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05Dec 12:36 see you tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel	(K8BKM Tom MI EN82gt
05Dec 12:36 great. Thanks again, as always. Resume your normal activities ;)	(K8BKM Tom MI EN82gt
05Dec 12:36 see you tomorrow 73	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
05Dec 12:36 one here too..... I'll send it to you122300   9  4.1 1492 & VE1SKY K8BKM EN82	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
05Dec 12:35 stopping Tom.....	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
05Dec 12:35 one here,  122430  -2 20.3 1510 & K8BKM VE1SKY +09       4	(K8BKM Tom MI EN82gt
05Dec 12:34 that was my last TX	(K8BKM Tom MI EN82gt
05Dec 12:32 3 min more....	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
05Dec 12:31 won't affect this end.... RX here should show peak just fine :)	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
05Dec 12:30 hopefully they are consistent - variable that can't be controlled	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
05Dec 12:30 I can pretty much tell when they get up, LOL	(K8BKM Tom MI EN82gt
05Dec 12:29 quiet early in the AM then they turn something on and leave it on	(K8BKM Tom MI EN82gt
05Dec 12:28 comes and goes. Must be a device at neighbors	(K8BKM Tom MI EN82gt
05Dec 12:27 5db worse in your dir than it is straight west. Don't know why	(K8BKM Tom MI EN82gt
05Dec 12:26 hows ambient noise today ?  np here 	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
05Dec 12:25 me, too, just as you said that	(K8BKM Tom MI EN82gt
05Dec 12:23 just got 1st ping and decode :)	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
05Dec 12:23 i saw that on Virgo, too	(K8BKM Tom MI EN82gt
05Dec 12:22 rr, do most of my shopping online. Not a fan of malls	(K8BKM Tom MI EN82gt
05Dec 12:22 perpendicular to radiant ... np for testing pings	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
05Dec 12:21 I see Gems path is best at SSW at moment	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
05Dec 12:21 rr ... now that WAS is done you'll have time for xmas shopping :)	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
05Dec 12:20 also heard JA on 160M but not strong enuf to call	(K8BKM Tom MI EN82gt
05Dec 12:19 no, just E-W. Must have had good prop to W8. 	(K8BKM Tom MI EN82gt
05Dec 12:18 rr beverage laid out to AK for RX?	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
05Dec 12:16 managed to get thru a small pileup with my 100w	(K8BKM Tom MI EN82gt
05Dec 12:15 running	(K8BKM Tom MI EN82gt
05Dec 12:15 OK test underway   	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
05Dec 12:14 running... 1 seq early to make sure all OK	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
05Dec 12:13 not a dx antenna. 525' beverage 	(K8BKM Tom MI EN82gt
05Dec 12:13 204' inverted vee. Cloud warmer	(K8BKM Tom MI EN82gt
05Dec 12:12 ur in a good central location for that... antenna type?	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
05Dec 12:12 ready to roll, Sky. GM	(K8BKM Tom MI EN82gt
05Dec 12:11 fb	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
05Dec 12:11 12:15-12:35	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
05Dec 12:11 just worked AK on 160M for final WAS state!	(K8BKM Tom MI EN82gt
05Dec 12:10 gm Tom ... will begin sending according to sked	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
05Dec 11:54 I'm up	(K8BKM Tom MI EN82gt
04Dec 12:37 73	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
04Dec 12:36 see you on PJ or tomorrow. 73	(K8BKM Tom MI EN82gt
04Dec 12:36 stopped	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
04Dec 12:36 OK Tom ... got 2 ...... thx run   will send u my files today	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
04Dec 12:35 stopped. Okay, understood for next time. Tnx for round 1, Sky	(K8BKM Tom MI EN82gt
04Dec 12:35 have done this often... np ..hi	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
04Dec 12:35 still nothing here, so I'll stop at 12:35	(K8BKM Tom MI EN82gt
04Dec 12:34 rr... I start a bit early and run a bit late... then send exact files	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
04Dec 12:34 all our observations need to be the same length, 20 min	(K8BKM Tom MI EN82gt
04Dec 12:33 I thought 20 minutes total - until 12:35, unless you want to try to complete	(K8BKM Tom MI EN82gt
04Dec 12:33 taking a screenshot to show you my screen layout	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
04Dec 12:32 five more minutes ... then stop	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu

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