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06May 11:01 testing	(K5GZR Rick TX EL29gp
06May 01:33 Is PJ down?	(W9SE John IL EN50mm
29Apr 13:48 RRR	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
29Apr 13:47 OK back to main page	(W7OUU//QRO/6/2 Jim ID DN22sn
29Apr 13:47 Now that we have each decoded each other a number of times I know we will do this !	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
29Apr 13:45 Good deal, we will keep plugging away until we do this. I have a lot of patience LOL	(W7OUU//QRO/6/2 Jim ID DN22sn
29Apr 13:45 get rid of extra spaces I had to add in to post	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
29Apr 13:45 http : //	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
29Apr 13:43 RRR.  BTW, been checking realtime radar each day and Eta's are getting bigger and bigger each day	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
29Apr 13:43 Well its common on some of these rigs cuz crappy alc design	(W7OUU//QRO/6/2 Jim ID DN22sn
29Apr 13:42 OUCH !  Yeah that is a killer	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
29Apr 13:41 This Icom has a huge spike at key up like most of them	(W7OUU//QRO/6/2 Jim ID DN22sn
29Apr 13:40 about $200	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
29Apr 13:40 There is an outfit in Fla that makes a module that will protect SSPA from that	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
29Apr 13:39 I have attenuator on the input of both of these to help prevent that	(W7OUU//QRO/6/2 Jim ID DN22sn
29Apr 13:35 for 6m	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
29Apr 13:35 I am keeping the 1 kW Harris as it has full protection from anything	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
29Apr 13:34 Yup exactly....That is why I sold my Larcans	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
29Apr 13:33 Well those are the two biggest killers of QRO on SSPA's	(W7OUU//QRO/6/2 Jim ID DN22sn
29Apr 13:33 Smart move....I have already had to use those features on Beko	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
29Apr 13:32 Very nice. These will be bare bones amps. No metering, just input protections and swr protection	(W7OUU//QRO/6/2 Jim ID DN22sn
29Apr 13:30 1 kW on Beko pwr meter	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
29Apr 13:30 Well I need something thats more portable is the reason I am building these	(W7OUU//QRO/6/2 Jim ID DN22sn
29Apr 13:30 missed ur question below....output is 1100W on Bird	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
29Apr 13:29 I have been running with the agc off also to capture the lil ones	(W7OUU//QRO/6/2 Jim ID DN22sn
29Apr 13:29 Yes they are big but then agn they were designed for 24/7 operation	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
29Apr 13:27 These older designs like the Larcan etc are just too bulky	(W7OUU//QRO/6/2 Jim ID DN22sn
29Apr 13:27 This AM I am running the Flex with AGC off making it very sensitive	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
29Apr 13:26 Well I think the Beko is the best out there, no question	(W7OUU//QRO/6/2 Jim ID DN22sn
29Apr 13:25 Is that 1 kw average ?	(W7OUU//QRO/6/2 Jim ID DN22sn
29Apr 13:24 Very nice !  I absolutely love this Beko......darn thing does not even get warm after several hrs at 1 kW	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
29Apr 13:24 W6PQL  types.	(W7OUU//QRO/6/2 Jim ID DN22sn
29Apr 13:23 OK, just wondering, got my copper back from the machine shop and building two amps 6 and 2	(W7OUU//QRO/6/2 Jim ID DN22sn
29Apr 13:22 I am not sure as no schematic is provided....I suspect one	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
29Apr 13:20 Howdy, how many devices does the Beko use in the output ?	(W7OUU//QRO/6/2 Jim ID DN22sn
29Apr 13:20 GM Jim	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
29Apr 13:19 W8BYA ?	(W7OUU//QRO/6/2 Jim ID DN22sn
10Apr 14:23 What is a good QRG to monitor MS on 144?	(WA7XX Doug AZ DM42mj
10Apr 13:47 73	(XE2AT Al xx DL81uu
10Apr 13:46 Tnx, you as well	(K9MRI Joe IN EN70iu
10Apr 13:46 Many thanks for the info..have a great family Sunday	(XE2AT Al xx DL81uu
10Apr 13:45 Unfortunately XE land limit us 500 w	(XE2AT Al xx DL81uu
10Apr 13:45 Maybe condx will be more settled, 73	(K9MRI Joe IN EN70iu
10Apr 13:44 Anyway, good luck working him today	(K9MRI Joe IN EN70iu
10Apr 13:44 I need more pwr or x pol	(XE2AT Al xx DL81uu
10Apr 13:44 However, W2HRO worked him last eve I think	(K9MRI Joe IN EN70iu
10Apr 13:43 Sort of one sided I guess	(K9MRI Joe IN EN70iu
10Apr 13:43 And he worked a lot of kw guys	(XE2AT Al xx DL81uu
10Apr 13:43 But my tx reports were lower than normal	(K9MRI Joe IN EN70iu
10Apr 13:42 At that time Remi was also very strong	(K9MRI Joe IN EN70iu

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