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Remember, in North America, 50.260MHz and 144.140MHz are calling not operating frequencies.

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15Sep 16:41 163915   0 14.1 1548 &  CQ TEST K7MAC DN14	(K7IU/6M/2M Marv WA CN97av
15Sep 16:41 K7IU got time?	(W7MEM Mark ID DN17mr
15Sep 16:41 RRR KD	(K5LA/2M Floyd TX DM61tv
15Sep 16:40 WA5CAM - I'd like to try after W7JW	(W4NH Kos GA EM84ao
15Sep 16:40 K5LA Floyd, turning your way and will run 2nd	(N5KS/6/2 Kd TX DM95be
15Sep 16:39 RR	(KE7NR Don AZ DM33wm
15Sep 16:39 W7JW - Running	(W4NH Kos GA EM84ao
15Sep 16:39 I am second...I had to chanage...sorry	(K5QE/2M/QRO Marshall TX EM31cj
15Sep 16:38 anyone else up for a go?	(K7IU/6M/2M Marv WA CN97av
15Sep 16:38 ~ CQ 1st ~ 50.260 ~   msk144	(K5LA/6M/QRO Floyd TX DM61tv
15Sep 16:38 144.150 MSK144 W7JW 1st?	(W7JW/6/2M/QRO Jeff MI EN82fj
15Sep 16:38 ok TIm, well at least we gave it a try	(K7IU/6M/2M Marv WA CN97av
15Sep 16:38 W7JW - give me a freq	(W4NH Kos GA EM84ao
15Sep 16:37 K5QE, are you 1st or 2nd	(KE7NR Don AZ DM33wm
15Sep 16:37 W4NH Kos, I can give it a try	(WA5CAM/2/6 Stan MS EM41hn
15Sep 16:37 W4NH try agn?	(W7JW/6/2M/QRO Jeff MI EN82fj
15Sep 16:37 Anyone for a 2M sked?	(W4NH Kos GA EM84ao
15Sep 16:36 Marv....   not a peep, sorry.	(W5TRL Tim TX EM10dj
15Sep 16:36 Don...running on 144.150 now	(K5QE/2M/QRO Marshall TX EM31cj
15Sep 16:35 Don...RR turning your way....GL	(K5QE/2M/QRO Marshall TX EM31cj
15Sep 16:34 K5QE, fire away on 2m	(KE7NR/6/2/222 Don AZ DM33wm
15Sep 16:34 Marshall, will try 2M MSK	(N5KS/6/2 Kd TX DM95be
15Sep 16:33 CQ 260 West 2nd	(N2NT/6M2M/KW Andy NJ FN20si
15Sep 16:32 QRV 6m, in a bit	(KJ7OG Stevecat AZ DM42mh
15Sep 16:32 OK anyone for meteors on 2M?? KE7NR??	(K5QE/2M/QRO Marshall TX EM31cj
15Sep 16:29 k7iu, yep	(W5TRL Tim TX EM10dj
15Sep 16:28 162745  10 13.4 1468 &  N5KS K5QE RR73  -- TU es GL Marshall	(N5KS/6/2 Kd TX DM95be
15Sep 16:28 Nuthin Tim, I'll try you. .265 1st for 10 min ok?	(K7IU/6M/2M Marv WA CN97av
15Sep 16:28 k7iu...  nuthin?	(W5TRL Tim TX EM10dj
15Sep 16:26 162600   5  7.1 1503 &  K8LEE W9FF RR73	(K8LEE/LFA/KW Wayne in EM79ng
15Sep 16:22 K8LEE TNX Waybe	(WQ5S/6/2 Brad TX EM13ci
15Sep 16:21 162100   1  4.0 1488 &  K8LEE WQ5S EM13162130  -2  5.4 1492 &  K8LEE WQ5S RR73162130   0 12.5 1491 &  K8LEE WQ5S RR73	(K8LEE/LFA/KW Wayne in EM79ng
15Sep 16:21 Brad...SSB now	(K5QE/2M/QRO Marshall TX EM31cj
15Sep 16:21 ok, I'll qsy and listen for you Tim	(K7IU/6M/2M Marv WA CN97av
15Sep 16:20 K7IU Ive a local running odd on 260.  Try 265? I'll be 1st	(W5TRL Tim TX EM10dj
15Sep 16:19 k5QE 2M?	(WQ5S/6/2 Brad TX EM13ci
15Sep 16:18 WQ5S Brad, Tnx Brad 73 GL	(WA5CAM/2/6 Stan MS EM41hn
15Sep 16:18 WA5CAM TNX Stan	(WQ5S/6/2 Brad TX EM13ci
15Sep 16:17 K7IU Im there... 	(W5TRL Tim TX EM10dj
15Sep 16:17 K5QE How about FT8 2 meters ?	(XE2OR/6/2 Rafa xx DL98ok
15Sep 16:16 K7MAC tnx QSO & 73	(K6EU Tom CA CM97ag
15Sep 16:16 2M meteors??  I need a sched partner...	(K5QE/2M/QRO Marshall TX EM31cj
15Sep 16:14 Anyone else want to give it a go on 50.265?	(K5QE/6M/QRO Marshall TX EM31cj
15Sep 16:14 K7IU CQ now 260 2nd	(KY7M Lee AZ DM33wn
15Sep 16:13 Need scheds for 2M MSK144....anyone within is the time	(K5QE/2M/QRO Marshall TX EM31cj
15Sep 16:13 ky7mLee, want to give it a try?	(K7IU/6M/2M Marv WA CN97av
15Sep 16:13 161300   3  2.5 1459 &  K8LEE K5QE 73161300   5  3.2 1460 &  K8LEE K5QE 73	(K8LEE/LFA/KW Wayne in EM79ng
15Sep 16:12 QRV 6/2 - anyone for a run?	(KO9A Jim IL EN52xc
15Sep 16:12 RR	(WQ5S/6/2 Brad TX EM13ci
15Sep 16:12 Tnx Marshall GL	(KO9A Jim IL EN52xc

This service is to be used only for the purposes of discussing matters related to amateur radio meteor scatter communications.

Any non-meteor scatter use is strictly prohibited.

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