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04/15 12:57 73	(N1RJX Paul MA FN32vo
04/15 12:56 rr...ok...ttyl8...hagd	(W9BLI Jake WI EN64dp
04/15 12:56 off to the junk yard between rain storms	(N1RJX Paul MA FN32vo
04/15 12:55 taht will ave you shipping hassels and sends the bill to my account	(N1RJX Paul MA FN32vo
04/15 12:55 roger on the  6'  deal..will check  when apart  what i can  use	(W9BLI Jake WI EN64dp
04/15 12:55 once we have the weight and dimenssions I will send you a FEdex labnle	(N1RJX Paul MA FN32vo
04/15 12:54 the 1" tubes  r  abt 4' will see	(W9BLI Jake WI EN64dp
04/15 12:54 PVC works well. Just have to stay below 6 feet length	(N1RJX Paul MA FN32vo
04/15 12:54 Or cardboard.  Whatever you have laying around	(N1RJX Paul MA FN32vo
04/15 12:53 use a 6" x 4'  pvc?	(W9BLI Jake WI EN64dp
04/15 12:52 i shud  sue a  6"  pvc  for  ship?	(W9BLI Jake WI EN64dp
04/15 12:52 73 and TNX	(N1RJX Paul MA FN32vo
04/15 12:52 RR no work this trip, well apart from amps at SVHF. This is a week of sailing in NC with a Ham buddy.	(N1RJX Paul MA FN32vo
04/15 12:51 ok..hjagd  paul...time for my nap...worked all night	(W9BLI Jake WI EN64dp
04/15 12:50 but will check with you after  28th...after yr all caught up with  work	(W9BLI Jake WI EN64dp
04/15 12:50 I hate not using client!!	(N1RJX Paul MA FN32vo
04/15 12:49 May sounds perfect. I will be building the frame in May. I also have 4 1296 yagis that I picked up for Bill that will have to wait till I have time in may to ship too	(N1RJX Paul MA FN32vo
04/15 12:49 yr spoiled without client  	(W9BLI Jake WI EN64dp
04/15 12:48 antennas in  big easy 2 work on..just  cold again	(W9BLI Jake WI EN64dp
04/15 12:48 I am spoiled or your year is spoiled?	(N1RJX Paul MA FN32vo
04/15 12:48 i will look to try 2 get set to ship for  may..	(W9BLI Jake WI EN64dp
04/15 12:47 With winter Jake none of us get anything done outside	(N1RJX Paul MA FN32vo
04/15 12:47 thats  fine...not a problem...	(W9BLI Jake WI EN64dp
04/15 12:47 yr spoiled is	(W9BLI Jake WI EN64dp
04/15 12:47 NP I am headding to SVHF for a week so I will not be home till 28th anyway	(N1RJX Paul MA FN32vo
04/15 12:46 been hectic cple weeks	(W9BLI Jake WI EN64dp
04/15 12:46 not running the client on this comp so hard work ")	(N1RJX Paul MA FN32vo
04/15 12:46 hopefully nexy week work on those antennas here	(W9BLI Jake WI EN64dp
04/15 12:46 sorry I was downstairs	(N1RJX Paul MA FN32vo
04/15 12:45 gm 	(W9BLI Jake WI EN64dp
04/15 12:45 hi jake	(N1RJX Paul MA FN32vo
04/15 12:44 off  page	(W9BLI Jake WI EN64dp
04/15 12:43 i am here	(W9BLI Jake WI EN64dp
04/03 03:52 73	(K5DOG Stevedog TX EM00wh
04/03 03:51 tnx amigo.....buenas noches	(XE2AT Al xx DL81uu
04/03 03:49 I will do my best.  1630z on Friday...HB9Q	(K5DOG Stevedog TX EM00wh
04/03 03:49 right..hope see you there...	(XE2AT Al xx DL81uu
04/03 03:48 I see you with MR at 1630z.  Is that right?	(K5DOG Stevedog TX EM00wh
04/03 03:47 see you around 1600 friday on hb9q chat....	(XE2AT Al xx DL81uu
04/03 03:45 ok will try on my MR..4x16 and 180w...	(XE2AT Al xx DL81uu
04/03 03:43 Moon is high.  Degrade OK.  I am usually around in the afternoons.	(K5DOG Stevedog TX EM00wh
04/03 03:40 -2 on degradatio....what you think	(XE2AT Al xx DL81uu
04/03 03:39 are conds on 70 cm the friday...	(XE2AT Al xx DL81uu
04/03 03:38 Sorry, no phone here.	(K5DOG Stevedog TX EM00wh
04/03 03:37 can I call you by phone 	(XE2AT Al xx DL81uu
04/03 03:36 Howdy.	(K5DOG Stevedog TX EM00wh
04/03 03:35 you still here	(XE2AT Al xx DL81uu
04/03 03:27 Ola amigo.  Que pasa?	(K5DOG Stevedog TX EM00wh
04/03 03:22 Steve are you here,buenas noches...:-) 	(XE2AT Al xx DL81uu
04/02 23:07 ..	(K7TNT/6M/2M Richard WY DN74fg

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