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19Mar 19:12 Back to 10 Mtrs	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
19Mar 18:59 K9VSW Mike, hi mike look at 10 meters	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
19Mar 18:59 I see a few SA stations but not many on 10 Mtrs larry but thanks for Heads Up	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
19Mar 18:58 CQ 70 Deg 313	(K9VSW/DESERT Mike NM DM76el
19Mar 18:49 watch  6	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
19Mar 18:49 10 meters is crazy now	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
19Mar 18:38 GA all	(KN8KAZ Frank TX EM10ll
19Mar 17:38 BBL	(WB4JWM/6/2 Tom GA EM83ji
19Mar 17:37 WB4JWM - rr - local temp and humidity up = extra QRN here	(K5GZR/6/2 Rick TX EL29gp
19Mar 17:36 Running RC3 also	(WB4JWM/6/2 Tom GA EM83ji
19Mar 17:36 173530   1 14.3 1501 &  WB4JWM K5GZR 73	(WB4JWM/6/2 Tom GA EM83ji
19Mar 17:35 Thanks Tom - running RC3-R8576 - 173515  -1  9.7 1500 &  K5GZR WB4JWM 73 	(K5GZR/6/2 Rick TX EL29gp
19Mar 17:35 K5GZR tnx Rick.....Rox were slow but FB QSO	(WB4JWM/6/2 Tom GA EM83ji
19Mar 17:22 k0tpp GA	(K5TR George TX EM00uf
19Mar 16:48 rc3 is out on main web page	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
19Mar 16:47 ga george	(K0TPP/2/6/222 Larry mo EM48rj
19Mar 15:47 Lunchtime! BBL... RC3 running and watching 260	(KF2T George DC FM18lw
19Mar 15:47 Stopping CQ, no responses, no pings	(WA7HQD/6/2 Docgridpig UT DN31xb
19Mar 15:45 Hope so. First time I tried, it was in-line with wall, didn't play well	(KF2T George DC FM18lw
19Mar 15:45 Hello - all - I am getting distracted by work.	(K5TR George TX EM00uf
19Mar 15:43 you mean in dah hood	(W8BYA Gedas IN EN70jt
19Mar 15:43 That dipole will be ur best ant I suspect	(W8BYA Gedas IN EN70jt
19Mar 15:43 Oh yeah, many hounds in the house	(KF2T George DC FM18lw
19Mar 15:42 Hey Gedas, am going to try a 6m dipole 1m above and 1m outboard of the balcony rail	(KF2T George DC FM18lw
19Mar 15:42 no but you got PLENTY around you in DC 	(W8BYA Gedas IN EN70jt
19Mar 15:42 but DOG's not here	(KF2T George DC FM18lw
19Mar 15:41 KF2T dat shuda been like "yo dog......waz up......."	(W8BYA Gedas IN EN70jt
19Mar 15:41 Gedas, I will check	(WA7HQD/6/2 Docgridpig UT DN31xb
19Mar 15:40 Hey, I speaka-da-language	(KF2T George DC FM18lw
19Mar 15:40 Doc e-mail ur way	(W8BYA Gedas IN EN70jt
19Mar 15:39 Multi lingo, eh, Casino (DC) George?	(WA7HQD/6/2 Docgridpig UT DN31xb
19Mar 15:38 Hola George	(KF2T George DC FM18lw
19Mar 15:38 Howdy Doc	(KF2T George DC FM18lw
19Mar 15:37 Hiya Ged	(KF2T George DC FM18lw
19Mar 15:37 GM Doc & DC George	(W8BYA Gedas IN EN70jt
19Mar 15:36 GM Texas George, Casino George, Mr Thunder, et al	(WA7HQD/6/2 Docgridpig UT DN31xb
19Mar 15:34 wa7hqd I am listening your way	(K5TR George TX EM00uf
19Mar 15:30 CQ pointed SE 150 sh and CM	(WA7HQD/6/2 Docgridpig UT DN31xb
19Mar 15:30 Quiet morning in DC :-(	(KF2T George DC FM18lw
19Mar 15:00 just wanted to give you guys a final cumalative DF	(W8BYA Gedas IN EN70jt
19Mar 15:00 rrr tnx for the try George	(AA2UK Bill NJ FM29pv
19Mar 14:59 aa2uk duing a good shower.  	(K5TR George TX EM00uf
19Mar 14:59 aa2uk - maybe that is enough for today.  We will make this contact. 	(K5TR George TX EM00uf
19Mar 14:51 I have a really good takeoff in this direction (and others) sloping foreground and can see 30 miles. 	(K5TR George TX EM00uf
19Mar 14:50 144945   7 11.5 1510 &  xxxxxx AA2UK xxxxx 	(W8BYA Gedas IN EN70jt
19Mar 14:46 144515  21 10.7 1465 &  xxxxxx K5TR xxxxx	(W8BYA Gedas IN EN70jt
19Mar 14:46 George, wonderful MS from are picking up, suggest you guys run a little longer	(W8BYA Gedas IN EN70jt
19Mar 14:46 he is much closer George	(AA2UK Bill NJ FM29pv
19Mar 14:45 I worked Billy N5LJC this morning	(AA2UK Bill NJ FM29pv
19Mar 14:45 it's all about location/ location and location in this business	(AA2UK Bill NJ FM29pv

This service is to be used only for the purposes of discussing matters related to amateur radio meteor scatter communications.

Any non-meteor scatter use is strictly prohibited.

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