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09/22 01:49 @@@@@@@@..........QRV 6N2...........@@@@@@@@	(W8BYA Gedas IN EN70jt
09/22 00:54 Ill be on in the AM for some rox	(WA3LBI/6M Jimm PA FN20ji
09/22 00:54 Thanks Paul!	(WA3LBI/6M Jimm PA FN20ji
09/22 00:54 73 it was a good day for you	(N1RJX Paul MA FN32vo
09/22 00:53 looked ast you controller ... cool!	(WA3LBI/6M Jimm PA FN20ji
09/22 00:53 going to bed   had a long day with the "dish" 	(WA3LBI/6M Jimm PA FN20ji
09/22 00:36	(N1RJX Paul MA FN32vo
09/22 00:36 yes.  It has a scale of 0 to 999 and I have limit switches set at 0 and 90 degrees	(N1RJX Paul MA FN32vo
09/22 00:34 do you have an indication of elevation and limit switches 	(WA3LBI/6M Jimm PA FN20ji
09/22 00:33 but I do not need to be as accurate as you do on 10 ghz	(N1RJX Paul MA FN32vo
09/22 00:33 RR so far i am happy with my act system as it is very simple and the control box is cheap	(N1RJX Paul MA FN32vo
09/22 00:31 I think a positive belt drive is better	(WA3LBI/6M Jimm PA FN20ji
09/22 00:31 If and when I ever make another elevation sensor I will not use gravity / pendulum types .	(WA3LBI/6M Jimm PA FN20ji
09/22 00:30 I have a KR550 for the rover station but at home all of the towers have sat actuators on them	(N1RJX Paul MA FN32vo
09/22 00:28 do you have an elevation rotator ?	(WA3LBI/6M Jimm PA FN20ji
09/22 00:25 I was thinking it might be worth setting 2m rotator up to do az with the comp. I am not sure I could set ele up so might not be worth while though	(N1RJX Paul MA FN32vo
09/22 00:24 N1RJX Paul, Its pretty amazing site watching the antenna track the sun .. also the shadow of the feed point was almost perfect in the center when I found the sun	(WA3LBI/6M Jimm PA FN20ji
09/22 00:22 Hearing the beacon will be a big step too	(N1RJX Paul MA FN32vo
09/22 00:19 it was very cool hearing the SUN for the first time	(WA3LBI/6M Jimm PA FN20ji
09/22 00:19 GE Jimm  Nice pics today :)	(N1RJX Paul MA FN32vo
09/22 00:16 hello	(WA3LBI/6M Jimm PA FN20ji
09/22 00:01 73  about 4 hours drive from hyde park to keene	(N1RJX Paul MA FN32vo
09/21 23:59 speakeinf of which, dinner time here.  CUL	(N5TM/2N6 Dan TX EL29ds
09/21 23:59 OK well CIA in Hyde Park is the culinary institute of America  	(N1RJX Paul MA FN32vo
09/21 23:56 FDR hometown	(N5TM/2N6 Dan TX EL29ds
09/21 23:55 I guess.	(N5TM/2N6 Dan TX EL29ds
09/21 23:55 Hyde Park NY as in CIA?	(N1RJX Paul MA FN32vo
09/21 23:54 as cannot get into lake house til 3pm	(N5TM/2N6 Dan TX EL29ds
09/21 23:54 Willimstown (famous for its summer plays) to Florida is a nice drive	(N1RJX Paul MA FN32vo
09/21 23:54 rr, we may go to Hyde Park on Monday morning.	(N5TM/2N6 Dan TX EL29ds
09/21 23:54 OK so take rt2 from Albany to North Adams to greenfield and at greenfield take I91 north to rt9 east	(N1RJX Paul MA FN32vo
09/21 23:53 Will spend weekend with our son.	(N5TM/2N6 Dan TX EL29ds
09/21 23:52 Flying into Albany	(N5TM/2N6 Dan TX EL29ds
09/21 23:52 Cool,, we are anxous to get up there.  Still summer here 93 today.	(N5TM/2N6 Dan TX EL29ds
09/21 23:52 Where are you flying in to?	(N1RJX Paul MA FN32vo
09/21 23:51 Yes particually as you will be heading north of here	(N1RJX Paul MA FN32vo
09/21 23:51 So a week from now should be pretty good?	(N5TM/2N6 Dan TX EL29ds
09/21 23:51 N5TM trees just starting to change colour here	(N1RJX Paul MA FN32vo
09/21 23:48 could be QRV 6m if interest	(N5TM/2N6 Dan TX EL29ds
09/21 23:47 sure a lot of stations on 28076	(N5TM/2N6 Dan TX EL29ds
09/21 23:46 ge	(N5TM/2N6 Dan TX EL29ds
09/21 23:39 @@@@@@@@..........QRV 6N2...........@@@@@@@@	(W8BYA Gedas IN EN70jt
09/21 23:13 they used amplitude companded sideband. SEA ESP1000 220-222 ACSB Repeater	(N1RJX Paul MA FN32vo
09/21 23:09 I have a couple of the UPS 220 sytems downstairs in the shach	(N1RJX Paul MA FN32vo
09/21 22:11 They dropped it  --  only managed to split up the 220 band	(K5LA/6 Floyd TX DM61tv
09/21 22:09 maybe a combination  of diff modes	(K5LA/6 Floyd TX DM61tv
09/21 22:09 Didn't know UPS was planning on using MS esp on 220 MHz	(W8BYA Gedas IN EN70jt
09/21 22:09 Think they were going to use MS on 220 mhz	(K5LA/6 Floyd TX DM61tv
09/21 22:08 UPS  the company	(K5LA/6 Floyd TX DM61tv
09/21 22:07 UPS and MS ?	(W8BYA Gedas IN EN70jt

This service is to be used only for the purposes of discussing matters related to amateur radio meteor scatter communications.

Any non-meteor scatter use is strictly prohibited.

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