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24Jan 17:07 email me what you want for it shipped please	(N2EME Paul MA FN32vo
24Jan 17:06 N2EME Mpa, yes	(K5DOG Esteban TX EM00wh
24Jan 17:06 Also 2 ea M2 222-7wl if anyone interested.	(K5DOG Esteban TX EM00wh
24Jan 17:06 looking for something for the 222 beacon in FL	(N2EME Paul MA FN32vo
24Jan 17:05 f-196 is the small dual cavity tuned to 222 yes?	(N2EME Paul MA FN32vo
24Jan 17:03 N2EME Mpa, the transverter went to Chad N0YK.  5in cavity is gone, but still have the F-196	(K5DOG Esteban TX EM00wh
24Jan 17:02 K5DOG Esteban, tnx for uncheck double click idea.  that worked!	(WB4JWM/6/2 Tom GA EM83ji
24Jan 16:59 Charlie how do you like the LFA? I'm gathering materials to build one	(WZ2N Greg VA EM97xg
24Jan 16:58 SteveDog did you sell the 222 filter?	(N2EME Paul MA FN32vo
24Jan 16:55 Esteban, 7 Ele LFA here and 100 W	(WA3UTC Charlie NC FM05pq
24Jan 16:51 Here is where I first decoded you: 162900  -2  2.3 1518 & KA8TBW K5DOG +04	(WA3UTC Charlie NC FM05pq
24Jan 16:50 Interesting conditions.....	(WA3UTC Charlie NC FM05pq
24Jan 16:50 BTW Tom, I uncheck "Double click on call sets TX Enable"  so I don't have that "problem"	(K5DOG Esteban TX EM00wh
24Jan 16:49 BB after lunch	(WB4JWM/6/2 Tom GA EM83ji
24Jan 16:48 WB4JWM Tom, timing...:-)	(K5DOG Esteban TX EM00wh
24Jan 16:46 one second transmission	(WB4JWM/6/2 Tom GA EM83ji
24Jan 16:46 K5DOG Esteban, Yes and I only clicked on your call to set up Msgs and you heard me. :)	(WB4JWM/6/2 Tom GA EM83ji
24Jan 16:44 WA3UTC Charlie, also, made a qso with Tom between when we started and when we finished :-)	(K5DOG Esteban TX EM00wh
24Jan 16:43 WA3UTC Charlie, no Es here...rare rocks for me.  Here 7 el and 200w.	(K5DOG Esteban TX EM00wh
24Jan 16:42 Thanks Steve,,, ES again, hehehe	(WA3UTC Charlie NC FM05pq
24Jan 16:42 CQ Tx 1st 280 South	(N0AN/MOX/600W Hasan IA EN22xc
24Jan 16:41 N0AN-Thanks Hasan, thats the reason I like MS, every Q is different even if its with the same station. KS7S and I have worked over 500 times over the years HI	(W7OUU//QRO/6/2 Jim ID DN22sn
24Jan 16:41 K5DOG Esteban, Tnx 900mi QSO, 	(WB4JWM/6/2 Tom GA EM83ji
24Jan 16:40 Tom, tnx qso.	(K5DOG Esteban TX EM00wh
24Jan 16:36 Think I'll get out of here and do some outside chores. About a foot of snow due this afternoon/evening.	(W7XU Arliss SD EN13lm
24Jan 16:35 W7OUU: I can always count on a qso with you to brighten my day, you and Ai5I. Very happy with amp.	(N0AN/MOX/600W Hasan IA EN22xc
24Jan 16:34 W7OUU, Jim: I always tack that on in case a single 73 is missed. 	(N0AN/MOX/600W Hasan IA EN22xc
24Jan 16:34 N0AN that amp sure is doing a great job Hasan	(W7OUU//QRO/6/2 Jim ID DN22sn
24Jan 16:34 KA8TBW Dave, tnx, 73's	(K5DOG Esteban TX EM00wh
24Jan 16:34  163345   6  8.1 1493 & R 600W MOX 73          1  1  0.0	(W7OUU//QRO/6/2 Jim ID DN22sn
24Jan 16:33 tnx dog 73's 	(KA8TBW Dave MI EN61vv
24Jan 16:32 rrr was waiting for rrr's from you never got them	(AA2UK Bill NJ FM29pv
24Jan 16:32 W7OUU Jim,rcvd 73, Tnx 1041mi QSO, Total Time- 00:07:48 .	(N0AN/MOX/600W Hasan IA EN22xc
24Jan 16:32 Zippity do da, there it is 163145   4 13.1 1495 & W7OUU N0AN RRR         1  3 -0.1	(W7OUU//QRO/6/2 Jim ID DN22sn
24Jan 16:32 that's impressive congrats!	(WZ2N Greg VA EM97xg
24Jan 16:32 good seeing that many stations	(WZ2N Greg VA EM97xg
24Jan 16:31 I worked 142Q and 42 grids on 6 mostly msk	(AA2UK Bill NJ FM29pv
24Jan 16:31 Like most attempts Sunday I got to TX2 and never anything after that.  weird condx here 	(WZ2N Greg VA EM97xg
24Jan 16:31 tons of activity up here on .280	(AA2UK Bill NJ FM29pv
24Jan 16:31 I tried with you at the end thought we might make it	(AA2UK Bill NJ FM29pv
24Jan 16:30 TNX BILL 73	(W4IMD Peter GA EM84ab
24Jan 16:30 163000   6  8.8 1490 ^ AA2UK W4IMD 73         1  0  0.4 tnx Peter	(AA2UK Bill NJ FM29pv
24Jan 16:30 ouch.  It's always at the perfect time too.  My antenna went nuts before contest & couldnt work on it in the pouring rain. only made 2 Q's	(WZ2N Greg VA EM97xg
24Jan 16:29 K8VFV:  I'm calling you Robert, are you there?	(K4GYD Ron KY EM57pb
24Jan 16:29 waiting on some KAPTON film for repair	(AA2UK Bill NJ FM29pv
24Jan 16:28 arc'ed	(AA2UK Bill NJ FM29pv
24Jan 16:28 plate bypass cap arched prior to the contest	(AA2UK Bill NJ FM29pv
24Jan 16:28 Ahh.  Always something!  Seems like all I do is fix broke stuff	(WZ2N Greg VA EM97xg
24Jan 16:28 N0AN RR Hasan I'm a callin'	(W7OUU//QRO/6/2 Jim ID DN22sn
24Jan 16:27 I need to repair my amp Greg, antennas up ready for amp repair	(AA2UK Bill NJ FM29pv

This service is to be used only for the purposes of discussing matters related to amateur radio meteor scatter communications.

Any non-meteor scatter use is strictly prohibited.

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