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27Jun 18:52 Time to change bands for a while.	(N5SD Steve KS EM27ph
27Jun 18:50 Right now two stations within 15 miles of me are in QSO - both of them are S9.   Kinda ties up both even and odd sequences.	(K5GZR/6/2 Rick TX EL29gp
27Jun 18:48 N5SD - RR Steve - I think DM51 is too close to the border for anyone not intent on doing something illegal!	(K5GZR/6/2 Rick TX EL29gp
27Jun 18:46 Working DM52 right now	(N5SD Steve KS EM27ph
27Jun 18:45 N5SD - And while you are at it, wake up the guys next door to you.   I need EM05, 07 and 26 please.	(K5GZR/6/2 Rick TX EL29gp
27Jun 18:43 N5SD - Send one of those AZ guys to DM51 or DM56 Steve.   Those are the only 2 AZ grids I need on 6.	(K5GZR/6/2 Rick TX EL29gp
27Jun 18:35 AZ 10 Cents / dozen here	(N5SD Steve KS EM27ph
27Jun 18:27 holy cow , 3 AZ stations on the screen ! 276	(WB2YDS Tom NY FN30nw
27Jun 18:18 1817 -15  0.3 1124 # EA8DBM KY7M -23  very very long skip!	(W2PKY/6M/KW Bill Fl EL88vi
27Jun 18:14 6M is not open in the NW according to PSKreporter maps	(N5SD Steve KS EM27ph
27Jun 18:13 I hearing DM33 and DM34...  nothing closer to you - looks like Es is south of you - again!	(K5GZR/6/2 Rick TX EL29gp
27Jun 18:12 Stopping CQ on .290 and back to .276	(VE7DXK Doug BC CN88fp
27Jun 18:10 I am calling CQ on .290 JT9E Even - no one around 	(VE7DXK Doug BC CN88fp
27Jun 17:50 VE7DXK - Hello Doug - Seems to me that K7JIZ and K4UB are both in meteor scatter range, depending on rox and mountains, of course!	(K5GZR/6/2 Rick TX EL29gp
27Jun 17:45 Anyone on MSK144 or fast JT9 in range of CN88?	(VE7DXK Doug BC CN88fp
27Jun 17:34 1733  -1 -1.6 2557 #* CHK UR DRIVE           f	(N5JEH Ed NM DM65rd
27Jun 17:28 ~ Clear ~ 50.280 ~ CQ stopped	(WB2YDS Tom NY FN30nw
27Jun 17:23 its those darn mountains	(K4UB Patrick UT DN40co
27Jun 17:23 no i didnt hear a thing	(K4UB Patrick UT DN40co
27Jun 17:18 ~ CQ 2nd ~ 50.280 ~   JT9E Fast	(WB2YDS Tom NY FN30nw
27Jun 17:15 Patrick, you hear anything from Mike?	(K7JIZ Stan UT DN40ll
27Jun 17:14 OK Mike, happy wife, happy life.  thanks again for try.	(K7JIZ Stan UT DN40ll
27Jun 17:13 Stan XYL ready to go so Halt BBL	(K9VSW/6/2 Mike NM DM76el
27Jun 17:13 cottonwood heights 	(K4UB Patrick UT DN40co
27Jun 17:12 Patrick, in Holladay.  And you?	(K7JIZ Stan UT DN40ll
27Jun 17:11 Stan where are you in dn40?	(K4UB Patrick UT DN40co
27Jun 17:10 nada here as well.  Nuts	(K7JIZ Stan UT DN40ll
27Jun 17:10 Not one blip so far Stan	(K9VSW/6/2 Mike NM DM76el
27Jun 17:09 OK, 11:16 MST it is.  we'll hear something	(K7JIZ Stan UT DN40ll
27Jun 17:08 Got E's into EM44	(K9VSW/6/2 Mike NM DM76el
27Jun 17:07 170700   7 14.5 1470 & CQ W5VYH EM44          1  0  0.1	(K9VSW/6/2 Mike NM DM76el
27Jun 17:07 Have to go to town	(K9VSW/6/2 Mike NM DM76el
27Jun 17:06 K7JIZ I'm going to try for 10 Minutes	(K9VSW/6/2 Mike NM DM76el
27Jun 17:05 all I can say is come on rocks	(K7JIZ Stan UT DN40ll
27Jun 17:05 I don't seem to have any prop here today	(K9VSW/6/2 Mike NM DM76el
27Jun 17:05 this may be the day.. calling 1st at 15 sec per sop	(K7JIZ Stan UT DN40ll
27Jun 17:04 K7JIZ Stan you on here?	(K9VSW/6/2 Mike NM DM76el
27Jun 17:03 Guess I should put the correct call in DX call :-(	(K9VSW/6/2 Mike NM DM76el
27Jun 17:01 K7JIZ calling you 2nd .260	(K9VSW/6/2 Mike NM DM76el
27Jun 16:59 K9VSW You up for a try?	(K7JIZ Stan UT DN40ll
27Jun 16:58 Halt calling W5VYH	(K9VSW/6/2 Mike NM DM76el
27Jun 16:57 DM25,42,43 pounding in 	(KB7IJ/LFA7/700 Rich TX EM12mr
27Jun 16:56 165600   2 11.0 1467 & CQ W5VYH EM44          Calling	(K9VSW/6/2 Mike NM DM76el
27Jun 16:53 I haver been George'ed  ... 20 0ver ... 1652  -1  0.7 2301 # CQ KF2T DM25 	(KB7IJ/LFA7/700 Rich TX EM12mr
27Jun 16:52 NC6K a couple decodes but that was it	(K4UB Patrick UT DN40co
27Jun 16:51 vp9nm 50.260  10min ago	(K8LEE Wayne IN EM79ng
27Jun 16:51 Nothing heard back to .276 Off Chat	(K9VSW/6/2 Mike NM DM76el
27Jun 16:46 Listening .260 as well	(K9VSW/6/2 Mike NM DM76el
27Jun 16:45 Propagation has been spotty at best today here, so may have to wait.	(NC6K Eric CA DM13la
27Jun 16:44 K4UB - nothing here. Will listen for a bit if you want to keep calling.	(NC6K Eric CA DM13la

This service is to be used only for the purposes of discussing matters related to amateur radio meteor scatter communications.

Any non-meteor scatter use is strictly prohibited.

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