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21Feb 18:22 CUL Hasan, take care and Tnx	(W7OUU//QRO/6/2 Jim ID DN22sn
21Feb 18:21 I am a auto wholesaler for a local dealer and most of the time can do everything off my smart phone gut sometimes have to got into the office. Its the perfect part time gig Hi	(W7OUU//QRO/6/2 Jim ID DN22sn
21Feb 18:18 My pleasure, 73	(N0AN Hasan IA EN22xc
21Feb 18:18 We got ours 2 days ago, and it takes effect nationally 1 April	(N0AN Hasan IA EN22xc
21Feb 18:18 Yep...gotta git, Jim, watch out for that "letter" if you are rural, small ISP 	(N0AN Hasan IA EN22xc
21Feb 18:18 Office just called, need to go handle some business. Catch ya later and tnx for info and chat	(W7OUU//QRO/6/2 Jim ID DN22sn
21Feb 18:17 Well you will come out on the + side of this then. Thats a good thing	(W7OUU//QRO/6/2 Jim ID DN22sn
21Feb 18:16 Since DirecTV and  the Bundle are same price, then save almost $80/mo.	(N0AN Hasan IA EN22xc
21Feb 18:15 We currently pay nearly 75 a month for 12 Mbs internet onlyl.	(N0AN Hasan IA EN22xc
21Feb 18:15 OH, that is good news then	(W7OUU//QRO/6/2 Jim ID DN22sn
21Feb 18:14 We get 20 Mbps/TV/Phone and save $75 per month.	(N0AN Hasan IA EN22xc
21Feb 18:13 If we drop DirecTV and changge to a bundle from ISP for TV/Internet/Phone	(N0AN Hasan IA EN22xc
21Feb 18:13 And the good news ?	(W7OUU//QRO/6/2 Jim ID DN22sn
21Feb 18:13 Here's the good news:	(N0AN Hasan IA EN22xc
21Feb 18:11 Yep the bottom line always enters in there somewhere doesnt it	(W7OUU//QRO/6/2 Jim ID DN22sn
21Feb 18:10 That's the bad news, there is good news.	(N0AN Hasan IA EN22xc
21Feb 18:10 It's all about enhancing rural internet infrastructure and return on investment for the ISPs	(N0AN Hasan IA EN22xc
21Feb 18:08 It only applies to small rural ISPs that are getting a Federal subsidy.	(N0AN Hasan IA EN22xc
21Feb 18:07 So, we have to pay $30/mo for a phone we don't need, or $80/mo penalty.	(N0AN Hasan IA EN22xc
21Feb 18:07 What !!!! Thats insane	(W7OUU//QRO/6/2 Jim ID DN22sn
21Feb 18:07 No more internet only from rural ISPs	(N0AN Hasan IA EN22xc
21Feb 18:06 FCC issued an order saying you must have a phone connection over fiber, or pay an $80/mo surcharge!	(N0AN Hasan IA EN22xc
21Feb 18:06 Remind me to tell you about rural internet small provider prices going up	(N0AN Hasan IA EN22xc
21Feb 18:05 Pop the foot switch and it would clear it	(W7OUU//QRO/6/2 Jim ID DN22sn
21Feb 18:05 Its about 5-6 yrs old. Just wouldnt come back to receive all the time	(W7OUU//QRO/6/2 Jim ID DN22sn
21Feb 18:04	(K0TPP Larry MO EM48rj
21Feb 18:04 Well they have history on the driver board and the TR relay doesnt surprise me 	(W7OUU//QRO/6/2 Jim ID DN22sn
21Feb 18:04 your in tropo 	(K0TPP Larry MO EM48rj
21Feb 18:04 Today is our 42nd anniversary. I better get upstairs and make out the card before she gets home.	(N0AN Hasan IA EN22xc
21Feb 18:03 That's unpleasant, kind of an early failure.	(N0AN Hasan IA EN22xc
21Feb 18:02  180130   7 11.6 1479 & CQ N0AN EN22           1  9 -0.6  180130   8 11.5 1470 & CQ N0AN EN22           1  0  0.3	(K0TPP Larry MO EM48rj
21Feb 18:01 I have replaced the TR relay and now waiting for an upgraded driver board.	(W7OUU//QRO/6/2 Jim ID DN22sn
21Feb 18:01 Well the TR relay is bad I think	(W7OUU//QRO/6/2 Jim ID DN22sn
21Feb 18:00 What happened to teh 7000?	(N0AN Hasan IA EN22xc
21Feb 17:59 I am using my FT857 now since I have the IC 7000 splayed out on the bench	(W7OUU//QRO/6/2 Jim ID DN22sn
21Feb 17:58 No problem Hasan. 	(W7OUU//QRO/6/2 Jim ID DN22sn
21Feb 17:58 The antenna is working beyond my wildest expectatons. I would highly recommend it. But I'm puzzled.	(N0AN Hasan IA EN22xc
21Feb 17:58 Ya, thinks like that bug the hell outta me too 	(W7OUU//QRO/6/2 Jim ID DN22sn
21Feb 17:57 The science of it is troubling. The performance is not. Sorry to vent all this at you, Jim.	(N0AN Hasan IA EN22xc
21Feb 17:57 I think they are overwhelmed with orders and their QC is suffering	(W7OUU//QRO/6/2 Jim ID DN22sn
21Feb 17:57 I should just forget resonance, forget swr and be's the kind of thing that sits in the back of my minde.	(N0AN Hasan IA EN22xc
21Feb 17:56 Dont blame ya. I wouldn't either. 	(W7OUU//QRO/6/2 Jim ID DN22sn
21Feb 17:55 I can't explain the low resonant freq, ...but I'm not having the climber come back when it is working this well.	(N0AN Hasan IA EN22xc
21Feb 17:55 I see where your coming from Hasan, I agree for sure	(W7OUU//QRO/6/2 Jim ID DN22sn
21Feb 17:54 Yes, all in all, if I didn't know something wasn't right, I'd be raving about the performance.	(N0AN Hasan IA EN22xc
21Feb 17:53 Darn it...he sent me the wrong values, is it too much to ask if the modelling program says the error is inconsequantial? 	(N0AN Hasan IA EN22xc
21Feb 17:53 Ahh its working and even if you made the change you wouldnt notice it anyway	(W7OUU//QRO/6/2 Jim ID DN22sn
21Feb 17:53 He said if SWR is good and it's working, it's good.	(N0AN Hasan IA EN22xc
21Feb 17:52 Then when I asked him, would you please run the antenna in your model with the dimensions I used and tell me the impact	(N0AN Hasan IA EN22xc
21Feb 17:52 Well, y climber was there up it went "as marked" by his people.	(N0AN Hasan IA EN22xc

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