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16Nov 04:44 Off page	(KJ7OG/6M/2M/70C Steveb AZ DM42mh
16Nov 04:42 KC5WX?	(KJ7OG/6M/2M/70C Steveb AZ DM42mh
15Nov 19:53 Tom u here	(N6SPP Eric CA CM87ux
26Oct 13:36 GM all	(KF2T/6/10 George NV DM25kx
14Oct 17:09 test	(N9HF/222/EME/MS Dave FL EL99jf
30Sep 03:58 Anyone know the for. spacing for 2X 10 ele 2 meter quads?	(W5AK Dick TX EL29dx
13Sep 12:34 enjoy the day!    	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
13Sep 12:33  123115   3 10.2 1500 & FB QSO 73 SKY	(K1JT/6M7/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
13Sep 12:32 Many thanks for the run, Roger!  73 and CUL.	(K1JT/6M7/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
13Sep 12:32 123100   2  6.4 1500 & TNX SKY 73	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
13Sep 12:32 123130   1  0.4 1496 & 6M7 700 W	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
13Sep 12:31 rr .... good to know abt that   tu	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
13Sep 12:30 rr Joe.... very good mode and GUI is looking excellent	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
13Sep 12:30 No, that's an auto-sequencer problem.  I turn off Auto-Seq when sending free text.	(K1JT/6M7/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
13Sep 12:30 122600   4 12.9 1500 & VE1SKY K1JT R+06	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
13Sep 12:30  122945   5  6.8 1500 & 170W 5ELE LFA	(K1JT/6M7/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
13Sep 12:29 Perhaps somewhat fewer this end, but perfectly reasonable for non-shower condx.	(K1JT/6M7/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
13Sep 12:28 alternate 73 macro won't stay put after it sends once....	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
13Sep 12:27 No coffee here yet; that comes next!	(K1JT/6M7/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
13Sep 12:26 you are in abt every 4th sequence	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
13Sep 12:24 good locally roasted coffee - great way to wait for rox	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
13Sep 12:24 enjoying cinnamon buns Kathy just made and right out of the oven	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
13Sep 12:22 Happy to hear that it's OK using "Fake it".	(K1JT/6M7/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
13Sep 12:20 there we go :)	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
13Sep 12:17 RR	(K1JT/6M7/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
13Sep 12:16 had to un-click and re-click CQ RX box to activate - also manual dial to 280 to start... NP that way	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
13Sep 12:15 Listening 280	(K1JT/6M7/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
13Sep 12:14 for it	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
13Sep 12:13 rr standby	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
13Sep 12:12 I really like the QSY Message	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
13Sep 12:12 OK, let's go back to start.  YOu call CQ on 280; choose another freq (not 265) and I will reply.	(K1JT/6M7/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
13Sep 12:12  120346            QSY  50.265	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
13Sep 12:12  121030   1  1.0 1496 & VE1SKY K1JT RRR	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
13Sep 12:11 using "fake it" - no physical split.... working well with FT847	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
13Sep 12:09 rr some gud rox but much scarcer than our Perseids tests of course	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
13Sep 12:09 the temporary solution even weirder	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
13Sep 12:08 few rocks	(K1JT/6M7/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
13Sep 12:07 Weird problem with the RigBlaster :-)	(K1JT/6M7/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
13Sep 12:05 RIGblaster is behaving well today	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
13Sep 12:04 looking good!	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
13Sep 12:03 I am listening on 265.	(K1JT/6M7/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
13Sep 12:03 rr :)     I know abt slow	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
13Sep 12:02 Double-click on my CQ when you receive it.	(K1JT/6M7/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
13Sep 12:02 Sorry, I'm a bit slow this AM.  Calling CQ on 280 now.	(K1JT/6M7/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
13Sep 12:01 shall I CQ also?, 2nd	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
13Sep 11:59 QSO on 265 is fb	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
13Sep 11:59 GM Joe   ready and listening 280	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
13Sep 11:58 GM Roger	(K1JT/6M7/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
13Sep 11:47 ~	(VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu
12Sep 20:38 50.284 JTMSK looking WNW 15 second sequences	(KC5WX/6/2 Gene TX EM13rs

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