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28Jun 03:28 off page	(AA7E Peter OR CN82hm
28Jun 03:24 Thanks Jerry....bedtime here now....73	(AJ6T Walt VA FM19ia
28Jun 03:23 nothing Walt, next time. out for a bit	(KD5JHE/6/2 Jerry MS EM54hh
28Jun 03:22 qrv 6 and 2	(AA7E Peter OR CN82hm
28Jun 03:18 Nothing here either except lightning crashes	(AJ6T Walt VA FM19ia
28Jun 03:16 Walt, nothing so far	(KD5JHE/6/2 Jerry MS EM54hh
28Jun 03:14 Our distance is good for MS	(AJ6T Walt VA FM19ia
28Jun 03:13 Jerry, see if you can hear my CQ	(AJ6T Walt VA FM19ia
28Jun 03:12 AJ6T Walt, I am there	(KD5JHE/6/2 Jerry MS EM54hh
28Jun 03:11 KD5JHE, Jerry, still here?  Give a listen for me please	(AJ6T Walt VA FM19ia
28Jun 03:06 CQ 50.260 FSK441 2nd for a few minutes....	(AJ6T Walt VA FM19ia
28Jun 03:01 got a spot from EN54	(WB2YDS Tom NY FN30nw
28Jun 03:00 ~ Clear ~ 50283 ~	(WB2YDS Tom NY FN30nw
28Jun 03:00 gonna try that too 	(WB2YDS Tom NY FN30nw
28Jun 02:57 just got spotted in Arizona ..... double-hop, nearly midnight ............ off page ... back in morning 	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
28Jun 02:48 just kicking around, moving some potential antennas about on the porch.	(KD5JHE/6/2 Jerry MS EM54hh
28Jun 02:44 So, ways to go. hiya Jerry	(KF2T/10/6/2 George NV DM25kx
28Jun 02:43 way more folks using JT65 than the WSJT-X modes so I think I'll finish my evening running 276 for a short while..... good to see everyone.... GN George & Jerry 73	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
28Jun 02:43 to using a SHARP STICK	(KF2T/10/6/2 George NV DM25kx
28Jun 02:43 GE George	(KD5JHE/6/2 Jerry MS EM54hh
28Jun 02:43 by watching brain surgeons i have upgraded from doing surgery with a stick	(KF2T/10/6/2 George NV DM25kx
28Jun 02:42 you have read more than me...... I'm just a crash test dummy ...... hi	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
28Jun 02:41 cool, been watching as much as i can understand, looks promising	(KF2T/10/6/2 George NV DM25kx
28Jun 02:40 for Es JT9H - for rox..... MSK144 .... to early to know, but my experience has been very good and on both 6 & 2m	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
28Jun 02:40 tnx for the run Sky. next time	(KD5JHE/6/2 Jerry MS EM54hh
28Jun 02:39 ~ Clear ~ 50283 ~ CQ stopped	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
28Jun 02:39 hey sky whats your best guess on jt9h vs jtmsk or msk144 for Es?	(KF2T/10/6/2 George NV DM25kx
28Jun 02:39 rr Jerry.... I'll watch for you...... thx 73!	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
28Jun 02:38 tnx, Its loads of fun.. 	(KD5JHE/6/2 Jerry MS EM54hh
28Jun 02:36 Jerry... switching to CQ for about 10 sequences, then will stop.....	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
28Jun 02:35 ***** QRV 6 & 2 ***** 	(K5DOG Stevedog TX EM00wh
28Jun 02:35 great to see u using this mode...... you're a natural..... :)	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
28Jun 02:34 Tom and I had a dead band until they floated in for the QSO	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
28Jun 02:34 I'll be lurking around,ha	(KD5JHE/6/2 Jerry MS EM54hh
28Jun 02:33 no Es present for us.... your station would be fine if we had condx ...... weak Es are floating around... wait a few more minutes... may not get them	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
28Jun 02:33 watchdog stopped me Sky, still listening	(KD5JHE/6/2 Jerry MS EM54hh
28Jun 02:31 I've only worked more than our 1468 mi DX twice using MS condx	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
28Jun 02:31 I'm calling u, so far nada, small station here	(KD5JHE/6/2 Jerry MS EM54hh
28Jun 02:31 got a weak ping on you sky just now 	(WB2YDS Tom NY FN30nw
28Jun 02:30 hz 700	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
28Jun 02:30 I think unless we are in a great shower rox won't do it - need Es - that's what this mode is made for... a fast, weak Es machine....hi	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
28Jun 02:29 we'll need good rocks Sky, do you leave hz at 700?	(KD5JHE/6/2 Jerry MS EM54hh
28Jun 02:29 you're	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
28Jun 02:28 most 5s are double-hop for me ........ your borderline ...... I've been called borderline all my life :)	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
28Jun 02:25 50283 .... same as with Tom...... aimed right at u ... hope we get Es .... hi	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
28Jun 02:24 rr running............. GL :)	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
28Jun 02:24 ok you 2nd	(KD5JHE/6/2 Jerry MS EM54hh
28Jun 02:23 15s T/R OK?   	(VE1SKY/6/2 Sky NS FN74iu
28Jun 02:23 ~ QRV ~ 50283 ~ JT9H	(WB2YDS Tom NY FN30nw
28Jun 02:22 been there, ok am ready	(KD5JHE/6/2 Jerry MS EM54hh

This service is to be used only for the purposes of discussing matters related to amateur radio meteor scatter communications.

Any non-meteor scatter use is strictly prohibited.

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