of some kind as all the tones still don't seem to be there on .264	(KS7S/6/2 Jim AZ DM41un
08/24 13:32 KS7S, iw i will check to see if set to LSB instead of USB	(KJ7OG Steveb AZ DM42mh
08/24 13:32 If I tune to .264, tones sound better but still no decodes	(KS7S/6/2 Jim AZ DM41un
08/24 13:31 KS7S, had to reset FT817, due to intermittent power cable	(KJ7OG Steveb AZ DM42mh
08/24 13:31 NP - I'm having troubles getting any decodes - if I tune to .265 only seeing bottom half of tones	(KS7S/6/2 Jim AZ DM41un
08/24 13:31 KS7S, calling you .265 1st, pointed eatst	(KJ7OG Steveb AZ DM42mh
08/24 13:29 KS7S, yes,, it took awhile. sri	(KJ7OG Steveb AZ DM42mh
08/24 13:29 KJ7OG, you here Steve?	(KS7S/6/2 Jim AZ DM41un
08/18 16:15 test test	(N4QWZ Todd TN EM66ok
08/13 19:26 here Larry.. was on chat	(K0KUK/6/2/432 Art MN EN35dw
08/13 18:34 Art,,still here?	(W5LDA/6/2/432 Larry OK EM15xt
08/13 18:28 ok Larry,,thnx for help	(W5LDA/6/2/432 Larry OK EM15xt
08/13 18:28 thnx Lloyd	(W5LDA/6/2/432 Larry OK EM15xt
08/13 18:28 good luck Larry CUL  email by way is	(W7IXZ/6 Larry OR DN14cs
08/13 18:27 my rigblaster pro connects to acc jack on radio 	(W7IXZ/6 Larry OR DN14cs
08/13 18:27 ok then sound card or cabling will get out of here	(WB0ULX Lloyd SD EN04vi
08/13 18:26 plus II	(W5LDA/6/2/432 Larry OK EM15xt
08/13 18:25 thats how plkus II works	(W5LDA/6/2/432 Larry OK EM15xt
08/13 18:25 its plugged into mic on radio	(W5LDA/6/2/432 Larry OK EM15xt
08/13 18:24 monitor is green	(W5LDA/6/2/432 Larry OK EM15xt
08/13 18:24 is the rigblaster plugged into the acc jack on radio or to speaker output?	(W7IXZ/6 Larry OR DN14cs
08/13 18:24 IS Monitor button green?	(WB0ULX Lloyd SD EN04vi
08/13 18:23 and it should	(W5LDA/6/2/432 Larry OK EM15xt
08/13 18:23 no it does not	(W5LDA/6/2/432 Larry OK EM15xt
08/13 18:21 Does RX noise level change with u adjusting Volume knob of radio?	(WB0ULX Lloyd SD EN04vi
08/13 18:21 as Lloyd asked it your monitor button green?	(W7IXZ/6 Larry OR DN14cs
08/13 18:20 still just straight line	(W5LDA/6/2/432 Larry OK EM15xt
08/13 18:19 changed cables last night	(W5LDA/6/2/432 Larry OK EM15xt
08/13 18:19 Oh yes...i forgot to ask him about that...mine is set to auto go to monitor	(W7IXZ/6 Larry OR DN14cs
08/13 18:19 rx is 0	(W5LDA/6/2/432 Larry OK EM15xt
08/13 18:18 on wsjt? if so already hit monitor	(W5LDA/6/2/432 Larry OK EM15xt
08/13 18:18 is it GREEN or ON!    What is RX noise  box reaDING?	(WB0ULX Lloyd SD EN04vi
08/13 18:18 I had one problem once with a bad plug on one end of my cable you might replace cable just in case	(W7IXZ/6 Larry OR DN14cs

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