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14May 18:16 73	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
14May 18:15 RR. We can continue discussions over email. cul.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 18:15 You drifted by down a couple of Hz while we were playing...	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 18:14 I'll send you my conclusion about that by email.	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
14May 18:14 I experienced the same thing - but could not recall enough details, so I didn't mention it. 	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 18:14 Probably should go back to the TS-2000, hi.	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
14May 18:13 RR. BTW - Bill mentioned having trouble moving a call from "Calling" panel to queue.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 18:13 I'm probably 3 Hz off because FT-2000 can be set only to nearest 10 Hz.	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
14May 18:12 I sent you a summary (via email) of what I saw during the weird exchange.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 18:12 RR, good.  Thanks, I think 8658 is OK.	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
14May 18:11 And we had just worked.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 18:11 Yes. I was still bare K9AN.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 18:10 They did not show up in left panel.	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
14May 18:10 Your transmissions at 180745 and 180815 must have been calls from a dupe?	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
14May 18:09 Yes, that would be useful.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 18:09 I guess all looks good with r8658.  I will look t putting in a "CQ controller".	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
14May 18:08 RR. 	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 18:07 I restarted prog so you would not be a dupe	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
14May 18:07 180630  10  0.2  301 ~  ALL OK NOW?	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 18:06 We probably just found an edge case. I think it's OK.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 18:06 K1JT and K9AN/9 completed QSOs at 175930 and again at 180200.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 18:06 I restarted	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
14May 18:04 Hmm. Why did you work me as K9AN/9 the second time though. Shouldn't I have been a dupe?	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 18:03 Now I will call with K9AN	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 18:03 Yes, the last two were as K9AN/9. and both worked OK.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 18:01 You're calling as K9AN/9 ?	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
14May 18:00 Sorry, screwup here.  I'm starting again	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
14May 17:59 Or was it because you had just worked K9AN with no suffix?	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 17:57 RR, let's try again with no free text.	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
14May 17:57 The screwup must be related to sending you free text.  I imagine that can confuse the FoxSqeuencer.	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
14May 17:56 Maybe we should do that again, with no free text in between.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 17:55 Maybe two problems? I apparently didn't recognize the RR73 that you sent to me, cuz I kept sending roger-reports.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 17:55 At 17:49:15 I have K9AN/9 calling me.	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
14May 17:54 My post a few lines down shows your RR73 (correct) and the spurious report (incorrect).	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 17:54 I called you as K9AN/9. You responded with -10. I sent R+08. Then you sent RR73 and another report.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 17:53 Something wasn't right there.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 17:53 Didn't you call me as K9AN/9?	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
14May 17:52 175130   9  0.2  303 ~  DUH ON ME	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 17:52 You started a second QSO with me??	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 17:51 175030   7  0.2  303 ~  K9AN RR73; K9AN  K1JT   -10	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 17:51 What was that?	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 17:51 Wait, you jinxed us.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 17:50 You are 3 Hz high.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 17:50 174930   8  0.2  303 ~  ALL IS WELL	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 17:48 Logged correctly.  Seems I was worried about nothing, hi.	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
14May 17:47 After this, I'll switch to a compound call.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 17:46 I am ready as Hound	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 17:46 I will CQ as Fox on 14.115	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
14May 17:46 You can take that first comment as a combination of "Hi" and "Ha Ha"... 	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
14May 17:45 RR	(K1JT/700W Joe NJ FN20qi

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