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18Jan 00:02 must be a thurday nite before contest everyone is resting there amp s	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk
17Jan 23:35 KF7NN Laszlo, sounds great! 	(NO0T/6/QRO Paul CO DM79lr
17Jan 23:26 gonna run down for a bit BBINAB	(KF7NN Laszlo VA FM07xs
17Jan 23:12 i dont have a 6m amp YET... i was looking at the 150mhz ratings, im going lmr600UF  i think its only twice as bad loss as ldf4-50 but i only need about 25 feet per antenna to connect to the hardline.	(KF7NN Laszlo VA FM07xs
17Jan 22:56 KF7NN Laszlo, its only good for 4.24KW at 6 meters so may be a problem for you.	(NO0T/6/QRO Paul CO DM79lr
17Jan 22:55 KF7NN Laszlo, the LMR 600 is only .5 db per 100 feet loss at 50 Mhz so not bad spec.  The hard part is the N-connectors and installing them on the coax.	(NO0T/6/QRO Paul CO DM79lr
17Jan 22:53 rrugated hard-line cables.	(NO0T/6/QRO Paul CO DM79lr
17Jan 22:53 KF7NN Laszlo, LMR?standard is a UV Resistant Polyethylene jacketed cable designed for 20-year service outdoor use. Thebendingandhandlingcharacteristicsaresignificantlybetterthan air-dielectric and co	(NO0T/6/QRO Paul CO DM79lr
17Jan 22:52 KF7NN Laszlo, was running an 8877 on 6 meters then.	(NO0T/6/QRO Paul CO DM79lr
17Jan 22:51 KF7NN Laszlo, that should be quite a site.  We had a 6 meter antenna back in my youth that arced between the DE and the boom creating a blue flash in the sky at night.	(NO0T/6/QRO Paul CO DM79lr
17Jan 22:50 im working on melting my lmr400 at the top of the tower with my new beko	(KF7NN Laszlo VA FM07xs
17Jan 22:49 i cant say but its made out of the same material lmr400 is. 	(KF7NN Laszlo VA FM07xs
17Jan 22:48 KF7NN Laszlo, How is the LMR-600 for UV protection?  We have bad UV here in Denver at 5280 ASL.	(NO0T/6/QRO Paul CO DM79lr
17Jan 22:44 connectors and install.	(NO0T/6/QRO Paul CO DM79lr
17Jan 22:44 KF7NN Laszlo, I may have to go that route.  The Ecoflex is $3 per foot - not bad, the N connectors and putting them on 3 20 foot jumpers is the rest.  Guess that is what you pay for commercial grade 	(NO0T/6/QRO Paul CO DM79lr
17Jan 22:42 jumpers? i was looking at lmr600 and it wasnt too bad like about $1.19 a foot	(KF7NN Laszlo VA FM07xs
17Jan 22:40 FYI I priced out some Ecoflex 15 jumpers for my new antennas.  Cost more than an antenna. Crazy.	(NO0T/6/QRO Paul CO DM79lr
17Jan 22:40 we could do without any precip for about 3 months, its just a mud pit in th yard	(KF7NN Laszlo VA FM07xs
17Jan 22:39 Sunny here but snow for Friday night and Saturday.   We need it in Denver but they have good snow in the mountains for skiing	(NO0T/6/QRO Paul CO DM79lr
17Jan 22:38 its ok i guess, snowing right now a little bit	(KF7NN Laszlo VA FM07xs
17Jan 22:37 Laszlo - my fat fingers	(NO0T/6/QRO Paul CO DM79lr
17Jan 22:37 KF7NN Laszlo, GA Lazlo - how goes it in VA?	(NO0T/6/QRO Paul CO DM79lr
17Jan 22:36 good evening	(KF7NN Laszlo VA FM07xs
17Jan 22:13 K9VSW Mike, OK Mike - have good afternoon	(NO0T/6/QRO Paul CO DM79lr
17Jan 22:12 OFF PJ	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Jan 22:12 Shuting down here...73 Paul	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Jan 22:11 Had one decode on 313 from DN23 earlier and that was it	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Jan 22:10 K9VSW Mike, ok - not much here now - saw KC0RF calling CU7AA at 20:00 hrs. Not sure what he was hearing. 	(NO0T/6/QRO Paul CO DM79lr
17Jan 22:08 NG here	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Jan 22:08 K9VSW Mike, Hi Mike - how's FT8 doing this afternoon.  	(NO0T/6/QRO Paul CO DM79lr
17Jan 22:06 Clear 313	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Jan 21:55 CQ West 313 DF2000	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Jan 21:54 73 Larry	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Jan 21:54 cul	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk
17Jan 21:54 QSY 313	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Jan 21:53 You lit up PSKr for sure	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Jan 21:53 the moon will be up till after midnite	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk
17Jan 21:53 K0TPP Larry, Thanks for try...You need to get On The Moon. Make sure to take extra Oxygen	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Jan 21:53 stoped	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk
17Jan 21:52 yes 1.5 kw 	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk
17Jan 21:51 215015  -2  7.6 1508 &  K9VSW K0TPP EM48 Most of your decodes Minus so I'm sure I'm not doing so great	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Jan 21:51 tuff time of day	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk
17Jan 21:49 Or trying to run ;-)	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Jan 21:49 214845   9  1.7 1510 &  K9VSW K0TPP EM48 Running	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Jan 21:46 214600   8  3.7 1492 &  CQ K9VSW DM76	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk
17Jan 21:45 70 Deg	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Jan 21:44 ~ CQ 1st ~ 260 ~   	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
17Jan 21:41 catch me in the am some time	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk
17Jan 21:41 ok, latter then	(K8SD Barry WI EN52et
17Jan 21:41 no i about ready to play on the moon	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rk

This service is to be used only for the purposes of discussing matters related to amateur radio meteor scatter communications.

Any non-meteor scatter use is strictly prohibited.

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