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24Jul 14:24 See you guys later. QRT for now. 	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
24Jul 14:23 Charlie: I have enough files for now.  Will try to get a wide-mode decoder working.	(K1JT/6M7/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
24Jul 14:22 Tnx Steve, loud and clear every transmission.	(K1JT/6M7/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
24Jul 14:22 Thanks test and good you copied me Steve - curious that Joe didn't CUL 	(G3WDG Charlie xx IO92rg
24Jul 14:21 Yep. Big sig. 	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
24Jul 14:21 Tnx for the tests!  Charlie, sorry my ears were not better here.	(K1JT/6M7/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
24Jul 14:20 try agn at 1700?	(G3WDG Charlie xx IO92rg
24Jul 14:20 Now sending 73 in submode D.	(K1JT/6M7/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
24Jul 14:19 Nice to hear you Charlie. Joe - will send files.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
24Jul 14:18 1414 -20  0.1 1501 :* NOW MODE A             0	(G3WDG Charlie xx IO92rg
24Jul 14:18 Sending my RRR in mode B.  Then will need to QRT.	(K1JT/6M7/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
24Jul 14:17 Oops. Copied your R-11 at -4 dB.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
24Jul 14:16 send some B Joe if you like - am seeing you in A will record	(G3WDG Charlie xx IO92rg
24Jul 14:15 Here 10 W to dipole	(K1JT/6M7/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
24Jul 14:14 Modes B-E and now implemented for Tx only.  Decoder mods still to be done.	(K1JT/6M7/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
24Jul 14:14 Here, 2W to dipole, btw.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
24Jul 14:13 I didn't expect mode A to decode while in mode B.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
24Jul 14:13 Replying to you in Mode B :)	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
24Jul 14:12 Steve, you're booming in now.  Calling you in mode A.	(K1JT/6M7/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
24Jul 14:12 r 6944 has not had any problems so far	(G3WDG Charlie xx IO92rg
24Jul 14:11 OK - you were fine - here 100W	(G3WDG Charlie xx IO92rg
24Jul 14:10 No, Charlie, I have not seen you at all.	(K1JT/6M7/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
24Jul 14:09 you seeing me, Joe?	(G3WDG Charlie xx IO92rg
24Jul 14:08 They won't decode now, but will give me files for testing a wide-mode decoder.	(K1JT/6M7/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
24Jul 14:07 Will switch to mode B for next TX.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
24Jul 14:07 Yep. Still nil.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
24Jul 14:07 Steve: could you please send a couple of transmissions in submode B?	(K1JT/6M7/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
24Jul 14:06 seem to have lost the path	(G3WDG Charlie xx IO92rg
24Jul 14:05 seem to have lost the path	(G3WDG Charlie xx IO92rg
24Jul 14:04 No decodes since last at 1400	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
24Jul 14:04 Rightmost integer was 0, 3, 5, respectively.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
24Jul 14:04 nil from you steve for several	(G3WDG Charlie xx IO92rg
24Jul 14:03 1351 -22  0.0 1497 :* G3WDG K1JT FN20        0	(G3WDG Charlie xx IO92rg
24Jul 14:03 Decoded Charlie at -26, -27, -32 at 1356, 1358, 1400.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
24Jul 14:00 Lotsa QSB.  Steve -26 at 1359:  1359 -26  0.1 1502 :* G3WDG K9AN R-18        0	(K1JT/6M7/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
24Jul 13:59 correct decode Steve!	(G3WDG Charlie xx IO92rg
24Jul 13:57 1356 -26  -0.1  1500 :* K9AN G3WDG -32 	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
24Jul 13:57 1353 -32  0.3 1498 :  G3WDG K9AN EN50        8	(G3WDG Charlie xx IO92rg
24Jul 13:56 Steve -9 at 1355.  Nil from Charlie.	(K1JT/6M7/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
24Jul 13:56 SNR said -26, but that seems high given what I saw.	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
24Jul 13:55 Wow, could not tell he was in there, but it decoded. 	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
24Jul 13:54 Steve -12 here	(K1JT/6M7/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
24Jul 13:52 Steve, go ahead and work Charlie	(K1JT/6M7/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
24Jul 13:51 All quiet at 14.080 + 1500 	(K1JT/6M7/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
24Jul 13:51 Seeing and copying both of you here...	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
24Jul 13:46 RR	(G3WDG Charlie xx IO92rg
24Jul 13:43 14.080 + 1500 Hz looks good here	(K1JT/6M7/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
24Jul 13:42 To stay out of the JT65 range, maybe 14.080 instead?	(K1JT/6M7/700W Joe NJ FN20qi
24Jul 13:42 RR QSY	(G3WDG Charlie xx IO92rg
24Jul 13:42 pse suggest QRG on 20m	(G3WDG Charlie xx IO92rg

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