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11Dec 04:39 rr .................... :)            GN and 73 all       ..... back in AM         	(VE1SKY/6M/2M/ Sky NS FN74iu
11Dec 04:39 thx for the fun.... nice to give 2.0 a try tonight..... shud be an active meteor week ....	(VE1SKY/6M/2M/ Sky NS FN74iu
11Dec 04:39 RR, SK works too, hi i	(K2TXB/6/100W Russ NJ FN20mb
11Dec 04:38 I got rid of the space and sent 73SKY after a few sequences   	(VE1SKY/6M/2M/ Sky NS FN74iu
11Dec 04:37 043715   7  8.8 1517 &  GN RUSS 73 SK	(K2TXB/6/100W Russ NJ FN20mb
11Dec 04:35 I stayed in grids all the way thru... the QSO worked even so	(VE1SKY/6M/2M/ Sky NS FN74iu
11Dec 04:35 043000   2 11.1 1466 &  VE1SKY K2TXB ~Plus~09043430  -2  9.2 1485 &  VE1SKY K2TXB RRR	(VE1SKY/6M/2M/ Sky NS FN74iu
11Dec 04:35 hmm ........ OK you're INL Russ 	(VE1SKY/6M/2M/ Sky NS FN74iu
11Dec 04:35 I see your cm IS on but mine did not switch mode	(K2TXB/6/100W Russ NJ FN20mb
11Dec 04:34 It did not do that Sky	(K2TXB/6/100W Russ NJ FN20mb
11Dec 04:33 I'm in CM ..... let me know what you see on next ping	(VE1SKY/6M/2M/ Sky NS FN74iu
11Dec 04:33 I believe your sequence should automatically change to grids when you RX me if we are both running 2.0	(VE1SKY/6M/2M/ Sky NS FN74iu
11Dec 04:31 we are as close as can be to the Gems N-S path right now..... I'd have to work Bermuda to get right on it...hi	(VE1SKY/6M/2M/ Sky NS FN74iu
11Dec 04:30 Nice = 4 second burn Sky	(K2TXB/6/100W Russ NJ FN20mb
11Dec 04:30 see if the auto adjust works ........	(VE1SKY/6M/2M/ Sky NS FN74iu
11Dec 04:28 calling you Russ   260 sky 2nd	(VE1SKY/6M/2M/ Sky NS FN74iu
11Dec 04:27 W4IMD, Thanks Peter nice sig as always - copied you nearly every sequence = 73	(K2TXB/6/100W Russ NJ FN20mb
11Dec 04:25 RUSS 73 TNX	(W4IMD Peter GA EM84ab
11Dec 04:25 Russ..... give it a try?        saw ur comment abt versions......   thx	(VE1SKY/6M/2M/ Sky NS FN74iu
11Dec 04:23 K0Kp, RR Rex will look for you another time - 73	(K2TXB/6/100W Russ NJ FN20mb
11Dec 04:23 GN all.  TNX	(K0KP Rex MN EN36vw
11Dec 04:23 CQ 2nd NA Contest mode for a bit 260	(VE1SKY/6M/2M/ Sky NS FN74iu
11Dec 04:22 K2TXB yup copied you a number of times,  Must be one-way - hi hi	(K0KP Rex MN EN36vw
11Dec 04:22 All of us here will help you get a QSO,  don't quit .............. your sig was getting out..... 73 Joel ... nice to meet you	(VE1SKY/6M/2M/ Sky NS FN74iu
11Dec 04:21 Joel what is your FTOL set to?	(AA2UK Bill NJ FM29pv
11Dec 04:21 K0Kp I was calling you the past 12 minutes but did not hear another ping from you	(K2TXB/6/100W Russ NJ FN20mb
11Dec 04:21 Check that you download version 2.0.0 from Joe Taylor's page    - you may not get decodes unless you do ................     stop in again .... give the UserGuide a good read for help too	(VE1SKY/6M/2M/ Sky NS FN74iu
11Dec 04:20 041315  12  5.9 1477 &  K0KP K2TXB FN20	(K0KP Rex MN EN36vw
11Dec 04:20 Roger, since I decoded him he must be running sone instance of version 2	(K2TXB/6/100W Russ NJ FN20mb
11Dec 04:20 QRT for now	(K0KP Rex MN EN36vw
11Dec 04:18 stopping......   we'll try agn....... before you go... version number is at upper left corner of the main window	(VE1SKY/6M/2M/ Sky NS FN74iu
11Dec 04:17 going to run thx for the try...	(W9II Joel IL EN52xb
11Dec 04:17 Are you running WSJT-X 1.9 or older?	(VE1SKY/6M/2M/ Sky NS FN74iu
11Dec 04:16 bumped the beam a little	(W9II Joel IL EN52xb
11Dec 04:15 still calling	(W9II Joel IL EN52xb
11Dec 04:15 Joel what version of WSJT-X are you running?	(VE1SKY/6M/2M/ Sky NS FN74iu
11Dec 04:13 ok tx on	(W9II Joel IL EN52xb
11Dec 04:12 if it doesn't work for us.... Russ or others closer may be your first chance at a MS QSO :)	(VE1SKY/6M/2M/ Sky NS FN74iu
11Dec 04:11 rr run 5 min more.... that one ping I saw from you earlier may be all we get this try 	(VE1SKY/6M/2M/ Sky NS FN74iu
11Dec 04:11 have not got any decodes yet, trying 2 days..	(W9II Joel IL EN52xb
11Dec 04:10 ok contest mode tx2	(W9II Joel IL EN52xb
11Dec 04:10 if you want to work someone closer, go ahead..... there are easier QSOs waiting .... you are being heard  ... just let me know your intentions 	(VE1SKY/6M/2M/ Sky NS FN74iu
11Dec 04:08 I'm in contest mode .... just stay in NA VHF Contest and start at TX2 ... like this  "VE1SKY W9II EN52"	(VE1SKY/6M/2M/ Sky NS FN74iu
11Dec 04:07 031745  -2  2.6 1477 &  CQ W9II EN52       U.S.A.	(K2TXB/6/100W Russ NJ FN20mb
11Dec 04:06 ge all, cq cq .260 1st	(K7KQA/6/2/222 James WA DN06ll
11Dec 04:06 back out of contest mode..	(W9II Joel IL EN52xb
11Dec 04:06 cker QSO esp. helpful on tough ones like this	(VE1SKY/6M/2M/ Sky NS FN74iu
11Dec 04:06 need rox...... any questions just ask........... 4am to 9 am is generally best time..... shower this week will allow other good rox events.....Joel ---- no CQ pse start at TX2   calls and grid    qui	(VE1SKY/6M/2M/ Sky NS FN74iu
11Dec 04:06 hum....	(W9II Joel IL EN52xb
11Dec 04:04 035800   9  6.7 1461 &  CQ TEST W9II EN52	(K0KP Rex MN EN36vw

This service is to be used only for the purposes of discussing matters related to amateur radio meteor scatter communications.

Any non-meteor scatter use is strictly prohibited.

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