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27Aug 20:12 Off page in-and-out	(WB4JWM/6/2 Tom GA EM83ji
27Aug 20:10 KB1ESS conx droped off from earlier, I had two good prints when you were trying Jerry	(WB4JWM/6/2 Tom GA EM83ji
27Aug 20:10 WB4JWM Tom, I'll get it going soon and next time we try will be msk	(KB1ESS/2/6 Mark MA FN32vk
27Aug 20:08 BTW I stoped tx on 280 freq clear	(WB4JWM/6/2 Tom GA EM83ji
27Aug 20:08 Mark as Gary pointed out JTMSK may just go away.  I sure like MSK	(WB4JWM/6/2 Tom GA EM83ji
27Aug 20:06 Ive decoded you almost every period	(KB1ESS/2/6 Mark MA FN32vk
27Aug 20:06 WB4JWM Tom, OH! I'll stop for now and get the new SW going tonight if I can.  I didn't know there was that much of a difference	(KB1ESS/2/6 Mark MA FN32vk
27Aug 20:04 I think so, on msk it will decode without seeing a ping.  I have seen a couple from you that may have decoded	(WB4JWM/6/2 Tom GA EM83ji
27Aug 20:03 WB4JWM Tom, have you seen any pings that would have decoded on msk144?	(KB1ESS/2/6 Mark MA FN32vk
27Aug 20:02 Very quiet here today but running 1K now	(WB4JWM/6/2 Tom GA EM83ji
27Aug 20:01 WB4JWM Tom, yes, your 300w and my quiet location...	(KB1ESS/2/6 Mark MA FN32vk
27Aug 20:00 Anyone on 2m near me want to try? New amp in-line	(KF2T/6N2 George NV DM25kx
27Aug 19:59 WOW one way today	(WB4JWM/6/2 Tom GA EM83ji
27Aug 19:59 WB4JWM Tom, 6 decodes	(KB1ESS/2/6 Mark MA FN32vk
27Aug 19:58 KB1ESS Mark seeing anything?  	(WB4JWM/6/2 Tom GA EM83ji
27Aug 19:58 Looks like it got two of them. Figured it would only get two and toss the third due to the way it works.	(AG0N/6M Gary NE DN81fv
27Aug 19:57 Right now, I have three on top of each other incoming. Going to see what decodes...	(AG0N/6M Gary NE DN81fv
27Aug 19:56 Darn, won't paste	(AG0N/6M Gary NE DN81fv
27Aug 19:55 Stuff like this very common, even much closer. 	(AG0N/6M Gary NE DN81fv
27Aug 19:54 no doubt the jt65 decode is nice	(KD5JHE Jerry MS EM54hh
27Aug 19:53 MSK faster and I tink deeper. They have really cleaned up the decoders, and it is amazing to see 4-5 double stacked stns decoding on JT65 and WSPR	(AG0N/6M Gary NE DN81fv
27Aug 19:53 I'll try to get it going soon.	(KB1ESS/2/6 Mark MA FN32vk
27Aug 19:52 XP fine here. QRA tx fine too, but QRA decode crashes it. d Love MSK144, never on JTMSK anymore. 	(AG0N/6M Gary NE DN81fv
27Aug 19:51 No Gary. well it installs but won't start up.  Bill gave me a few different builds to try but nogo.  I need newwer machine tho, Yahoo IM won't run on XP either	(KB1ESS/2/6 Mark MA FN32vk
27Aug 19:51 Mark I'm not having any prob with 7034 as long as you don't use SH	(WB4JWM/6/2 Tom GA EM83ji
27Aug 19:50 Mark - won't install on your xp?	(AG0N/6M Gary NE DN81fv
27Aug 19:50 WB4JWM Tom, does the auto work better?	(KB1ESS/2/6 Mark MA FN32vk
27Aug 19:50 Running here 1st GL	(WB4JWM/6/2 Tom GA EM83ji
27Aug 19:49 KB1ESS Mark, I have xp, it installed, but, qra64 wont work, all else seems fine.	(KD5JHE Jerry MS EM54hh
27Aug 19:49 WB4JWM Tom, ok running jtmsk 2nd, --30seconds--	(KB1ESS/2/6 Mark MA FN32vk
27Aug 19:48 Ok try jtmsk	(WB4JWM/6/2 Tom GA EM83ji
27Aug 19:48 WB4JWM Tom, I don't have that yet.  It won't install on my XP machine.  I have a w7 machine but I need the ambition to swap everything	(KB1ESS/2/6 Mark MA FN32vk
27Aug 19:48 MS I think	(WB4JWM/6/2 Tom GA EM83ji
27Aug 19:46 KB1ESS mark point this way? Try msk144	(WB4JWM/6/2 Tom GA EM83ji
27Aug 19:46 WB4JWM Tom, MS or E's?	(KB1ESS/2/6 Mark MA FN32vk
27Aug 19:46 Sorry Mark I was on another page	(WB4JWM/6/2 Tom GA EM83ji
27Aug 19:45 93615   1  4.5 1479 & KD5JHE KB1ESS  01	(WB4JWM/6/2 Tom GA EM83ji
27Aug 19:44 KB1ESS Mark, tu for the run and report, sri I couldnt get it,, next time	(KD5JHE Jerry MS EM54hh
27Aug 19:43 KD5JHE Jerry, Thank you for the run, always fun to try	(KB1ESS/2/6 Mark MA FN32vk
27Aug 19:42 WB4JWM Tom, got any from me?	(KB1ESS/2/6 Mark MA FN32vk
27Aug 19:42 OK, stopped.  I got 4 decodes and this was the best and last  193800   2 21.7 1436 & KB1ESS KD5JHE EM54	(KB1ESS/2/6 Mark MA FN32vk
27Aug 19:41 KB1ESS Mark,  I stopped, nada here	(KD5JHE Jerry MS EM54hh
27Aug 19:40 I have low power, moderate noise, but still find an acorn sometimes.	(KD5JHE Jerry MS EM54hh
27Aug 19:37 KD5JHE Jerry, many times qso attempts are onesided because one station has high power or high noise or both	(KB1ESS/2/6 Mark MA FN32vk
27Aug 19:36 KB1ESS Mark, I have noise, xyl has the tv on in here and the new tornado siren across the street makes a nice pulse every 3 seconds	(KD5JHE Jerry MS EM54hh
27Aug 19:34 KD5JHE Jerry, I have a very quiet location here.  In the woods.  Some static just started tho!  intermittent, so no worries	(KB1ESS/2/6 Mark MA FN32vk
27Aug 19:33 rr jtmsk listening in	(WB4JWM/6/2 Tom GA EM83ji
27Aug 19:33 WB4JWM Tom, Mark and I are trying on 280, jtmsk 30sec	(KD5JHE Jerry MS EM54hh
27Aug 19:33 30 seconds as well	(KB1ESS/2/6 Mark MA FN32vk
27Aug 19:32 jtmsk	(KB1ESS/2/6 Mark MA FN32vk

This service is to be used only for the purposes of discussing matters related to amateur radio meteor scatter communications.

Any non-meteor scatter use is strictly prohibited.

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