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24Nov 01:51 Yes, I am in Purcellville, have a 5 mile wi-fi link to the shack	(W3IP Mike VA FM19bb
24Nov 01:50 So you are running remote then Mike?	(K4CML Colin Va FM17sb
24Nov 01:49 Colin,  my antennas are in Bluemont Va	(W3IP Mike VA FM19bb
24Nov 01:48 0146  -3  0.9 1424 #* CQ WA3LBI FN20         f	(N2EME Paul MA FN32vo
24Nov 01:47 WA7HQD fine work!! Make any contacts yet?	(KF2T George NV DM25kx
24Nov 01:44 W1IPL Wilt, you copy up there?	(WA3LBI Jimm PA FN20ji
24Nov 01:44 I will run some continuity checks on my cable for the yagi in the mean time	(WA7HQD/6/2 Doc UT DN31xb
24Nov 01:44 0139  -2  0.9 1426 #* W3IP WA3LBI RRR	(N2EME Paul MA FN32vo
24Nov 01:44 Jimm, I was pointed at Wilt, probably off your heading by 20 degrees or so	(W3IP Mike VA FM19bb
24Nov 01:43 WB4JWM you here Tom?	(AA2UK Bill NJ FM29pv
24Nov 01:43 George, I got up a six meter dipole today	(WA7HQD/6/2 Doc UT DN31xb
24Nov 01:43 looks like I am going to have to ask Santa for a new rotator for Christmas.	(K4CML Colin Va FM17sb
24Nov 01:43 Tnx Mike	(KF2T George NV DM25kx
24Nov 01:43 I was aimed towards Paul !	(WA3LBI Jimm PA FN20ji
24Nov 01:43 George, some, mostly during VHF/microwave contests, otherwise by appointment only	(W3IP Mike VA FM19bb
24Nov 01:42 0140  -1 -0.4  639 #* WA3LBI W3IP 73         f	(WA3LBI Jimm PA FN20ji
24Nov 01:42 Tnx Jimm, good signals, some doppler mixed in	(W3IP Mike VA FM19bb
24Nov 01:42 W3IP is there any 10 GHz action around DC?	(KF2T George NV DM25kx
24Nov 01:41 I'm down in Newport News Mike, but beam is off to west of you.	(K4CML Colin Va FM17sb
24Nov 01:40 Colin, depending on where you are behind the hills near Yorktown, we are almost line of sight	(W3IP Mike VA FM19bb
24Nov 01:38 W3IP, considering that you are about 30 degrees off front of my beam, thats not too bad.	(K4CML Colin Va FM17sb
24Nov 01:37 WAHQD stunned - not one ping tonight	(KF2T George NV DM25kx
24Nov 01:37 _16 that time Mike	(K4CML Colin Va FM17sb
24Nov 01:37 Tnx Colin	(W3IP Mike VA FM19bb
24Nov 01:36 OK, calling Jimm now	(W3IP Mike VA FM19bb
24Nov 01:35 W3IP no copy	(W1IPL Wilt ME FN54fc
24Nov 01:34 013200   20  -8  .1   -216    4   CQ W3IP FM19              	(K4CML Colin Va FM17sb
24Nov 01:34 Wilt, hear anything there?	(W3IP Mike VA FM19bb
24Nov 01:34 Jimm, you were a -1 on that very short CQ	(W3IP Mike VA FM19bb
24Nov 01:33 0132  -8  0.4 1410 #* CQ W3IP FM19           f	(N2EME Paul MA FN32vo
24Nov 01:33 WA3LBI tnx Jimm, good take off angle in your direction	(W3IP Mike VA FM19bb
24Nov 01:32 ...150	(WA7HQD/6/2 Doc UT DN31xb
24Nov 01:32 Calling CQ now 2nd pointed south	(WA7HQD/6/2 Doc UT DN31xb
24Nov 01:32 W3IP Mike, your loud here	(WA3LBI Jimm PA FN20ji
24Nov 01:31 Looks like Im being heard in NM and at Stans house	(WA7HQD/6/2 Doc UT DN31xb
24Nov 01:31 BBL	(WQ5S/6/2/432 Brad TX EM13ci
24Nov 01:31 one more time coming up in 30 seconds	(W3IP Mike VA FM19bb
24Nov 01:30 W3IP RR Byy the time I changed modes I missed the decode	(N2EME Paul MA FN32vo
24Nov 01:29 I was calling CQ on JT65 towards Wilt	(W3IP Mike VA FM19bb
24Nov 01:29 I tightened up power supply connection to my amp, now Im running 15 more watts!	(WA7HQD/6/2 Doc UT DN31xb
24Nov 01:29 Thanks for try Wilt; will get antenna your way probably tomorrow.	(K4CML Colin Va FM17sb
24Nov 01:29 Darn. Moon blocked by house now	(KF2T George NV DM25kx
24Nov 01:29 bursts of a tone here	(W1IPL Wilt ME FN54fc
24Nov 01:28 RR Doc SRI	(WQ5S/6/2/432 Brad TX EM13ci
24Nov 01:28 Over to bench 	(W1IPL Wilt ME FN54fc
24Nov 01:28 seeing jt65b now	(N2EME Paul MA FN32vo
24Nov 01:28 I saw it on screen before I heard it; couldn't copy tho, too weak	(K4CML Colin Va FM17sb
24Nov 01:28 Brad, I had to go into work those days you were in 70 and 80 so I couldnt play :(	(WA7HQD/6/2 Doc UT DN31xb
24Nov 01:28 Tnx Try Colin	(W1IPL Wilt ME FN54fc
24Nov 01:27 I heard a burst of it too	(W1IPL Wilt ME FN54fc

This service is to be used only for the purposes of discussing matters related to amateur radio meteor scatter communications.

Any non-meteor scatter use is strictly prohibited.

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