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21Nov 18:27 K9AN Steve, thanks for the fast QSO :-)	(NO0T/6/QRO Paul CO DM79lr
21Nov 18:26 182530  19  1.7 1476 &  K9AN NO0T RR73	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
21Nov 18:26 NO0T Thanks Paul	(K9AN Steve IL EN50wc
21Nov 18:21 181300  -1  0.1 1029 ~  CQ W4IMD EM84      U.S.A.	(AA2UK Bill NJ FM29pv
21Nov 18:18 ~ CQ 1st ~ 50.260 ~ 62 deg 	(NO0T/6/QRO Paul CO DM79lr
21Nov 17:59 ~ Clear ~ 50.260 ~ CQ stopped	(NO0T/6/QRO Paul CO DM79lr
21Nov 17:53 CQ 260 stopped	(WA5CAM/2/6 Stan MS EM41hn
21Nov 17:51 Mike I see no diff between RC3 or 4	(AA2UK Bill NJ FM29pv
21Nov 17:50 in my case I have lots of noise on 2 that I don't have on 6 or 222	(AA2UK Bill NJ FM29pv
21Nov 17:50 I have some trouble decoding on 2 meters but that's the animal, not all pings can be decoded	(AA2UK Bill NJ FM29pv
21Nov 17:42 CQ 260 rc4 1st NE	(WA5CAM/2/6 Stan MS EM41hn
21Nov 17:40 ~ Clear ~ 50.260 ~ CQ stopped	(KD2NOM/6/100W Mark NJ FN20ti
21Nov 17:35 ~ CQ 2nd ~ 50.260 ~ 225 deg RC4	(KD2NOM/6/100W Mark NJ FN20ti
21Nov 17:27 ===CQ 50.260 msk 1st ===	(W3XS/6/2/QRO Bill OR CN74xk
21Nov 17:26 ~ CQ 2nd ~ 50.260 ~ 285 deg 	(NO0T/6/QRO Paul CO DM79lr
21Nov 17:09 I am getting ready to throw out all the S**t. Workes OK oin 6 NG on 2. Back to my stamp collection. Lot less stress	(N5JEH Ed NM DM65rd
21Nov 16:53 N5JEH Ed, I am using RC3 until it no longer works...It decodes just fine on 2 Mtrs	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
21Nov 16:28 Mike check your clock	(WD6DBM Eric CA CM97ai
21Nov 16:26 CQ West 2nd 50.260 rc4	(W0VTT Mike MN EN33xx
21Nov 16:24 OK Mike, thanks for try	(WD6DBM Eric CA CM97ai
21Nov 16:24 161515  15  7.6 1515 &  KB7ME WD6DBM R~Plus~03     Nice ping here, tnx try	(KB7ME Mike WA CN85qq
21Nov 16:23 WD6DBM  I stopped. Lets try again earlier	(KB7ME Mike WA CN85qq
21Nov 16:22 Its your choice, Mike, We can get it if you wanna keep going	(WD6DBM Eric CA CM97ai
21Nov 16:20 WD6DBM Eric got your report, been sending rr73 for some time	(KB7ME Mike WA CN85qq
21Nov 16:18 we'll getr another group, Mike!	(WD6DBM Eric CA CM97ai
21Nov 16:11 MSK 144	(N5JEH Ed NM DM65rd
21Nov 16:11 So am i the only one that has trouble decoding pings on 2 meters? I see a lot but not many decode. Same set up as 6 meters. No problems on 6. Ver2 RC3	(N5JEH Ed NM DM65rd
21Nov 16:07 WD6DBM lots from you earlier with XS, not so much now.	(KB7ME Mike WA CN85qq
21Nov 16:07 160730   4  4.1 1498 &  CQ 253 WA6OSX CM98	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
21Nov 16:07 Monitor Mode BBIAB or Not	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
21Nov 16:06 WD6DBM  7ele 800w	(KB7ME Mike WA CN85qq
21Nov 16:06 KB7ME station detaails?	(WD6DBM Eric CA CM97ai
21Nov 16:05 160430   8  6.8 1489 &  xx KB7ME Light Skip 	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
21Nov 16:03 ~ Clear ~ 260 ~ CQ stopped	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
21Nov 16:02 Running here	(KB7ME Mike WA CN85qq
21Nov 16:01 running mike	(WD6DBM Eric CA CM97ai
21Nov 16:00 50.260  I am first	(KB7ME Mike WA CN85qq
21Nov 16:00 160000   3  6.8 1496 &  xx KB7ME CN85	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
21Nov 15:59 KB7ME where?	(WD6DBM Eric CA CM97ai
21Nov 15:59 WD6DBM  calling you 50.260  First	(KB7ME Mike WA CN85qq
21Nov 15:59 K9VSW  I'm A listening	(K7JIZ Stan UT DN40ll
21Nov 15:58 YES MIKE	(WD6DBM Eric CA CM97ai
21Nov 15:58 NW	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
21Nov 15:58 ~ CQ 2nd ~ 260 ~   	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
21Nov 15:57 QSY 260	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
21Nov 15:57 Enough watsed Juice on 313 thanks Stan	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
21Nov 15:57 No moon now - I'm looking for other excitement	(W2HRO/2M Paul NJ FN20nh
21Nov 15:56 :)	(W2HRO/2M Paul NJ FN20nh
21Nov 15:56 WD6DBM Eric GM. 6m run?	(KB7ME Mike WA CN85qq
21Nov 15:56 Mr EME	(AA2UK Bill NJ FM29pv

This service is to be used only for the purposes of discussing matters related to amateur radio meteor scatter communications.

Any non-meteor scatter use is strictly prohibited.

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