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04/24 04:32 73	(WA7BBJ/6/2 Garyl WA CN97at
04/24 04:30 Thanks again Gary, 73.	(VE7DAY John BC CO70ia
04/24 04:30 Ok, good luck, I have one contact.  HI.	(VE7DAY John BC CO70ia
04/24 04:29  Think I will check in on the SSB guys and say good night	(WA7BBJ/6/2 Garyl WA CN97at
04/24 04:27 lots of fast QSB	(WA7BBJ/6/2 Garyl WA CN97at
04/24 04:26 Thanks Gary, it works, at least on two.	(VE7DAY John BC CO70ia
04/24 04:20 If nothing in 10 mins we'll quit ok?	(VE7DAY John BC CO70ia
04/24 04:19 Running now.	(VE7DAY John BC CO70ia
04/24 04:18 OK 144.220	(WA7BBJ/6/2 Garyl WA CN97at
04/24 04:17 I agree, lets try a quick one on 144 ok?	(VE7DAY John BC CO70ia
04/24 04:15 John time to call it. Just no path between us tonight.	(WA7BBJ/6/2 Garyl WA CN97at
04/24 03:54 RR 090	(WA7BBJ/6/2 Garyl WA CN97at
04/24 03:53 .090	(VE7DAY John BC CO70ia
04/24 03:52 switching FSK441	(WA7BBJ/6/2 Garyl WA CN97at
04/24 03:52 XYL has been scanning local new   no reports yet  figures!	(WA7BBJ/6/2 Garyl WA CN97at
04/24 03:51 Gary, how about we run FSK441?	(VE7DAY John BC CO70ia
04/24 03:49 157 kilometers northwest of us.	(VE7DAY John BC CO70ia
04/24 03:49 Earthquake was 6.7 and aftershock of 5.0 	(VE7DAY John BC CO70ia
04/24 03:43 Ok.	(VE7DAY John BC CO70ia
04/24 03:43 maybe birdie here	(WA7BBJ/6/2 Garyl WA CN97at
04/24 03:41 try looking 121 hz up	(WA7BBJ/6/2 Garyl WA CN97at
04/24 03:34 Running now.	(VE7DAY John BC CO70ia
04/24 03:33 JT65A	(WA7BBJ/6/2 Garyl WA CN97at
04/24 03:32 New mode?	(VE7DAY John BC CO70ia
04/24 03:31 0324Z had something	(WA7BBJ/6/2 Garyl WA CN97at
04/24 03:30 NADA 	(WA7BBJ/6/2 Garyl WA CN97at
04/24 03:29 Any trace there Yet?	(VE7DAY John BC CO70ia
04/24 03:28 Haven't heard yet.	(VE7DAY John BC CO70ia
04/24 03:28 Much much less severe down here.	(VE7DAY John BC CO70ia
04/24 03:28 what was its center	(WA7BBJ/6/2 Garyl WA CN97at
04/24 03:27 5.9 is still a rather large quake	(WA7BBJ/6/2 Garyl WA CN97at
04/24 03:25 That earthquake measured 5.9 at Port Hardy couple hundred miles up Island.	(VE7DAY John BC CO70ia
04/24 03:18 OK switching over	(WA7BBJ/6/2 Garyl WA CN97at
04/24 03:18 Running now.	(VE7DAY John BC CO70ia
04/24 03:17 Try ISCAT-B now?	(VE7DAY John BC CO70ia
04/24 03:17 shall we try iscat b before you power goes out  hi hi	(WA7BBJ/6/2 Garyl WA CN97at
04/24 03:14 2 little shakes.	(VE7DAY John BC CO70ia
04/24 03:14 All ok.	(VE7DAY John BC CO70ia
04/24 03:14 R U OK????	(WA7BBJ/6/2 Garyl WA CN97at
04/24 03:13 no quake here   BIG ONE or little one?	(WA7BBJ/6/2 Garyl WA CN97at
04/24 03:12 Had a bit of an earthquake here just now.	(VE7DAY John BC CO70ia
04/24 03:08 no one has been here since 4/15	(WA7BBJ/6/2 Garyl WA CN97at
04/24 03:07 Then try ISCAT-B	(VE7DAY John BC CO70ia
04/24 03:06 but have no heard reply yet 	(WA7BBJ/6/2 Garyl WA CN97at
04/24 03:06 Lets run until 15 mins past the hour.	(VE7DAY John BC CO70ia
04/24 03:06 NO we sud b ok DANO was going to email sys op abt ISCAT	(WA7BBJ/6/2 Garyl WA CN97at
04/24 03:05 I'm ok for that.	(VE7DAY John BC CO70ia
04/24 03:05 Do we have to leave this chat to change modes?	(VE7DAY John BC CO70ia
04/24 03:04 we can try 10 minute runs of each	(WA7BBJ/6/2 Garyl WA CN97at
04/24 03:04 maybe ISCAT B or JT65a	(WA7BBJ/6/2 Garyl WA CN97at

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