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22Dec 15:32 I am pointed soutwest Jerry evidently back scatter is working	(W9BGX Ralph IL EN62db
22Dec 15:31 152801 19.2  540  0 26  -31      6 W8BYA 36 K5DOG 3636 W8BYA!36#K5DOG ,6 	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
22Dec 15:31 W8BYA Ged, sri, clicked your call and tx started up.  My bad, only 1 or 2 seconds .	(K5DOG Stevedog TX EM00wh
22Dec 15:30 RRR Raplh.....K5DOG are you calling me on 267 ?	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
22Dec 15:29 Working Ged or trying W8BYA?	(W9BGX Ralph IL EN62db
22Dec 15:28 W9BGX pse check that you have the right call sign entered in	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
22Dec 15:28 152130 18.8  360  7 26   -2       M 1SGJYR W9BGX W BYA W9BGX W8BYA W9BGX	(WB4SIA/6M Jerry MN EN34ea
22Dec 15:28 no ... haven't done that yet ... be a good time to do so.	(NM3G Rick NC EM96wd
22Dec 15:28 Rick have you figured out ur receive MDS/hearing issue ?	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
22Dec 15:28 Icom 7200 using HF yagi X7 with tuner compromise station	(W9BGX Ralph IL EN62db
22Dec 15:27 rrr ... and maybe hear some rox! :)	(NM3G Rick NC EM96wd
22Dec 15:27 W9BGX Ralph, what is your 6m station there  ?	(K5DOG Stevedog TX EM00wh
22Dec 15:27 QSL.....enjoy ur time off !	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
22Dec 15:26 GM Ged ... I'm in from time to time, but haven't seen much activity. taking some time off to work on family room and with kids in visiting, is a good time.	(NM3G Rick NC EM96wd
22Dec 15:25 Hiya Rick, good seeing you here	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
22Dec 15:25 gm again ... back from mudding sheetrock.	(NM3G Rick NC EM96wd
22Dec 15:24 ~ Running ~ 50.267 ~  W8BYA	(W9BGX Ralph IL EN62db
22Dec 15:24 1st 	(W9BGX Ralph IL EN62db
22Dec 15:19 ok RRR, BYA 2nd, 267, pointing SW hoping for some BS MS, now running	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
22Dec 15:19 ok	(W9BGX Ralph IL EN62db
22Dec 15:18 W9BGX let's stick to standard are more West so you go 1st sequence ok ?	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
22Dec 15:17 OK Ged I am second will point southwest	(W9BGX Ralph IL EN62db
22Dec 15:17 W9BGX have we worked on 6m yet?  Am game to try here on 267 and we both point to the SW	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
22Dec 15:14 Should be good, have compromise antenna here so makes it more difficult	(W9BGX Ralph IL EN62db
22Dec 15:14 ~~~~ clear .255 ~~~~	(WB4SIA/6M Jerry MN EN34ea
22Dec 15:13 W9BGW - Shouldn't be too difficult for us when we have rox Ralph.  73s	(WB4SIA/6M Jerry MN EN34ea
22Dec 15:13 ~ Clear ~ 50.255 ~	(W9BGX Ralph IL EN62db
22Dec 15:13 Ralph have we worked yet on 6m ?	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
22Dec 15:12 OK Jerry thanks for the effort enjoy the Grandkids	(W9BGX Ralph IL EN62db
22Dec 15:10 Nothing at all now Ralph	(WB4SIA/6M Jerry MN EN34ea
22Dec 15:10 W9BGX - Going to have to shut down Ralph, grandkids are awake. Will make an effort to catch you agn some time.	(WB4SIA/6M Jerry MN EN34ea
22Dec 15:08 And CO and WY and NM, etc etc hi-hi	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
22Dec 15:08 AZ and NM pair conspicuously absent today 	(KB7IJ/6M/2M Rich TX EM12mr
22Dec 15:05  ok Az 296	(W9BGX Ralph IL EN62db
22Dec 15:03 Hmm.. must have forgotten to color in my map, okay, thankls :) 	(KB7IJ/6M/2M Rich TX EM12mr
22Dec 15:02 KB7IJ - we have work B4 Rich	(K5WE Jeff OK EM25ex
22Dec 15:02 W9BGX - Ralph, try aiming right at me.  Ur ping to the south with Jeff were pretty weak.	(WB4SIA/6M Jerry MN EN34ea
22Dec 15:01 @@@@@@@@@@@@------QRV 6N2------ANYONE OUT WEST ???????	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
22Dec 15:00 You mind turning south for a vouple min Jeff? I actually need your grid	(KB7IJ/6M/2M Rich TX EM12mr
22Dec 15:00 w8bya - Tnx for the demo... nice sigs	(K5WE Jeff OK EM25ex
22Dec 15:00 Jeff, glad you two can spend time together having fun on the air !	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
22Dec 14:59 ~ Clear ~ 144.147 ~ tnx...	(KB7IJ/6M/2M Rich TX EM12mr
22Dec 14:59 Fingers of no help either....	(WB4SIA/6M Jerry MN EN34ea
22Dec 14:59 w8bya - Tnx Ged - Son Scott is here from SC for XMAS. He is a ham, but not very active...	(K5WE Jeff OK EM25ex
22Dec 14:59 OK  still on 255 typewriters can be pesky	(W9BGX Ralph IL EN62db
22Dec 14:58 ....255....still cant type	(WB4SIA/6M Jerry MN EN34ea
22Dec 14:58 Jeff & Son, TU FB QSO.....Merry X-Mas	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
22Dec 14:58 Sri Ralph, on .260	(WB4SIA/6M Jerry MN EN34ea
22Dec 14:58 u change to 260 Jerry?? I am on 255	(W9BGX Ralph IL EN62db

This service is to be used only for the purposes of discussing matters related to amateur radio meteor scatter communications.

Any non-meteor scatter use is strictly prohibited.

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