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26Nov 20:55 BBL 73	(NM3G Rick NC EM96wd
26Nov 20:46 rrr ... have fun and be careful. 	(NM3G Rick NC EM96wd
26Nov 20:46 in and out trying stuff to get SWR down below 2. Carry On Gentlemen  	(KB7IJ/6/2 Rich TX EM12mr
26Nov 20:46 Sorry Rich, nothing here at all.	(NM3G Rick NC EM96wd
26Nov 20:45 ~ Clear ~ 50.255 ~ CQ stopped	(KB7IJ/6/2 Rich TX EM12mr
26Nov 20:45 Hokey dokey... the silence is deafening. Thanks for your attention and time. All Stop here 	(KB7IJ/6/2 Rich TX EM12mr
26Nov 20:34 rrr listening 255	(NM3G Rick NC EM96wd
26Nov 20:34 general CQ, just see if yall hear me 	(KB7IJ/6/2 Rich TX EM12mr
26Nov 20:34 1, both, all :)	(KB7IJ/6/2 Rich TX EM12mr
26Nov 20:33 who, Ben or me?	(NM3G Rick NC EM96wd
26Nov 20:33 ~ CQ 1st ~ 50.255 ~ 070 deg FSK	(KB7IJ/6/2 Rich TX EM12mr
26Nov 20:32 swing out this way and see what happens 	(KB7IJ/6/2 Rich TX EM12mr
26Nov 20:30 not exactly what you expected in the middle of the day then, right?	(NM3G Rick NC EM96wd
26Nov 20:29 rrr	(NM3G Rick NC EM96wd
26Nov 20:29 oh  i Had NO trouble hearing from the kitchen 70 feet away	(WY4D Ben VA FM07ai
26Nov 20:28 rrr ... well, as I was telling Rich, I'm also available to answer questions ... what little I do know ... I'll leave the tough ones for Gedas to catch.	(NM3G Rick NC EM96wd
26Nov 20:27 just repaired my rotor control box it still close to the mark on the direction	(WY4D Ben VA FM07ai
26Nov 20:26 running 100 watts into M2 6M5 at 35 feet	(NM3G Rick NC EM96wd
26Nov 20:25 rrr ... signals were not distorted, just a bit weak at first. I moved antenna to peak on you and that helped ... looks like I'm off about 5 degrees	(NM3G Rick NC EM96wd
26Nov 20:24 50 watts or so	(WY4D Ben VA FM07ai
26Nov 20:23 how much power?	(NM3G Rick NC EM96wd
26Nov 20:23 Right now running too much alc and swr antenna doesn[t like ice and snow	(WY4D Ben VA FM07ai
26Nov 20:21 but so is the noise!	(NM3G Rick NC EM96wd
26Nov 20:21 You're S3 with the AGC turned on.	(NM3G Rick NC EM96wd
26Nov 20:21 still, not bad for ground wave. I'm still having receive issues that I'm tracking down as time permits ... so having another close station will be helpful.	(NM3G Rick NC EM96wd
26Nov 20:20 5 element beam but we have a 2600 foot mountain between us	(WY4D Ben VA FM07ai
26Nov 20:20 and your CW id	(NM3G Rick NC EM96wd
26Nov 20:19 good solid tone that time ... 	(NM3G Rick NC EM96wd
26Nov 20:18 ???	(NM3G Rick NC EM96wd
26Nov 20:18 Ben, what are you using for an antenna/	(NM3G Rick NC EM96wd
26Nov 20:18 ... and uploaded to LoTW. Believe it or not, don't have FM07 confirmed yet.	(NM3G Rick NC EM96wd
26Nov 20:18 r sent tx 3 but spotty decodes	(WY4D Ben VA FM07ai
26Nov 20:17 In the log Ben ... thanks.	(NM3G Rick NC EM96wd
26Nov 20:16 yea, like that	(NM3G Rick NC EM96wd
26Nov 20:15 Once you hear a sequence, you send the next sequence as a response.	(NM3G Rick NC EM96wd
26Nov 20:13 40 0ver here	(WY4D Ben VA FM07ai
26Nov 20:11 WY4D, Ben, think I just saw your ID ... very weak signal traces ... let me move beam around next period to see if I can grab some more signal.	(NM3G Rick NC EM96wd
26Nov 20:02 oh ... sorry 'bout that ... you ok after the fall????? :)	(NM3G Rick NC EM96wd
26Nov 20:02 rrr ... that and give him some practice working MS	(NM3G Rick NC EM96wd
26Nov 20:02 nm3g heard you on the other end of the house	(WY4D Ben VA FM07ai
26Nov 20:00 Your mileage may vary.. but I have constant contact with K5AB bcn 148 miles away, Hear Wes and Steve regardless of their antenna position ( they are both in the 190-220 mile range ) 	(KB7IJ/6/2 Rich TX EM12mr
26Nov 19:59 quite descriptive ... just taking a break from putting down underlayment (measure, cut, glue, screw, lather, rinse, repeat). Everyone else headed out today, so now I'm officially tired.	(NM3G Rick NC EM96wd
26Nov 19:57 be doing even better tomorrow if the Cowboys win 	(KB7IJ/6/2 Rich TX EM12mr
26Nov 19:55 Finer than a platinum blond frogs hair split 5 ways 	(KB7IJ/6/2 Rich TX EM12mr
26Nov 19:55 Hi Rich ... Ben is about 84 miles north of me ... wanted to see how ground wave works in that direction. How are you today?	(NM3G Rick NC EM96wd
26Nov 19:54 If Ben isnt, I am 	(KB7IJ/6/2 Rich TX EM12mr
26Nov 19:46 WY4D Ben, you still around?	(NM3G Rick NC EM96wd
26Nov 19:29 RRR	(WY4D Ben VA FM07ai
26Nov 19:28 like I said if you ever need some help just hollar and I can call you on phone and walk you thru things.......ok, gotta get busy here....73	(W8BYA Ged IN EN70jt
26Nov 19:26 Tnxs Ged Adding the settings n	(WY4D Ben VA FM07ai

This service is to be used only for the purposes of discussing matters related to amateur radio meteor scatter communications.

Any non-meteor scatter use is strictly prohibited.

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