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18Aug 08:18 Larry thanks for report, good morning	(KC3BVL Jim PA FM29jw
18Aug 08:15 081315   5  4.0 1477 &  CQ KC3BVL FM29         1  5 -0.5 ~U.S.A.	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
18Aug 08:06 gm guys	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
18Aug 02:55 nothing heard, end cq .150, cu in the morning.	(KB8W Danny MI EN57sf
18Aug 02:44 ** CQ .150, 1st beaming 135 degrees MSK144 30 s  **	(KB8W Danny MI EN57sf
18Aug 01:46 stop cq, be back in the morning	(KA7KDX/2/350 Brian UT DN40ck
18Aug 01:44 (KE0PBR Paul, GE to you too, do you have 2 meters?	(WA7HQD/WORK Docgridpig UT DN41ac
18Aug 01:43 howdee	(KA7KDX/2/350 Brian UT DN40ck
18Aug 01:42 (KA7KDX/2/350 Brian, GE	(WA7HQD/WORK Docgridpig UT DN41ac
18Aug 01:39 cq cq cq point sw .150 cm&sh 15s	(KA7KDX/2/350 Brian UT DN40ck
18Aug 01:17 Testing	(KE0PBR Paul MN EN25tx
18Aug 01:07 New rules go into effect today:  Every meteor scatter op must activate an adjacent rare grid at least yearly	(WA7HQD/WORK Docgridpig UT DN41ac
18Aug 00:10 End CQ.  No rox, no ops.  Watching .150 W, SW.	(W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si
18Aug 00:03 CQ .150 2nd, 15 sec, West, MSK144	(W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si
17Aug 23:58 73 Jose.	(W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si
17Aug 23:58 tnx for your time 73	(XE2YWH/6/2 Jose xx DL92ag
17Aug 23:57 XE2YWH GA Jose.  I would try with you but way to far.	(W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si
17Aug 23:56 GA Don qrv	(XE2YWH/6/2 Jose xx DL92ag
17Aug 23:55 CQ .174 FT8 2nd, NW	(W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si
17Aug 23:55 GA qrv .174	(XE2YWH/6/2 Jose xx DL92ag
17Aug 23:49 CQ .174 FT8 1st, East	(W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si
17Aug 22:28 KA7KDX Brian, do you look at PSKr? Maybe see some Spots..None for us right now	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Aug 22:26 Off Pj 73 George	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Aug 22:25 KA7KDX Brian, Thanks for try	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Aug 22:25 ok, I'll check back in later this eve as well.	(KA7KDX/2/350 Brian UT DN40ck
17Aug 22:25 QRT 2 Mtrs here	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Aug 22:24 KA7KDX Brian, RR messages crossed	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Aug 22:24 KA7KDX Brian, how long you want to try?	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Aug 22:24 Ok, I'm gonna let things cool, go back to the moon and then try MS tomorrow morn	(KA7KDX/2/350 Brian UT DN40ck
17Aug 22:23 KA7KDX Brian, I'm sure we could make it earlier in the day..Not many rocks out there or Ops right now. This evening there will be a few guys around.	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Aug 22:18 my eme setup	(KA7KDX/2/350 Brian UT DN40ck
17Aug 22:18 350w, 4x2m9ssb's and 24dB lna 	(KA7KDX/2/350 Brian UT DN40ck
17Aug 22:17 KA7KDX Brian, 400W 2M12 and 24dB LNA	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Aug 22:16 KA7KDX Brian, calling 1st Seq CM&SH ON 15 sec 	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Aug 22:15 yup, for a bit more	(KA7KDX/2/350 Brian UT DN40ck
17Aug 22:14 KA7KDX Brian, you still 2nd Seq?	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Aug 22:13 Had a few pings on 313 today George. E's are going away	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Aug 22:13 350 mike, and mountains 9k about 3 miles and less.	(KA7KDX/2/350 Brian UT DN40ck
17Aug 22:12 QRT 6 Mtrs	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Aug 22:12 RR West is best, for sure	(KF2T George VA FM18lv
17Aug 22:12 KA7KDX Brian, how much power you running there?	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Aug 22:11 ok Mike, array is pointed towards you	(KA7KDX/2/350 Brian UT DN40ck
17Aug 22:10 KF2T George, Miss working you on 2 MSK...Qsl on Beacon. I used to have a 432 Station here but only have the antenna and and 432 Transmitter	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Aug 22:09 Have conflicting info. same for W3APL beacon. Think I am off freq on 432	(KF2T George VA FM18lv
17Aug 22:09 KA7KDX Brian, of course be better if you were aiming this way. 2 Mtrs is better earlier in day. I work people to the East and I am about 5 Miles West of 12 and 13K peaks in thye Rockies	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Aug 22:09 Hi Mike. 	(KF2T George VA FM18lv
17Aug 22:07 ok, just started trying MS.. got mountains to east of me.	(KA7KDX/2/350 Brian UT DN40ck
17Aug 22:07 KA7KDX Brian, turning on Radio here and will listen for you	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Aug 22:06 cq cq cq .150 ssw msk 2nd	(KA7KDX/2/350 Brian UT DN40ck
17Aug 22:06 KF2T George, GA..Can't help you with that one ;-)	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el

This service is to be used only for the purposes of discussing matters related to amateur radio meteor scatter communications.

Any non-meteor scatter use is strictly prohibited.

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