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09May 04:30 this newbie needs to get with the program sorry all	(N8YHY Chris OH EM88fw
09May 04:30 darn he is gone to my luck	(N8YHY Chris OH EM88fw
09May 04:29 calling now wa6mem	(N8YHY Chris OH EM88fw
09May 04:28 beaming your direction WA6MEM	(N8YHY Chris OH EM88fw
06May 18:32 listening 144.140 FSK441 pointing NE de WA6MEM DM03ts	(WA6MEM Gary CA DM03ts
06May 09:11 //	(W4IMD Peter GA EM84ab
06May 09:11 .	(W4IMD Peter GA EM84ab
10Jan 00:40 running 1st slot 28.148 jt9g fast	(KO6KL  CA CM97kr
04Jan 22:44 CQ 1st 144.140 FSK441 looking NE	(AA5C Greg TX EM13se
12Oct 01:55 looking for a station near tacoma	(KG7JRN Scott WA CN87wd
14Aug 00:23 Email good on QRZ	(W4GA Racerbob GA EM74qc
14Aug 00:23 Looking to work a station in MS on FSK441 on 6M for WAS	(W4GA Racerbob GA EM74qc
14Aug 00:21 looking for MS	(W4GA Racerbob GA EM74qc
31Jul 12:40 should include the year as well as month and day  ;-)	(KE2N Ken VA FM18ew
31Jul 12:40 ok Mike, first: you have to move 1000 miles east	(KE2N Ken VA FM18ew
04Jun 21:10 CQ 1st on 144.140 looking north	(NI6E Peter CA DM13bp
03Apr 11:19 looking nw on 144.140	(W4TKI Kennon AL EM71bd
28Feb 01:06 Hal it is lonely here	(AA9MY Bob IL EN50fm
28Feb 00:49 .	(AA9MY Bob IL EN50fm
11/04 15:20 *** Caution: Ongoing system updates may occasionally cause instability ***	(N0UK Chris MN EN34iw Website Administrator)
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