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10/31 16:39 later Gedas...	(VE6ZT Jordan AB DO21xb
10/31 16:37 Going to start snowing here in a little bit :')    Ok, off to fill up diesel containers etc, BBL	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
10/31 16:30 RRR QSL on all	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
10/31 16:25 for tuning I added 2 inch length of 3/8" tubing inside the ends of the D.E....	(VE6ZT Jordan AB DO21xb
10/31 16:24 they cut it to size u need	(K5LA/6M Floyd TX DM61tv
10/31 16:21 best I remember I buy it from online metal	(K5LA/6M Floyd TX DM61tv
10/31 16:20 about 4 inches, so it wouldn't make any difference	(VE6ZT Jordan AB DO21xb
10/31 16:20 buy	(K5LA/6M Floyd TX DM61tv
10/31 16:20 Gedas you can bug good Alum flat metal online  	(K5LA/6M Floyd TX DM61tv
10/31 16:20 Yes.. he calls for only a 100mm center section for mechanical stability...not for electrical effects	(VE6ZT Jordan AB DO21xb
10/31 16:14 od is addressed in his site or if you knew.  I like to model and optimize my antennas that are home-brew	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
10/31 16:14 RRR.....I know depending on how the elements are attached to the boom you need to apply different correction factors from the electrical models used in EZNEC etc.......was just wondering if your meth	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
10/31 16:12 I didn't need them so didn't use them	(VE6ZT Jordan AB DO21xb
10/31 16:11 No.. the thicker center portion is for rigidity more than electrical...	(VE6ZT Jordan AB DO21xb
10/31 16:10 Radio Shack mast clamps..!	(VE6ZT Jordan AB DO21xb
10/31 16:10 any	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
10/31 16:10 is there and elem length correction factors you used when doing it that way ?	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
10/31 16:09 yes I see that !  Wow very elegant	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
10/31 16:08 It was simple the way I did it....not pretty, but it works...	(VE6ZT Jordan AB DO21xb
10/31 16:07 perfect, TU.  My hardest part is coming up with a good elem to boom mounting method	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
10/31 16:04 I did not use tapered elements	(VE6ZT Jordan AB DO21xb
10/31 16:02 3 pics and a brief explanation on the way....	(VE6ZT Jordan AB DO21xb
10/31 15:55 TU very much	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
10/31 15:55 RRR I'll try to find the pics I took of construction too....	(VE6ZT Jordan AB DO21xb
10/31 15:53 RRR still nothing like getting info from someone who has actually built one and has it up in the air	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
10/31 15:53 sure, but you should visit his website...lots of tips and pictures	(VE6ZT Jordan AB DO21xb
10/31 15:52 mine is "ultra-lite" because of the winds here	(VE6ZT Jordan AB DO21xb
10/31 15:52 could you by chance e-mail me any details you have on that plus any construction tips etc?	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
10/31 15:51 hmmmm. sounds very close to my Old Wilson M66. I have detailed dimension drawings Gedas if you are interested 	(KB7IJ Rich TX EM12mr
10/31 15:51 there are many on his site	(VE6ZT Jordan AB DO21xb
10/31 15:50 That is exactly the size I am looking for	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
10/31 15:49 I built and use the 7.2 meter 6 element version	(VE6ZT Jordan AB DO21xb
10/31 15:48 ohhh gezzzz, I'm sorry, I thought you were giving me a model number.....I can look up his call and site and get antenna specs....tnx	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
10/31 15:46 do you have "plans" for one for me to duplicate?	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
10/31 15:45 EZ to build Gedas...	(VE6ZT Jordan AB DO21xb
10/31 15:45 GM Jordan, tnx for tip.  Financially embarassed so would need to be a used one for great price	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
10/31 15:43 DK7ZBs are good antennas	(VE6ZT Jordan AB DO21xb
10/31 15:19 yes, 52' boom would not last with our many straight line winds, micro bursts and tornadoes......but TU for mentioning it	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
10/31 15:15 THANK YOU ALL BBL 73	(W4IMD Peter GA EM84ab
10/31 15:15 Nil Peter--need to run-- be back few min  --wl leave radio on 	(K5LA/6M Floyd TX DM61tv
10/31 15:10 GREAT ANTENNA	(W4IMD Peter GA EM84ab
10/31 15:08 87 pounds...shipping would be huge I would think	(KB7IJ Rich TX EM12mr
10/31 15:07 W7CKW has a Force12 14 el on 52 ft boom for 350... overkill ??	(KB7IJ Rich TX EM12mr
10/31 15:02 TNX DAN 	(W4IMD Peter GA EM84ab
10/31 15:02 GD stuff to do.	(N5TM Dan TX EL29ds
10/31 15:00 Nil Peter so far	(K5LA/6M Floyd TX DM61tv
10/31 14:59 many pings here Peter	(N5TM Dan TX EL29ds
10/31 14:58 If anyone comes across a 6-7 elem 6m beam in very good cond w/SS hardware pse let me know	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
10/31 14:57 went by Bill's house 3 years ago but he was gone	(K5LA/6M Floyd TX DM61tv
10/31 14:56 GM Dan	(K5LA/6M Floyd TX DM61tv

This service is to be used only for the purposes of discussing matters related to amateur radio meteor scatter communications.

Any non-meteor scatter use is strictly prohibited.

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