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07/25 06:58 GN off board	(N7NEV/2 James AZ DM43aj
07/25 05:16 Listening 144.140	(N7NEV/2 James AZ DM43aj
07/25 04:19 GE	(N7NEV James AZ DM43aj
07/25 04:15 GM all, off board also	(K6EU Tom CA CM97ag
07/25 04:14 73, now off board.	(AF6RT/6 Scott CA CM87ss
07/25 04:13 Very nice.	(AF6RT/6 Scott CA CM87ss
07/25 04:12 Oh, too bad.  got a short opeing into NM/WTX about 15 Qs 	(K6EU Tom CA CM97ag
07/25 04:11 How was CM86 for you?	(AF6RT/6 Scott CA CM87ss
07/25 04:11 Nice hike, no propagation.	(AF6RT/6 Scott CA CM87ss
07/25 04:10 CM79, was up there for just Saturday afternoon.	(AF6RT/6 Scott CA CM87ss
07/25 04:10 Hi Scott  how did Cm97 trip go?	(K6EU Tom CA CM97ag
07/25 04:10 Decode looks good.	(AF6RT/6 Scott CA CM87ss
07/25 04:09 K6EU Tom, I hear you fine here.	(AF6RT/6 Scott CA CM87ss
07/25 04:09 see u later Tom.73	(N7EA Ron OR CN85nu
07/25 04:08 tnx for the try.	(K6EU Tom CA CM97ag
07/25 04:08 OK Ron.  Think it may just be conditions.  Nothing her efor last nine minutes	(K6EU Tom CA CM97ag
07/25 04:07 I am going to have to figure out what is going on here. Lets call it. tks for try	(N7EA Ron OR CN85nu
07/25 04:04 what's that old saying?  Is the game worth the candle?   Few minutes more then quit	(K6EU Tom CA CM97ag
07/25 04:02 only partial	(N7EA Ron OR CN85nu
07/25 04:01 decodign u about 405 of the sequences	(K6EU Tom CA CM97ag
07/25 04:01 K6EU lots of good rox but no decodes	(N7EA Ron OR CN85nu
07/25 03:55 macro	(K6EU Tom CA CM97ag
07/25 03:55 sri had wrong call in marco	(K6EU Tom CA CM97ag
07/25 03:46 me too, 	(N7EA Ron OR CN85nu
07/25 03:45 GN Bill	(K6EU Tom CA CM97ag
07/25 03:45 N7EA, don't let me hold you up.  Just want to insure everything is working before Perseids	(K6EU Tom CA CM97ag
07/25 03:45 Time to hit the hay, 73 all	(ND0B/6/2/222/70 Bill ND EN07gn
07/25 03:43 I expect DM02, CM93, CM79 and FN67 will be my last ones.  	(ND0B/6/2/222/70 Bill ND EN07gn
07/25 03:42 Oh, didn't know that	(K6EU Tom CA CM97ag
07/25 03:41 DM02 used to have a small non military area.   It also had a contractor who was a ham visit it once and a while and operate from there.   Both situations are gone	(ND0B/6/2/222/70 Bill ND EN07gn
07/25 03:41 One of these time when scott goes in he will get prop 	(ND0B/6/2/222/70 Bill ND EN07gn
07/25 03:40 wonder when he got DM02?	(K6EU Tom CA CM97ag
07/25 03:40 K6EU, I just have a few mins but looks like some rox	(N7EA Ron OR CN85nu
07/25 03:39 W5OZI was on ON4KST and commented that CM79 was the last one he worked to get FFMA	(ND0B/6/2/222/70 Bill ND EN07gn
07/25 03:39 ~ CQ 2nd ~ 05.260 ~ 0 deg fsk441	(K6EU Tom CA CM97ag
07/25 03:39 N7EA, hi Ron  I'll start again   had stopped	(K6EU Tom CA CM97ag
07/25 03:37 will look for you Peter.  had multiple opening in to FN03 area this summer	(K6EU Tom CA CM97ag
07/25 03:37 tnx, 73..time to get some sleep 	(VA3ELE Peter ON FN03dm
07/25 03:37 rr Peter, travel safe	(ND0B/6/2/222/70 Bill ND EN07gn
07/25 03:37 73 all 	(VA3ELE Peter ON FN03dm
07/25 03:37 thanks Bill 	(VA3ELE Peter ON FN03dm
07/25 03:36 I will come on here  when I get to my location and get all set up.	(VA3ELE Peter ON FN03dm
07/25 03:36 last I talked ot AF6RT he said he would not go again till next Memorial Day	(K6EU Tom CA CM97ag
07/25 03:36 Have fun Peter, will be watching for you	(ND0B/6/2/222/70 Bill ND EN07gn
07/25 03:36 first RARE Grid I believe is FN36 and I expect to arrive there aprox 4-5PM EST 	(VA3ELE Peter ON FN03dm
07/25 03:35 So I still need it	(ND0B/6/2/222/70 Bill ND EN07gn
07/25 03:35 Yes.   AF6RT and KK6KPW went in.   The day before there was increidible prop to that area, the day they were there there was not a thing	(ND0B/6/2/222/70 Bill ND EN07gn
07/25 03:35 ge all ... tomorrow morning I will be heading out on the road for the grid expedition in northern quebec... leaving FN03dm around 5:30-6:00 EST 	(VA3ELE Peter ON FN03dm
07/25 03:35 K6EU listening 260 Tom	(N7EA Ron OR CN85nu
07/25 03:33 someone was in CM79 last weekend.  u need that one?	(K6EU Tom CA CM97ag

This service is to be used only for the purposes of discussing matters related to amateur radio meteor scatter communications.

Any non-meteor scatter use is strictly prohibited.

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