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28Mar 17:40 174015  12 14.5 1508 & CQ K8LEE EM79    	(KB7IJ/LFA7/700 Rich TX EM12mr
28Mar 17:39 cq west 2nd	(K8LEE Wayne IN EM79ng
28Mar 17:36 cq south 1st	(K8LEE Wayne IN EM79ng
28Mar 16:43 K0TPP tnx Larry	(KB8W Danny MI EN57sf
28Mar 16:42 My best TEP targets are Pape'ete and Hanga Roa, if anyone wants to go on a DXpedition there.	(NC6K Eric CA DM13la
28Mar 16:42 KB8W Danny, only the one decode cul going to take a nap	(K0TPP Larry mo EM48rj
28Mar 16:40 K0TPP I got lots of Tx1 messages from you, but then nothing	(KB8W Danny MI EN57sf
28Mar 16:39 DM13 is not a 6 Meter paradise.	(NC6K Eric CA DM13la
28Mar 16:39 K0TPP - Larry, that would be nice. Problem is there's nothing but water on the other side...	(NC6K Eric CA DM13la
28Mar 16:38 you mite get some tep today Eric	(K0TPP Larry mo EM48rj
28Mar 16:34 Prevents forgetting and toasting amp	(NC6K Eric CA DM13la
28Mar 16:33 N0AN - For my Larcan (that I now rarely use), I put 30 dB attenuator inline w Yaesu 5000 to drop drive to ~LT~10 W.	(NC6K Eric CA DM13la
28Mar 16:30 163000   2  0.7 1504 & CQ KB8W EN57           2 10 -1.0	(K0TPP Larry mo EM48rj
28Mar 16:30 K0TPP yes Larry	(KB8W Danny MI EN57sf
28Mar 16:29 KB8W Danny, you still cqing south	(K0TPP Larry mo EM48rj
28Mar 16:28 ~ Clear ~ 50.280 ~ tnx...	(NC6K Eric CA DM13la
28Mar 16:27 ** CQ 50.280 MSK144 15s 1st beaming South **	(KB8W Danny MI EN57sf
28Mar 16:24 new DX record... 162230   7 10.2 1503 & KB7IJ N5WS 73    251 miles.  But it is a new grid for me :) 	(KB7IJ/LFA7/700 Rich TX EM12mr
28Mar 16:15 Listening .280	(VE7DAY John BC CO70ia
28Mar 16:14 ~ CQ 1st ~ 50.280 ~   MSK144	(NC6K Eric CA DM13la
28Mar 16:12 KB7ME Mike is wa6zty still cq?	(VE7DAY John BC CO70ia
28Mar 14:59 Off Put N1XK on MSK144 with LFA-5. Look for us after 1800z, 73 all	(N0AN/LFA5/750W Hasan IA EN22xc
28Mar 14:58 ~ Clear ~ 50.280 ~	(N0AN/LFA5/750W Hasan IA EN22xc
28Mar 14:57 145500   1 11.4 1498 & CQ 275 WA6ZTY CM98     4	(KB7ME Mike WA CN85qq
28Mar 14:54 145215  -2 14.6 1493 & CQ K7CNT DM25	(AG0N/6M Gary NE DN81fv
28Mar 14:53 73	(N0AN/LFA5/750W Hasan IA EN22xc
28Mar 14:53                 L    8    R    !	(AG0N/6M Gary NE DN81fv
28Mar 14:53 I do plan to take camera!	(N0AN/LFA5/750W Hasan IA EN22xc
28Mar 14:52 Film at 11?	(AG0N/6M Gary NE DN81fv
28Mar 14:52 N1XT...EN32	(N0AN/LFA5/750W Hasan IA EN22xc
28Mar 14:52 AG0N: N1XG supposed to put up LFA-5 today...I'm going in to help at 11	(N0AN/LFA5/750W Hasan IA EN22xc
28Mar 14:52 Yep, understand.  I drive the KPA500 at 25w setting on 590.	(AG0N/6M Gary NE DN81fv
28Mar 14:52 Time to hit shower.  CYAll this afternoon if lightning stays away. Rain today.	(AG0N/6M Gary NE DN81fv
28Mar 14:52 id.	(N0AN/LFA5/750W Hasan IA EN22xc
28Mar 14:52 AG0N: My only concern was not blowing up the amp. I called and talked to Gerry and he assured me that he had checked the amp carefully and to not trust the 590 meter. Of course, I'm completely parano	(N0AN/LFA5/750W Hasan IA EN22xc
28Mar 14:50 at=as	(AG0N/6M Gary NE DN81fv
28Mar 14:50 It won't look at high, but neither does SSB voice audio.	(AG0N/6M Gary NE DN81fv
28Mar 14:50 N0AN Hasan, if you set 590 for 30w on CW with good ALC and then drive ALC to same area on MSK, your peak power SHOULD be same as the CW power.	(AG0N/6M Gary NE DN81fv
28Mar 14:47 Thank you Miike, your best +12.	(VE7DAY John BC CO70ia
28Mar 14:46 144545   5 10.9 1475 & CQ N0AN EN22	(KS7S Jim AZ DM41un
28Mar 14:44 VE7DAY Tnx John. Plus 17 best	(KB7ME Mike WA CN85qq
28Mar 14:44 CQ 2nd 280 WEST	(N0AN/LFA5/750W Hasan IA EN22xc
28Mar 14:44 CQ 2nd WEST	(N0AN/LFA5/750W Hasan IA EN22xc
28Mar 14:41 N0AN R. I always hv wattmeter btwn 590 and amp so I don't worry abt it. 	(W0BL Harry CO DN60fm
28Mar 14:41 GM John.  Just turned ant west before leaving shack for the morning.	(AG0N/6M Gary NE DN81fv
28Mar 14:41 K8LEE: GM Lee...I was listening while you were West and South and got no pings. Been very quiet last hour.	(N0AN/LFA5/750W Hasan IA EN22xc
28Mar 14:39 W0BL: TU Harry. 30W on the TS-590sg driving the BEKO is showing 750 out. If 30w MSK is 60~Percent~, then effectively drive is 18 watts, so I'm probably fine.	(N0AN/LFA5/750W Hasan IA EN22xc
28Mar 14:35 N0AN, my TS-590 pwr indicates abt 40 ~Percent~ low on MSK144, but correct on JT-65.	(W0BL Harry CO DN60fm
28Mar 14:34 guess someone got up tp late!	(K8LEE Wayne IN EM79ng
28Mar 14:33 CQ .280 1st	(VE7DAY John BC CO70ia

This service is to be used only for the purposes of discussing matters related to amateur radio meteor scatter communications.

Any non-meteor scatter use is strictly prohibited.

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