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27Sep 04:40 GN all	(AG0N/6 Gary NE DN81fv
27Sep 03:06 qrt	(KD5JHE Jerry MS EM54hh
27Sep 02:28 cq stopped, qsx .280 msk	(KD5JHE Jerry MS EM54hh
27Sep 02:17 for fun, cqing 144.140 fsk441, 1st	(KD5JHE Jerry MS EM54hh
27Sep 02:09 r on that 5 ele LFA coming in a few weeks, small stepe, cul	(KD5JHE Jerry MS EM54hh
27Sep 02:08 6lfa and 400W on 6, 4 x 15 and QRO on 2, will be 7 ele and 100W on 222 till amp gets online	(K3JYD Fletch WV FM09qk
27Sep 02:07 73 Fletch, tu agn	(KD5JHE Jerry MS EM54hh
27Sep 02:07 Small station hr, 100w, 3ele on 6m and 11 ele on 2m, small 440 beam nailed vert to local /R	(KD5JHE Jerry MS EM54hh
27Sep 02:07 Oh well, off to bed, tnx run, see ya later Jerry	(K3JYD Fletch WV FM09qk
27Sep 02:05 I need to get 222 up and running next. waiting on rotor stuff	(K3JYD Fletch WV FM09qk
27Sep 02:04 014915   4  8.6 1571 & KD5JHE K3JYD FM09, I can C/P, just takes a thumbdrive to do it,	(KD5JHE Jerry MS EM54hh
27Sep 02:03 I keep one for rig and PJC, one for everything else but 4 monitors	(K3JYD Fletch WV FM09qk
27Sep 02:01 F-tol at 200 hr,, I seen ur 1427, I cant copy and paste, only 3 comps running,lol	(KD5JHE Jerry MS EM54hh
27Sep 02:00 You showed 1427	(K3JYD Fletch WV FM09qk
27Sep 02:00 podunk = paradise	(K3JYD Fletch WV FM09qk
27Sep 02:00 I wonder if I'm a little off freq? your freq showed 1571	(KD5JHE Jerry MS EM54hh
27Sep 01:59 I am looking right at the arc on your az, sri but that is life here in podunk. Maybe in the morning when there are more rox, tnx try Jerry	(K3JYD Fletch WV FM09qk
27Sep 01:58 that was back b4 I restarted program, was a good rock, just one-sided, tnx try	(KD5JHE Jerry MS EM54hh
27Sep 01:57 013630  -4  1.6 1427 & CQ KD5JHE EM54 the only one.	(K3JYD Fletch WV FM09qk
27Sep 01:57 014915z good 4db burn, scared me, nothing since then, agreed, I stop	(KD5JHE Jerry MS EM54hh
27Sep 01:56 noise is back with a vengence -  12 dB I think that will preclude us making it tonight	(K3JYD Fletch WV FM09qk
27Sep 01:54 Anyone else hearing any of this?	(KD5JHE Jerry MS EM54hh
27Sep 01:49 just got a hit from u, replying	(KD5JHE Jerry MS EM54hh
27Sep 01:48 I need to get it, running 7107 here	(K3JYD Fletch WV FM09qk
27Sep 01:47 goning to restart program, 1st night on v7111	(KD5JHE Jerry MS EM54hh
27Sep 01:46 RR, ga	(K3JYD Fletch WV FM09qk
27Sep 01:46 I'd like to make it, need to stop for a minute, watchdog did not trip, need to look at that,	(KD5JHE Jerry MS EM54hh
27Sep 01:41 OKlets try to make this work	(K3JYD Fletch WV FM09qk
27Sep 01:41 No we havent worked on any band, you would be new to me,hi	(KD5JHE Jerry MS EM54hh
27Sep 01:40 Jerry have we worked yet?	(K3JYD Fletch WV FM09qk
27Sep 01:38 Know thats what it is, I can see the box light from front door.	(KD5JHE Jerry MS EM54hh
27Sep 01:37 County installed a new tornado siren just across the street, it makes a nice pulse every 5 seconds	(KD5JHE Jerry MS EM54hh
27Sep 01:35 T siren??	(K3JYD Fletch WV FM09qk
27Sep 01:34 Fletch, I have my usual T-siren pulse noise, did move ant more ur way	(KD5JHE Jerry MS EM54hh
27Sep 01:32 Looking into the noise at this az but it rained and it is moderately quiet for a change.	(K3JYD Fletch WV FM09qk
27Sep 01:31 Watching Fletch,lol, had just started cq right b4 u posted,	(KD5JHE Jerry MS EM54hh
27Sep 01:30 Watching Jerry	(K3JYD Fletch WV FM09qk
27Sep 01:28 GE all, I be cqing 280 msk 1st looking SE, 	(KD5JHE Jerry MS EM54hh
27Sep 01:23 CQ 280 msk 2nd for a few looking west	(K3JYD Fletch WV FM09qk
27Sep 01:19 GE All, what be happenin'?	(K3JYD Fletch WV FM09qk
26Sep 23:44 and 70cm	(N1DAR David MA FN32rg
26Sep 23:42 N1DAR QRV 6M/2M	(N1DAR David MA FN32rg
26Sep 23:41 Bahhaha	(W5LDA Larry OK EM15xu
26Sep 23:41 lol.......and I did not want to either but Larry made me do it	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
26Sep 23:40 Wasnt wanting to spend that much for my 2 and 6m Beko's but Ged forced me....	(W5LDA Larry OK EM15xu
26Sep 23:39 Not enough activity down here to spend that much...	(W5LDA Larry OK EM15xu
26Sep 23:38 nice amp i like mine	(K0TPP Larry MO EM48rj
26Sep 23:36 yeah haha	(W5LDA Larry OK EM15xu
26Sep 23:36 time Larry.....time LOL	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
26Sep 23:35 Hell Ged,,build us	(W5LDA Larry OK EM15xu

This service is to be used only for the purposes of discussing matters related to amateur radio meteor scatter communications.

Any non-meteor scatter use is strictly prohibited.

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