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22Aug 04:03 K4MSG sending you an email Paul 	(K3GYK/6/2/300 Kevin CO DM79nx
22Aug 03:57 Ok thanks for 4/5 GN Paul 73	(KF4FCO/6 Tim FL EM70uj
22Aug 03:56 Well, lemme say 73 and thanks again, Tim!	(K4MSG/2/70 Paulb VA FM19ee
22Aug 03:55 I could use a preamp.	(K4MSG/2/70 Paulb VA FM19ee
22Aug 03:54 Next shack project is to fix 2m amp darn power supply craped out 	(KF4FCO/6 Tim FL EM70uj
22Aug 03:53 Although if you have a mast-mounted LNA it won't make much difference.	(K4MSG/2/70 Paulb VA FM19ee
22Aug 03:52 You're right about that, plus it helps on the RX end, too.	(K4MSG/2/70 Paulb VA FM19ee
22Aug 03:51 Always hear cheapest amp is good coax ;~GT~	(KF4FCO/6 Tim FL EM70uj
22Aug 03:50 I have about 80.	(K4MSG/2/70 Paulb VA FM19ee
22Aug 03:49 Being conservative I'd say you have about 80w at the antenna, maybe 85.	(K4MSG/2/70 Paulb VA FM19ee
22Aug 03:46 per 100@ 150 mhz	(KF4FCO/6 Tim FL EM70uj
22Aug 03:46 No never at antenna loss on hardline is .243db	(KF4FCO/6 Tim FL EM70uj
22Aug 03:43 Ever measure the power at the antenna?  I can figure it out, but if you already know it......	(K4MSG/2/70 Paulb VA FM19ee
22Aug 03:42 20' lmr400uf 90' 1 5/8 hardline 10' lmr600  not much loss	(KF4FCO/6 Tim FL EM70uj
22Aug 03:39 And finally, how much cable loss is there between the shack & antenna?	(K4MSG/2/70 Paulb VA FM19ee
22Aug 03:37 Gain: 15.80dBi	(KF4FCO/6 Tim FL EM70uj
22Aug 03:35 Do you know the gain?	(K4MSG/2/70 Paulb VA FM19ee
22Aug 03:34 LFA on a 21ft boom	(KF4FCO/6 Tim FL EM70uj
22Aug 03:33 Is the antenna the 2M12 by M2?	(K4MSG/2/70 Paulb VA FM19ee
22Aug 03:33 just got your 73 	(KF4FCO/6 Tim FL EM70uj
22Aug 03:32 100w 12 el @80 ft	(KF4FCO/6 Tim FL EM70uj
22Aug 03:32 First CQ was ~Plus~16  great sig tnks 73	(KF4FCO/6 Tim FL EM70uj
22Aug 03:32 KF4FCO - Tim, tell me again your power & antenna	(K4MSG/2/70 Paulb VA FM19ee
22Aug 03:31 Got ur 73 @032930	(K4MSG/2/70 Paulb VA FM19ee
22Aug 03:30 Four nights out of five ain't too bad.....your best:   031130   8  6.7 1529 &  K4MSG KF4FCO EM70      1  5 -1.0	(K4MSG/2/70 Paulb VA FM19ee
22Aug 03:30 K4MSG Paulb, Rocks are out tonight Got RRR still sending 73 another one for the books :~GT~	(KF4FCO/6 Tim FL EM70uj
22Aug 03:09 Well, howdy!!	(K4MSG/2/70 Paulb VA FM19ee
22Aug 03:05 K4MSG Paulb, ok I'm back calling you way GL	(KF4FCO/6 Tim FL EM70uj
22Aug 02:57 ***  CQ  144.150  2nd  15s  sh on  Looking SSW  ***	(K4MSG/2/70 Paulb VA FM19ee
22Aug 02:56 CQ 1st 260 NE	(AD5VS Dykes MS EM41mx
22Aug 02:56 RR, I'll be here	(K4MSG/2/70 Paulb VA FM19ee
22Aug 02:55 K4MSG Paulb, Got to make a local call on .200 brb and give it a try if ya want	(KF4FCO/6 Tim FL EM70uj
22Aug 02:53 WZ2N Still here Greg?	(AD5VS Dykes MS EM41mx
22Aug 02:51 KF4FCO Thanks Tim  024345  11  2.5 1484 &  CQ KF4FCO EM70 ~U.S.A.	(AD5VS Dykes MS EM41mx
22Aug 02:50 024530  14  9.1 1508 &  KF4FCO AD5VS RRR   several RRRs Dykes tnks 73	(KF4FCO/6 Tim FL EM70uj
22Aug 02:46 No one seems interested.	(K4MSG/2/70 Paulb VA FM19ee
22Aug 02:46 Hello Paul much action tonight?	(KF4FCO/6 Tim FL EM70uj
22Aug 02:45 KF4FCO - Hi Tim	(K4MSG/2/70 Paulb VA FM19ee
22Aug 02:43 CQ West .260 2nd	(KF4FCO/6 Tim FL EM70uj
22Aug 02:23 stopped	(KF4FCO/6 Tim FL EM70uj
22Aug 02:15 ~ Clear ~ 50.260 ~ CQ stopped	(K5GZR/6/2 Rick TX EL29gp
22Aug 02:12 CQ NNW .150 sh on 15s 1st	(KF4FCO/6 Tim FL EM70uj
22Aug 02:08 ~ CQ 1st ~ 50.260 ~ 45 deg msk144	(K5GZR/6/2 Rick TX EL29gp
22Aug 01:50 ~ Clear ~ .260 ~ CQ stopped	(WZ2N Greg VA EM97xg
22Aug 01:45 ~ CQ 2nd ~ .260 ~   MSK144	(WZ2N Greg VA EM97xg
22Aug 01:07 Stop CQ, bbl	(K4MSG/2/70 Paulb VA FM19ee
22Aug 00:53 ***  CQ  144.150  2nd  15s  sh on  Looking SSW  ***	(K4MSG/2/70 Paulb VA FM19ee
22Aug 00:50 QRV  144  ms	(K4MSG/2/70 Paulb VA FM19ee
22Aug 00:48 *******  QRV    6 / 2 m any mode ********	(W3XS Bill OR CN74xk
22Aug 00:33 ~ CQ 2nd ~ 50.260 ~   	(K8LEE Wayne in EM79ng

This service is to be used only for the purposes of discussing matters related to amateur radio meteor scatter communications.

Any non-meteor scatter use is strictly prohibited.

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