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07/13 15:29 off relief page	(W8BYA Gedas IN EN70jt
07/13 15:29 I hope that is my problem.  I'll let you know.  Tnx	(KE7NR/6/2/222 Don AZ DM33wm
07/13 15:29 also rem that noise can be induced via powerlines into rig etc as well as antennas	(W8BYA Gedas IN EN70jt
07/13 15:27 that was generating noise from AM bands up through VHF !	(W8BYA Gedas IN EN70jt
07/13 15:27 My brother was having same issue and following those steps found a cheap ac/dc wall wart	(W8BYA Gedas IN EN70jt
07/13 15:26 RR,  I'll have to play with it to see what's going on.  Thanks for the info	(KE7NR/6/2/222 Don AZ DM33wm
07/13 15:26 Don, suggest you kill the main breakers in house and operate rig or SA off battery for a few minutes to see if noise is in house	(W8BYA Gedas IN EN70jt
07/13 15:24 very very frustrating !  99% of us use N5TM's PJC	(W8BYA Gedas IN EN70jt
07/13 15:24 same on my beams	(KE7NR/6/2/222 Don AZ DM33wm
07/13 15:24 by the time i type in my message it clears it for me	(W8BYA Gedas IN EN70jt
07/13 15:24 PJ itself and the PJ relief page system sucks	(W8BYA Gedas IN EN70jt
07/13 15:23 Don do you use Dan's PJC ?	(W8BYA Gedas IN EN70jt
07/13 15:22 oh wow.......-60 dBm is horrible	(W8BYA Gedas IN EN70jt
07/13 15:22 so without the LNA that level will be even lower	(W8BYA Gedas IN EN70jt
07/13 15:22 On my vertical, I'm only -60 from DC to light.	(KE7NR/6/2/222 Don AZ DM33wm
07/13 15:21 that is using 2x17 elem beams and a SSB LNA whose gain has NOT been accounted for	(W8BYA Gedas IN EN70jt
07/13 15:21 Wow	(KE7NR/6/2/222 Don AZ DM33wm
07/13 15:20 if I point into a quiet corn field here, using a BW of around 2 kHz, my absolute noise floor is around -130 dBm	(W8BYA Gedas IN EN70jt
07/13 15:19 Excellent.  Im using an HP8594E	(KE7NR/6/2/222 Don AZ DM33wm
07/13 15:18 it agrees within a dB of what I measure with my HP spectrum analyzer and calibrated sig gen	(W8BYA Gedas IN EN70jt
07/13 15:18 Please	(KE7NR/6/2/222 Don AZ DM33wm
07/13 15:17 but much much more sensitive	(W8BYA Gedas IN EN70jt
07/13 15:17 I can give you absolute levels I see here using my flex since it is a spectrum analyzer	(W8BYA Gedas IN EN70jt
07/13 15:16 The ambient noise level will depend on the BW of ur receiver and of course the background level of any RF the ant is picking up	(W8BYA Gedas IN EN70jt
07/13 15:16 RR	(KE7NR/6/2/222 Don AZ DM33wm
07/13 15:16 QRX Don.......typing reply now (if this stupid thing will let me)	(W8BYA Gedas IN EN70jt
07/13 15:15 argghhhhhhh typed in long reply and this fricken page cleaned it off	(W8BYA Gedas IN EN70jt
07/13 15:15 Ged. It's possible we can work ssb. Worked your direction this morning. 	(W5LDA Larry OK EM15xt
07/13 15:14 i had to re-enter all my info before i cud respond	(W8BYA Gedas IN EN70jt
07/13 15:14 Any idea how low the average signal should be if im not in a noisy area?	(KE7NR/6/2/222 Don AZ DM33wm
07/13 15:13 sri, i dont use PJ anymore and it was not seeing me	(W8BYA Gedas IN EN70jt
07/13 15:13 I have a spectrum analyzer connected to a vertical antenna.	(KE7NR/6/2/222 Don AZ DM33wm
07/13 15:13 I'm trying to determine if my local noise level is too bad.	(KE7NR/6/2/222 Don AZ DM33wm
07/13 15:11 Gedas?	(KE7NR/6/2/222 Don AZ DM33wm
07/06 11:47 RR	(WQ5S Brad TX DM82no
07/06 11:46 can I call you on cell	(W3UUM Matt TX EL29pw
07/06 11:44 start at the next odd minute	(W3UUM Matt TX EL29pw
07/06 11:42 RRR	(WQ5S Brad TX DM82no
07/06 11:41 You want me to TX for a couple ... see if you can find me	(W3UUM Matt TX EL29pw
07/06 11:40 Same here	(WQ5S Brad TX DM82no
07/06 11:39 looking at the maps, I thought we wud have some help	(W3UUM Matt TX EL29pw
07/06 11:38 nothing yet	(W3UUM Matt TX EL29pw
07/06 11:36 looking for a signal	(W3UUM Matt TX EL29pw
07/06 11:36 ok my fault ... too early :) ready for you to start	(W3UUM Matt TX EL29pw
07/06 11:36 cockpit errors on my end now running like it should be	(WQ5S Brad TX DM82no
07/06 11:34 grrr .. something	(W3UUM Matt TX EL29pw
07/06 11:33 RR 	(WQ5S Brad TX DM82no
07/06 11:32 rr ... ready.Not sure of accurate freq.	(W3UUM Matt TX EL29pw
07/06 11:30 JT65B I will TX 1st	(WQ5S Brad TX DM82no
07/06 11:30 Matt Nil on CW 	(WQ5S Brad TX DM82no

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